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  1. AngelicDarkness

    Nursing Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

    Well said. I know I'm the first to hit up McDonalds for food and a bathroom break after work because of that.
  2. I feel she was more pointing out what is wrong in the situation. The nurse is playing on Facebook while other nurses are running around working. Why can the other nurse not jump in? I think she was more comparing herself to the other nurse to prove the point of the post. Maybe it is the way of the posting that I can relate to, so I don't see the icky or warm feeling. Maybe it is just my experience, but I see a lot of nurses being eaten despite new or old experience, and a lot of attitude in the field.
  3. I hardly think the OP is using the agency nurse as a scapegoat. I work with a few nurses - not just agency nurses, but staff nurses who act similar to the agency nurse that OP is describing. I've been an RPN for almost 2 years. I research everything, clean and stock the nursing office in my spare time, and love reading the charts to keep up to date on everything. I follow agency nurses who come in for wound care, paramedics who come in for emergencies, and case managers to see how they present themselves to clients. I have met many nurses who care themselves the way OP does - striving to be the best nurse they can be. And I have felt the pain OP has, when a nurse who has all the experience behind them, but lacks the initiative to continue expanding on their learning. I do no know OP but I believe she was not using agency nurses as a scapegoat - rather pointing out flaws that can be noted in every field of nursing because each person is different.
  4. AngelicDarkness

    Isolation Nursing

    Thank you everyone for the resources:) Sorry for the term "isolation" and confusion with infection control lol. It was just a term I heard in school to refer to "isolated" nurses. I'm waiting on a bit more experience before I go, but I like a challenge:)
  5. AngelicDarkness

    Help!! Sticky situation relating to "abuse"

    I'm sorry you ended up in that situation. I've been accused of "abuse" by family a few times, that now I document like it is the air I breath. My charting has saved me those few times because in detail I write exactly what happened. One family memeber asked me not to chart that his father was on the ground, because the family member helped to lift the patient up and everything was ok. (Patient was found on the floor when not at supper, told me he had not fallen but put himself there to get something under the bed). The next day I had two messages on my answering machine from the DOC following up because a different family memeber was looking into initiating a lawsuit because I negleted the patient after his "fall". The only advice I can think to protect yourself is write every detail down at home, that way if anything is brought up before you quit, you'll be able to pinpoint exactly what happened. Does sound very sketchy that the ADON would tell you not to chart. Odd. Hope it gets better! :)
  6. AngelicDarkness

    What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for?

    I love the stories on here but have to insert a random one that ended up at a real emergency... 92 year old lady with severe pain for 3 days. Refused to go to hospital. Took prn tylenol but it wasn't helping. Severe pain was in her lower back and hips. Paramedics told her not to bring anything because there was "no point since you'll be back tonight" having the pain 3 days and not doing anything about it when it was new. She had a massive MI in the emerg that evening. Roughly 2 hours after waiting. Freaky how that worked out eh?
  7. AngelicDarkness

    Communicating with patients that don't speak English

    I used family if they are the POA for translating in the retirement home setting. Never had a problem with that so far. In the hospital there was no translators that I knew of in my areas, so ... good old fashioned google translator worked for me:) I tried, but I know they were laughing at my pronounciations reading from the page.
  8. AngelicDarkness

    Lots of young people on disability?

    Also random thought to throw in here, but ... http://www.chumirethicsfoundation.ca/files/pdf/MeanStreetsGLaird.pdf
  9. AngelicDarkness

    Lots of young people on disability?

    My sister is 19 years old. She just got her FIRST job, and yes, I've been working since 14. The economy is so terrible that just because McDonalds is hiring does NOT mean that they will hire any person who walks through that door. Who are we to ask if they applied? I'm sorry but aren't nurses to look at people as a whole? Maybe we should start keeping job applications in ER since people are concerned? lol;) I did my praxis rotation last summer. It involved 500 hours free work. I applied for part time work at every McDonalds, Tim Hortons, grocery store, mall, etc in the city I moved to. Am I a horrible person because for 3 months I couldn't get a job? Considering I've worked 2 jobs since 14, I'm hoping not.
  10. AngelicDarkness

    How to Deal with Stresses of Being a New Nurse

    Think of every day as something new and shrug off the previous day. It is a learning experience. As a new grad myself, some shifts go well, others are a challenge (but my favourite because I love the rush!), and some... well just don't overthink them. My biggest flaw as a nurse IMO is going home and overthinking what I could have done, what I should have known, or what I forgot to ask. Keep a mini-pad on you for questions, and do write them down. I swear I tell myself I'll remember at the end of my shift, but I can tell you I remember about 10% of the time:). I know it has beeen mentioned on the blogs a lot lately, but a journal will be your best friend. I love writing down things to research, or signing up for classes in the area (most of them are offered free through other health service representatives if you check the paper or online). And always remember to have a day to yourself, relax and enjoy:) In the end, a little nervous is a good thing:) From your post, I know you'll be the best nurse that you can because you're willing to learn, and you're excited! Best wishes with your orientation!:)
  11. AngelicDarkness

    Here are the top 5 drugs administered by allnurses.com members

    lol at the can of whoop a$$. I give all over those medications daily. Seems like tylenol is the most common prn I get asked for. That or "I need a lax! I haven't gone since yesterday!":)
  12. AngelicDarkness


    Saying things online is a heck of lot easier than saying things in person.
  13. AngelicDarkness

    Lots of young people on disability?

    Funny.... one of my close friends had severe back pain and had to become unemployed from calling in "sick" too many times from the pain. She went to emerg and recieved no treatment. The MD even went so far as to say she was "faking it". She started to experiment with recreational drugs (Mj) to help the pain. Went on for about 6 months till she ended up in emerg again crying and doubled over in pain. A surgeon was on the floor and investigated. At 23 years of age, she just went in for a back surgery to correct her injury. Thank goodness someone took the time to take it seriously,
  14. AngelicDarkness

    Too old for school?

    GO FOR IT!:) Don't give up on that dream!!!! My classmate in the RPN program was 55 and he passed with flying colours. He's studying to be an OR tech!:)
  15. AngelicDarkness

    they say there's a nursing shortage, ha

    13$?? Really?? EEK! I made that working as a "PSW" in my 2nd year of RPN schooling. Move up to the North (Canada)! We start at least 7$ more than that!:)