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AngelicDarkness has 7 years experience and specializes in geriatrics, IV, Nurse management.

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  1. Can you recommend a medication?

    Oh golly - I don't think there is a day when I don't advise a medication :) No worries OP. Most physicians find it very helpful - especially when they don't know the patient that day.
  2. ethical dilema

    Sorry - a bad cheer in expression.
  3. Can A LVN start and run their own independent flu vaccination business?

    You would need a medical directive. Even pharmacies that give out the shot have physician's orders and access to emergency medical treatment. In RHs we give them only when the in house physician is accessible for that reason. Try reaching out to you...
  4. Seriously overworked

    LTC/RHs get so busy. It's hard to keep organized. I've seen many nurses that don't work out well in the environment. It might be time to try a different nursing field.
  5. Lpn Specialties

    Only thing I saw missed was palliative. Commuter hit the list :)
  6. I graduated from OS Georgian in 2010. I was at Conestoga College before and I disliked it. OS will give you better class sizes and better placements. I loved it so much - the coordinator walked me through applying and kept an eye on me during the pr...
  7. ethical dilema

    Amen! You go OP! My faith is restored on the boards tonight for reading this!
  8. Would you leave your current position over scheduling issues?

    Yup - I'm kinda in the same boat OP. Don't leave until you have another job first though - it's a lot easier that way. I'm presently working in LTC as DOC, Charge Nurse and PSW. I understand wanting a normal schedule.
  9. Divorced due to nursing career?

    I see where you are coming from OP. I'm in a similar place in my role and life right now. You're definitely not alone. *hug*
  10. Hows the LPN Job Market in your area?

    Hi OP. Congrats! I live in Ontario, Canada and the market is fairly good here.
  11. New Graduates-How long to find first job

    There is nothing worse than a typo in the middle of the first sentence of a cover letter. Also don't be afraid to be creative. Resumes and cover letters that stand aside from the rest jump out to me. In 50 ish applicants for my last position one had ...
  12. lpn to bsn or rn to bsn?

    Agreed. Lots of lpn to bscn opportunities up north here.

    Actually 8 hour night shifts are very common. I haven't worked 12's in years :)
  14. Is it normal to doupt?

    I think doubt is normal for everyone:). If your avatar is a real image of you, you might want to change that asap. You'll be surprised at employers, peers etc that can look you up.
  15. Starting pay rates: Then & now

    I thought they went up? I started at 17, and started at another home within 3 years at 21. I now make 25.