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lizdimi54873 has 2 years experience and specializes in rehab/float.

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  1. BSN-DNP yes or no?

    @ThePrincessBride I have thought about the masters first and then DNP after. I looked into some programs and I do like that some of them are online or hybrid. But then I got into this program that is competitive and supposed to be very good so I have...
  2. BSN-DNP yes or no?

    @AlwaysTiredNP Thanks for your input! I really appreciate you bringing up the saturated NP market bit because I hear so much about it but then when I research more it says the profession is due to grow by like 20% so it never made sense to me. And I ...
  3. BSN-DNP yes or no?

    @ThePrincessBride I appreciate your response! First, I should clarify, I thought I did in my prior post, that money is not my ultimate goal. However, it is a huge part of weighing out whether I want to purse a higher level degree or not. Not to...
  4. Struggling With New Job

    I can tell you after being in this new position for 9 months now I'm feeling much better ! I feel alot more confident about my skills and knowledge and ability to care for all types of patients. I think being a float requires a specific set up skills...
  5. BSN-DNP yes or no?

    I know there are other threads regarding this topic, I've looked through some of them but didn't find any life changing answers. I'm just looking for some advice because I don't have many people in my circle who understand the healthcare field or who...
  6. Struggling With New Job

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your posts and feedback!! It’s so heartening to hear that I’m not alone and that there’s is some credit to my feelings. I think part of my dilemma has been going from a job where I had coworkers that I worke...
  7. Struggling With New Job

    Hi, I just wanted to ask some questions and relieve my anxiety a bit around my new job. I’ve been a nurse for a year in rehab. Turned into a horrible job by the end, but I got my experience and got into a hospital. Acute care float. I love it so far...