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Online MSN Program - West Texas A&M University

By TheCommuter - Are you a registered nurse who wishes to further your education by earning a graduate degree in nursing? Numerous colleges and universities offer online MSN degree programs with specialty areas in nursing education and leadership / management. Furthermore, multiple schools in the United States offer several types of advanced practice nursing programs for professionals who are interested in becoming nurse practitioners, clinical nurse... Read More

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Evidence-Based Practice by Nurses for Nurses: Encouraging Waiting Spontaneous Labor

Presented By Beth AHRQ - This article describes an evidence-based patient-centered campaign and clinical resources that were developed by nurses, for nurses. Evidence includes an older AHRQ systematic review combined with current and emerging evidence. The topic (early induction of labor) is a high priority across many disciplines and is a strong example of how evidence can stimulate and inform changes in practice that are entrenched routines (you know the... Read More

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Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired: Sleeping on duty

By madwife2002 - Sleeping while on duty is the number 3 in my top ten of reasons nurses get fired. In 1910, we slept for an average of 9 hours; by 2002, the average dropped to 6.9 hours per night. Early studies indicate that those Individuals who work nights and rotating shifts rarely obtain optimal amounts of sleep; they may have 1-4 hours less sleep. This could all add up to a sleep deprived night worker, which could cause a night nurse to nod... Read More


Advice for the first year of Nursing

By SandandSandwiches - Being a new nurse is freaking scary. All the time you spent binge drinking coffee, cramming for tests, memorizing lab values and texting under the desk seem so heavenly and pleasant in retrospect, for once you pass your state board exams and set off into reality, thats the actual tough part. After 2pm tomorrow, I have officially 3 more shifts at my job before I hang up my stethoscope, and try some new adventures for a bit. This... Read More


The Army's On Its Way

By SoldierNurse22 - I’ve found over the years that unless I’m working night shift, 0330 is an unpleasant time to be conscious no matter how you cut it. An adamant night-lover, I wondered at my own sanity one particularly early morning as I stood on the parade field at that ungodly hour, better known to Soldiers such as myself as zero-dark-stupid. A massive installation run was scheduled for that morning, and while it was already 50 degrees on Fort Sam... Read More


Why Do People Struggle With Math?

By TheCommuter - Year after year, responses to the annual Gallup Youth Survey reveal that teenagers list math as the subject in which they encounter the most difficulty. The difficulties tend to follow these teenagers well into adulthood, as evidenced by the sheer number of developmental and remedial math class offerings at colleges and universities across the US. According to Lopukhova (2012), mathematics was the most common remedial course reported... Read More


I Completed a Non-Accredited Nursing Program, But Want Higher Education. Help!

By TheCommuter - A handful of individuals may have read the title of this piece and probably thought to themselves, "How could anyone graduate from an unaccredited nursing program? Are these graduates even able to get a nursing license?" I will answer both questions. First of all, many nurses have graduated from non-accredited schools of nursing. When I bring up the word 'unaccredited,' I am referring to the programs that lack national nursing... Read More


Western Governors University (WGU) Readiness Assessment

By TheCommuter - Western Governors University (WGU) is an increasingly popular online school because it offers various features that appeal to adult learners. Some of these appealing features include very affordable tuition, nonprofit status, multiple choices of majors and concentrations, legitimate accreditation, and an innovative competency-based model that facilitates swift degree completion. Since WGU is designed for the adult learner who... Read More


Pink Tolerance

By Ruby Vee - I've always hated pink. My color was RED, my sister's was pink. Then I had breast cancer. The fateful mammogram was two years ago, and I had my oncology visit at the Breast Center this afternoon. When I walked back into my house afterward, I realized that the pen sitting by the telephone is pink -- even has a pink ribbon on the clip. No one else brought that pen into the house -- it was me. The lock that I use when I go to the... Read More


Managing It All: Non-Traditional Student Tips

By ShannonV - My name is Shannon, I am 39 years old, a single mother of three amazing teenagers and what is considered a “non-traditional” student. I laugh to myself now when I hear the phrase “non-traditional student”, however when I first began my college venture, I will admit that every time I was referred to in such a way, I felt singled out as if I had many obstacles in front of me and I was expected to fail at some point. When I was a small... Read More


25 Years and Counting

By madwife2002 - When did I become the old timer? In 1989, I was a young fresh-faced nurse ready to start the first steps to becoming a nurse. I was so excited to begin the rest of my life. We were all young in my group 18-27years old-2 male nurses and 18 female nurses. We wore dresses in blue check, not the men of course, and we wore hats with one single strip, this indicated we were first year student nurses. Roll on to 2014, 25 years... Read More


Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

By TheCommuter - The medical record is a permanent collection of legal documents that should supply an all-encompassing, accurate report concerning a patient's health condition. Physicians, nurses, social workers, dieticians, mid-level providers and other members of the interdisciplinary team contribute to each patient's medical record to paint a comprehensive picture of the patient's status along with any care that has been rendered. The patient's... Read More


It's OFFICIAL!!! Tips and encouragement from a second timer!

By Lillian11 - I AM OFFICIALLY A REGISTERED NURSE!!!!!! :angrybird5: :nurse: I received the good pop up Monday, and today my board of nursing has posted me to their website, and sent me my RN licensure document. WHAT A BLESSING!!! I am seriously on top of the world!! First of all, I wanted to thank all of you. This forum has helped encourage, motivate and inspire along the way, especially when the going was tough!! You guys are awesome. I... Read More


Under All, is the Human

By Andi777 - This is journal entry of my recent experience as a senior nursing student in the CCU with an intubated patient, labeled as combative and confused. After doing all of the clinically appropriate nursing interventions, I learned re-learned some basic skills. Giving a bed bath taught me an unexpected lesson about the human response. Labeling a patient with derogatory terms can be detrimental to nursing care. How, as future nurses, can we... Read More


The First Time I Had to Tell a Family That Their Loved One Passed Away

By november17 - The term "actively dying" has always struck me as amusing, because in the end we're all going to die. So in a sense, no matter how healthy, we're all actively dying. Of course, when we say it at work, we mean that the patient is probably going to die within the next 1-12 hours. In other words, your patient will probably be dying on your shift. I use the 1-12 hour timeline very loosely, because humans and our will to live can be... Read More


Great Apps for Great Nurses

By brian - Whether you are tech savvy or not, there is no denying that there are many great nursing apps you can download with just the tap of a screen. In fact, nursing apps are revolutionizing the nursing profession as we know it, and below we have listed a few of our favorites: For Drug Information - Micromedex Drug information This app is a free resource for nurses to search for specific drug information. Micromedex is perfect for a... Read More


Nursing Professional Development / Staff Development Coordinators

By TheCommuter - Members of nursing staff are a significant, if not arguably the most important, human resource employed by modern day health systems since hospitals and other healthcare facilities exist chiefly for the provision of nursing care. In other words, these facilities would cease to exist without staff such as the licensed nurses, nursing assistants and technicians who provide patient care. It is imperative that these members of nursing... Read More


Racial Refusals In Nursing

By TheCommuter - For starters, 'racial refusal' is a term I constructed several years ago to denote the practice of patients and / or family members who refuse care from certain nurses, physicians, aides, techs and other healthcare workers solely because of the caregiver's racial-ethnic background. Racial refusals can be inflicted upon staff members of any race, creed, ethnicity or national origin. Also, patients belonging to any racial-ethnic... Read More