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The Hotel Phenomenon

Since when did flat screen TVs, overstuffed arm chairs, a multi-page food menu, and an almost... Read More

Can I Refuse an Assignment?

Dear Nurse Beth, Do you know the best place to look for the State of Georgia law regarding caring... Read More

When All Is Left Is My Passion For Nursing...

Nursing was never the same. As people's health care needs change, so is Nursing. It became more... Read More

The Nurse as a Patient

by rnsheri

Many of us know how to be good nurses, but are unaware of the actual patient experience. I wanted... Read More


This is a result of an assignment to discuss treatment for anxiety with special attention to... Read More

Incivility: Beyond the Nurse

Previous explanations of nursing incivility blame the nurse and/or the culture of the nursing... Read More

10 Mistakes You'll Only Make Once (Hopefully)

by rnsheri

We’ve all heard it. “Everybody makes mistakes.” It’s nice to know that we’re in good company. As... Read More

The patient's "guests"

by rnsheri

As health care professionals, we have a unique opportunity to meet many people who affect us in so... Read More

Do I need a professional resume writer?

Dear Nurse Beth, I’m Maya, I am a new RN and need help with my resume. Should I hire a... Read More

Clinical Ladders, Advancement, and Development…Oh My!

Clinical Advancement can be a great way to get ahead with your career and move forward at work, as... Read More

Did Grey’s Anatomy Get It Right With The Superhero Pose?

We all have seen an added dose of stretching of the truth or flat out lies throughout the history of medically centered television and movies.... Read More

To Colonoscopy or Not to Colonoscopy

This is the first of three articles that will explain what a colonoscopy is, and what the recommendations are in getting one. The following two... Read More

New Nurse Woes--Will I EVER Make It?

by rnsheri

Remember that time long, long ago when you were green and not very confident? Or maybe you still are in that hard situation and want to know yes, it... Read More

Reality Check

If there is one thing that I have learned in five years of nursing, it’s that nursing isn’t always philosophical and amazing. I can’t always see life... Read More

Emotional Empathy: I Carry You With Me

Emotional empathy of nurses is both our greatest strength and weakness. It can be hard to clock out and forget the burdens our patients and their... Read More

Don't like to clean pee & poop: Can I still be a nurse?

Dear Nurse Beth, At the age of 30 newly arrived in Canada,I have a few options to choose from for post-secondary Education.One of the options is... Read More

Enrolling in online RN to BSN after NCLEX: Should I work?

Dear Nurse Beth, Hello there...I just graduated my ADN program and I am planning to enroll in an online RN to BSN program after I pass NCLEX... I... Read More

Interview with Band 6 Deputy Ward Manager - Help

Dear Nurse Beth, I need help, I have an upcoming interview for band 6 Deputy Ward Manager. My presentation is “What improvement do you wish to see... Read More

Nursing: I Almost Gave Up...Before I Even Started

I used to think I didn’t have what it took to be a nurse. So I didn’t go to school to become one. When it came time to choose a major, I didn’t... Read More

Is my GPA important?

Dear Nurse Beth, How important is my GPA? I haven't started nursing school yet, and I plan to do as well as humanly possible, but I've been reading... Read More