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I recently started an ICU job at a new hospital. I was working in a SICU for 1 year and the new job I took is a very mixed ICU. I was a floor nurse before so I'm going into this job with only 1 year of ICU experience. I felt pretty confident at my last job. I think because I was a floor nurse there before I went to the ICU so I was already comfortable with the hospital and policies and environment. This new job has me feeling very unsure of myself and my skills/critical thinking. I want to take some kind of ICU RN course that could help me fill in some of the areas I feel like I'm struggling in. I've been watching some YouTube videos and reading, but I'd love to know if anyone has any suggestions for a course?
Thank you ! 

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You're going from SICU to MICU?

Specializes in rehab/float.

Yes! There is some surgery here too, a mixed bag !

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