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ok fellow homecare nurses--- does this seem wrong to you? i was hired as a 40 hour per week salaried employee.... recently, our company was bought out and we are now paid per visit.. our census... Read More

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    Quote from dscrn
    is it me, or does the "we own you" phrase make others' skin crawl?
    It makes my skin crawl too, but I've used it myself a lot and heard it used a lot in certain contexts. Not a desirable way to refer to oneself or other employees.
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    just did a google search "amedisys medicare fraud"----very interesting.!!!
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    Quote from berube
    just did a google search "amedisys medicare fraud"----very interesting.!!!
    Thanks for the tip, could use some interesting reading. :imbar
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    Ha! What's interesting is when you're on the other side - being paid for 8hrs, and they try to tell you that you should not be paid for the full 8hr day, when some of the patients were no-shows, or cancelled, etc. I guess we should all demand things in writing before accepting the job - and to be on the safe side, have your attorney look over the contract!
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    What are the duties of a clinical manager?
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    From my experience at Amedisys
    *eat Cheerios at desk in morning, popcorn and other snacks in afternoon
    *talk on phone all day but not to clinicians unless . . . .
    *call clinicians for trivial matters that can wait 'til later
    *harrass clinicians for minute details that are inconsequential (pt's heart rate 102, just had nebulizer tx "did you call the doc?" umm, no, expected side effect of albuterol)
    *monitor all clinical charting to ensure that ridiculous non-Medicare standards are met
    *be the "yes man" for the DOO
    *claim to back you up in private and roast you in public
    *promise patients things that clinicians can't deliver

    That about sums it up. But I'm not bitter, you understand.
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    just as my name says "whoa now"!! I was hired as a Hospice Homehealth RN. You know I was way too honest, I expressed my concerns over questionable re-certs I had to do because their regular nurse called off for weeks at a time while I was left holding the bag as a new employee to Homehealth and Hospice and this new company I was working for. I felt coerced into practices I was not comfortable with and it was made out like I was doing something wrong! Well I guess I questioned too much. Before I had the chance to quit I was "terminated" grrrrrrr now this looks bad on my applications while looking for a new job. It was not the company mentioned above it was one of their competitors in the area. It so amazes me that when one is an honest and decent person in general it seems to make them a bad nurse, or "not a team player". I am so dissappointed in the profession after only 5 years after graduation. Seriously.. It makes me so sad. All I want to do is care about people who are sick and be there for their loved ones. After 4 jobs in 5 years I still have hope that I will find a position that allows me to do that without being punished for it. If that makes any sense!?