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  1. Anyone else looking to apply to the Hopkinsville CC Fall 2023 RN Traditional Track? If so, hi! I am a fellow Fall 2023 hopeful. I'm relocating to the area next month. I'm a military spouse and I've got kids. Hoping to make this long term dream ...

    With such an amazing degree offering as an ABSN, it is really unfortunate that you are no longer eligible for Pell Grants once you have a bachelor’s degree. You should still be able to qualify for federal student loans though. Always look and apply f...
  3. PhD interview

    U of A has a great nursing program! Congrats!
  4. New grad military spouse

    If it were me, I’d take the job! It would lay a great foundation for the rest of your career and help you gain experience that will set you up as well. Hope it all worked out!
  5. Nurses, should I have kids now--or later?

    I know this post is old, but maybe someone else will come across this.. if you can plan things out, get your schooling done first. Then you can work as you’re able. Nursing school schedule isn’t that flexible and it can be really hard to work out chi...
  6. Hi everyone, I am a military spouse, with a supportive, but gone-often husband. We have three children, who will be 8, 5, and almost 3 when I hopefully start an ABSN program next year. I am no stranger to having no life, being busy from the time I w...
  7. Concordia Austin 2012 pre-nursing

    Besquibel did you get accepted and go through the program there?
  8. University of Concordia in Austin Texas

    Did you ever end up applying?
  9. Concordia Austin absn questions?

    Did you ever end up applying?
  10. Concordia University Texas ABSN

    I'm going to track my own experience here in case any one is looking for this info in the future! :) I spoke with an admissions counselor and was given the following info: -Courses are online, but exams must be taken on campus once per week. -There ...
  11. Has anyone applied to the Concordia University Texas ABSN program? If so, please share your stats! When did you apply? Were you accepted, denied? Overall GPA, Nursing Science GPA? Did you ever have to retake a course that you didn't do so well on, ea...