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    I am a 24 year old male and I am interested in becoming a CNA, Is it that uncommon for men to be nurses and would I be able to find work?

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    I'm in Texas, where there's plenty of male nurses and CNAs.
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    There are plenty here in KY, too. You should have no problems finding a job, because you are male. In fact, it might be to your advantage if you you're physically strong. Lots of lifting in nursing.
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    hey Man Nurse it is not uncommom any more the hospital i work use not have many men nurses except for Dr's because long time ago men thought it was _ _ _ to be a nurse ,i had lots of male friends who punked out because it just wasn't cool .. now as i said at my hospital we are seeing more men apply for jobsand on my med-surge floor we have 3 guys who started as cna's and are now rns so u can imagine 3 guys in a world of women ,they are the best so go on with your bad self the sky is the limit
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    Ditto all that's been said. One of my best friends is a male nurse. There is also a male nurse who works on the med/surge floor that I currently work on. I have known many other male nurses and CNA's during my career. Go for it. =)
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    Mannurse- I know a man who is a CNA at Central Baptist- works in the ER. A close friend's fiance also recently became a CNA. She doesn't see it as un-manley. I would think a guy would make a great CNA (esp. when it comes time to help lift a patient).
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    There were at least 10 men at orientation for my nursing school. I would think it would be easy for a man to get a job in the field. Like someone said above, there is lots of lifting and such lol.

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