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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

By NabiRN - By Bet Key Wong, RN As nurses, we are often asked to step out of our comfort zone. I, for one, feel that I have no problem working with people from different cultures and races. After all, I survived the desegregation busing period in Boston in the late 1970’s. Growing up in Boston Chinatown, I was bused to a high school in a predominately African American community. My friends and I were attacked by Irish teenagers in South... Read More


How about...a HUMAN CULTURE

By vadushkas_nurse - adj. transcultural - extending through all human cultures; "a transcultural ideal of freedom embracing all the peoples of the world" :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat you know, i had to look up the definition of transcultural before i could even think of an appropriate story to write about it. :typing it seems like a catchy new phrase that is used, but probably not fully understood. using the above definition, the first thing... Read More


First Clinical Day, First Transcultural Experience

By NurseWannabe1129 - It's my first day of clinical. My clinical group happens to arrive later than most at 800 hours instead of the usual 630 or 700. Most of us were extremely nervous to do our first bed bath. Since we arrived late, AM care was pretty much already done by the aides except for two patients on the floor. Our clinical instructor asked us who would like to do these two bed baths. One was an assist, one was a complete. I jumped at the... Read More


OB Nurse in a Small Rural Hospital

By VickyRN - A long time ago in a hospital far, far away, I was the sole obstetrical nurse covering my night shift. In this small, rural facility, I also had a regular medical-surgical assignment (usually eight to ten patients) and also helped “take care” of the emergency room at night, after the regular ER crew retired at 11 PM or 3 AM. Yep, “wonder nurse” I was. This particular hospital had a “call bell” system in place for the ER. After the... Read More


Rejecting the Transplant

By rolland542 - It was snowing to beat all. Two feet was down already, and more was falling. Driving the little Toyota down the highway, I was thinking, where will I be next year? My current job is wearing me down. As a nurse, working in the confines of the prison system with sex offenders, I am tired and wanting more. I pulled into the parking lot and see the signs. NURSING JOB FAIR HERE TODAY! I know my future is held within these walls. I... Read More


Students with Disabilities

By VickyRN - You have been assigned a student who is a paraplegic and in a wheelchair to your clinical group. You wonder about her physical competency to perform required psychomotor tasks. Three students in your busy classroom need special testing accommodations due to diagnosed learning disabilities. How do you, the nurse educator, handle these challenges? Students requesting accommodations from a college or university must have a disability... Read More


Hasidic Jew Admitted for Bone Marrow Transplant

By oncnursemsn - This is a great idea for an article contest! My first thought that came to mind was the month long journey our unit took with a young Hasidic Jew who was admitted for his stem cell transplant. Yoshi was 25 and traveled from New York city to our Boston hospital to have a bone marrow transplant for CTCL. (Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.) For those who don't live in the leukemia/lymphoma world, this is a rare type of lymphoma that presents... Read More


Day One in the Life of a Nursing Student

By MachoNurse - Standing at the nursing station, alone, my first day at the hospital, I silently planned my escape. The nurse who was assigned my proctor, my "mentor," had left me within two minutes of meeting me. Well, she didn't leave me completely alone. She had left me with three patients. Two were on contact precautions for MRSA (a very contagious little bugger) and the other was a quadriplegic. I was, how you say, ******* freaked out. It's... Read More


Culture of Violence

By GilaRRT - Culture of Violence It is a brisk winter morning. I am looking foreword to a little rest and hope to enjoy some of the festive spirit that seems to flow through our small compound. We have the day off with the exception of emergency appointments and everybody appears to be in an upbeat mood. The clinic is closed and no medical evacuation missions are pending. Perhaps I will have a chance to Skype with my wife when she wakes up... Read More


Without Words

By Shenanigans - Most patients when they arrive in hospital generally gather up a large throng of items to place around their small area to remind them of home. Photos in cardboard frames of smiling family and friends, or cherished pets their happy tails caught wagging frantically in one fast finger motion. Usually some arrangement of fragrant flowers and bright cards. Oftentimes food and drink bought in so the patient doesn’t have to suffer through... Read More


Hypoglycemia in the newborn

By Elvish - Hypoglycemia in newborns, as with adults, can be a medical emergency and in any case needs immediate treatment. At particular risk are newborns whose mothers had gestational diabetes (GDM) or prepregnancy type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus. My particular facility has standing orders to check a heelstick blood glucose on any baby whose mother had any of the above conditions at one, two, and four hours of age. While in utero,... Read More


On Working With Sexual Minorities

By VivaRN - Aidan looked up at me with big, mournful eyes. He had come to the city to escape the oppression of his small town world. His family and church had rejected him. I could see his loneliness in the way he walked, eyes downcast, slouching a little too much, as if his wish was to waste away. And believe it or not he was. At 5’7, 97lbs I couldn’t believe he was still upright. Every time he stood up he tottered and I fought the urge to reach... Read More


Writing Multiple Choice Test Items Part One

By VickyRN - you, the nurse educator, must compose 50 multiple choice test items for your course content. you don’t trust the test bank questions, as some of these are being sold over the internet. also, you want questions that most accurately represent what you have presented in class. here are some tips on successful item writing. in writing quality multiple choice test items, the first thing is to review bloom's taxonomy - this is the guide... Read More


"Transcultural Nursing Experience"

By vineyard - Way back to my nursing student life,i was assigned to an unconscious and a big half Filipino/Spanish patient. On the day before my clinical instructor assigned a patient for me,i was very feel fresh,happy,and active. I was thinking like it was a very nice and awesome day for me considering that i could have a new patient for the day. When my clinical instructor called my name, i was smiling and wearing a very big smile on my face and... Read More


It's up to you

By madwife2002 - I am a UK trained nurse who has been fortunate enough to come and work in the USA, just over 3 yrs ago. Lots of different experiences have occurred during this time here are a few of the funniest things which have happened. I was working as an admit nurse which involves helping out the RN's admit their pts to the floor by undertaking the paperwork involved, which can be a timely event. I have a strong British accent which involves... Read More


My life in Ireland and US...still learning but worth it!

By caycay - I don't know how to start with this but let me tell you about myself first. I am a Filipino nurse who have 7 years working experience in the Philippines at CVOR and 2 years in Ireland at main OR. I am now here in the US, starting a new life as a nurse and a newbie wife. I want to share my experiences in terms of language differences. We, Filipinos, speak and could easily understand american accent and language. I thought when I was... Read More


Suicide On The Ward

By NZPN - I remember Elaine Ngatai so well. She was one of the patients I had worked with so many times before. She was a truly unhappy woman, but we could never find out exactly why. We knew her marriage had broken up, we knew her neighbours hated her and egged her house among other charming activities - but she wouldn't or couldn't tell us why she wanted to die. Neither could her family. Her final admission began on 23rd July... Read More


My First Nursing Instructor

By Angie O'Plasty, RN - We communicated solely by gesture and body language, but the little old German lady taught me more about nursing than any English-speaking patient ever did. I was in my teens when I started work in a local nursing home. This was eons before HIPAA, way before the nursing home industry was regulated. This was when nursing homes were true hellholes, where residents could be restrained for days, where dressings were changed once a... Read More