Hopkinsville Community College - Fall 2023

U.S.A. Kentucky


Anyone else looking to apply to the Hopkinsville CC Fall 2023 RN Traditional Track? 

If so, hi! I am a fellow Fall 2023 hopeful. I'm relocating to the area next month. I'm a military spouse and I've got kids. Hoping to make this long term dream finally a reality!

I still need to complete the NAA 100/Nursing Assistant I pre-requisite and start that class in Feb. For co-requisites, I still need Microbio and I will start that class in March. I need to take the PAX exam still and have started studying for that. If you've taken it, what was your score? 111 is the minimum HCC requires, but I've read 130 will really help with admission, although it varies with each admission cycle. I meet one of the waiver requirements for ACT/SAT. I also need my CPR for healthcare providers and plan to take a course soon after I arrive. Once the Pre-Admission Conference dates are available, I will be jumping on that too!

Writing it all out, it seems like I have a lot to complete, but it all feels within reach and is just a matter of time before I can get everything done. I hope whoever else is looking to start at HCC in Fall 2023/s RN traditional track finds this thread and reaches out! It would be nice to get to know some others and for us to all encourage each other an follow our application progress.

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