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I recently had an interview with a home health agency. They said they pay $0.49 a mile and so much per visit.  And I would be covering a large area. But I was wondering do you have to carry a different, more expensive car insurance since I would be driving for work? Also, could you claim car repairs as a work expense on taxes? I've never worked home health before so I don't know what to expect or if itisa decent offer. TIA 

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I worked Home Health for 11 years. Never needed to change my car insurance because it was 'driving between jobs (visits.)' If you want to claim car expenses for tax deductions, you have to do a lot of math, with work mileage, your own use mileage, and reimbursement mileage. So I didn't do that.

Good luck, I really liked working HH. Could basically set my own hours.

Also, if you're in California, a lot of companies pay by the hour now, instead of per visit. Some got sued because driving time between patients was not paid. Someone else sued the company I worked for, and we all got a nice little check for back unpaid hours. Plus interest.

Good luck.

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You might need to discuss the mileage rate. I believe the Federal rate is $0.67 per hour.

After weighing the pros and cons, I turned down the job offer.  Thanks for everyone's inut.

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