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  1. meriposa

    Moving back to L+D

    Hello!! I have been a nurse for 12 years and 5-6 of which I have done labor and delivery/gyn/postpartum nursing in some capacity. (have also done med-surg, homecare, etc). 2 1/2 years ago I transferred to the main OR because I needed normal m-f hours, no wknds, no holidays because I was on the tail end of a brutal divorce/custody battle and it was more conducive to my personal life. Let me just say, I have hated the OR since the first day. I hate the attitudes, the lack of teamwork, the surgeon abusiveness, the type of nursing it is. I use zero nursing skills and I feel I have dumbed myself down (no offense to anyone who is an OR nurse). I feel more like a glorified servant than a nurse and it has also killed my self-esteem from all the knowledge i have lost and the way I am treated there (we are so micromanaged and have no autonomy). Currently, I work part-time hours in the OR, 7-3:30p with no weekends or holidays. It allows me to pay minimal daycare since I pick up the kids from school and the hospital is minutes from my house. I have never stopped missing L+D. I do work prn once in a while to get my fix but I miss it so intensely that I dream of delivering babies all the time!! I guess I just wanted to hear from others what they would do in my shoes. Would you go back to FT to do what you love with weekends and holidays or would you stay PT in an area you loathe in order to put your family's needs first?? I am so incredibly torn. I did not bother posting this in the OR section because most OR nurses I know are in love with their job. Thank you!
  2. meriposa

    New OR Nurse and feeling overwhelmed...

    I started in OR boot camp back in Feb 2012 but came as a seasoned nurse with a background in L+D, medsurg and homecare. Everyone warned me that you had to have thick skin for the OR and treat the surgeons like they walk on water. I figured I would just get accustomed to the culture and with 10 years of exp under my belt I had high hopes for myself. Let's just say I cry at least 2-3 times per week (after work of course) and have to give myself a pep talk most days before I will even get out of the car. Each day I try to find witty comebacks, stand up for myself, try to remain non-emotional, get things done as fast and efficiently as possible and am prepared to be thrown under the bus by any team member I am working with. This is the norm and each day is like entering the battleground anew. I find it so unfortunate that this is my focus rather than giving excellent patient care and becoming an expert in my new setting. I hope things improve for you. After going on a year in the OR, I have accepted that my environment will likely not change. I am stuck in a contract but will likely move on after I fulfill my time.
  3. meriposa

    Anyone who works at Mercy?

    I worked for about a year and a half at the GYN institute in the women's pavilion at mercy. The pay was well above average, great health insurance and pto benefits and it wasn't a bad commute through the city. I would have stayed but found I was not happy in my role there. I have also heard wonderful things about the OR.
  4. meriposa

    How far do you go?

    Just a question...how far do you go in order to accomodate your patient's scheduling requests ? I have noticed since getting back into HH, that patients are much more demanding with scheduling. When I give a 9-10am window, I'm confronted with 'can you make it 9:30?' Or a patient who is on the complete other side of the territory wants a late afternoon appt so you are zigzagging all day- turning 30 miles into 80 miles? Or today I was 45 minutes away from a patient's wife who called and demanded that I come immediately to see her husband because SHE had to leave for an appt? I never hear my other colleagues complaining about this, so I wonder what I could do differently? Where/how do I set limits? Advice please!!
  5. meriposa

    Seriously thinking about quitting

    I was with amedisys for a year and couldn't even hang in there to complete the 12th month for my sign-on bonus. It was 24/7...the paperwork, phone calls from patients and MDs up to 10pm at night all days of the week, the micromanagement. Multiple times a week I would get called out after 5:30pm, after I had picked up my kids from daycare. It was just endless... Fast forward to three years later and I decided to give HH ONE more and FINAL go. Different company, and now per diem instead of FT. Needless to say I feel even worse this time. Now, instead of my salary, I'm per visit rate and I'm having to follow-up on things on days off when I'm at my OTHER job. Its harder to juggle the 24/7 stuff when Im working my other job. Not to mention, I do alot of vacation coverage so I get thrown in with patients I've never met before and the other nurses leave things an absolute mess, meaning I have to devote even MORE time trying to pick up the pieces and straighten things out. I constantly go back and forth about which I would rather put up with...punching a time clock and being locked in four walls...maybe being in an office job (which I did but was mind-numbingly boring)...or having the freedom with my schedule but having the work follow me around everywhere I go.
  6. meriposa

    Relocation to Maryland from Philadelphia

    Columbia is beautiful! Carroll and harford counties are also great areas. I would steer clear of west baltimore (and a few areas in east baltimore co. too!). Not too familiar with the areas close to D.C..... There are alot of hospitals in the baltimore, d.c metro areas..
  7. meriposa

    per diem rates

    Can anyone tell me what the going per diem rates are in the baltimore metro area? I have always been FT so I have no idea what a good rate is. Thank you!!
  8. meriposa

    upper chesapeake medical center

    I live in harford county and have been trying to get a job at UCMC for almost 2 years. I can tell you that they want 2 years recent experience in all of the specialities (definitely PACU, OR, ER). For fulltime I was offered 34/hr on days (I have 9 years exp) and there health insurance benefits looked reasonable. Not sure about tuition reimbursement, etc. I was disappointed with per diem rates- 28/hr flat rate. Good luck to you!
  9. Hello fellow nurses! I am a nurse of 8 years and I recently took a job at a gyn office/clinic assisting with minor procedures and doing telephone triage.( I also did L+D for a few years and still am prn through an agency. )This is by far the easiest job I've had 'clinically' but so challenging when it comes to the doctors! I'm well aware that at any nursing job there will be at least a few tough physicians to work with. I try to let things roll off and I felt like it was pretty easy to do in L+D since the physicians are in and out. I am really having a hard time with the physicians in this practice. They try to hold me accountable for management-type issues and are constantly calling me into their offices to complain about many things that are out of my control. I have to say that its extremely hard not to take things personally. Any suggestions for dealing with doctors that are impossible to please??
  10. meriposa

    Recommendations for good learning hospital for new grad?

    I have worked at Hopkins, Franklin square and Howard County. I dont do ICU, but I have found that the best cliente and staff has been at Howard so far. ( I do agency there right now). Everyone has been overwhelming kind-- I have worked on their IMU, Short Stay, all their med-surg floors and Mother/Baby. Its not a teaching hospital but I think the staff seems to be very supportive there and they dont seem to 'eat their young' as the saying goes.. I know Hopkins is filled with new grads but it just seems like its a much 'harder' place to work...Its ginormous, people arent as friendly, and there is a much wider variety of patients who are extremely acute. Maybe it would be a good experience there if you are looking for a teaching institution and I bet you could work at any hospital if you can survive Hopkins..
  11. meriposa

    Anybody in float pool??

    Just curious if anyone does med-surg float and how do u like it? How much more is the pay vs. regular med-surg hourly rate??
  12. meriposa

    Tele/IMC/Med-Surg Agency question

    For those of you who do Med-Surg-- if your agency sent you to a tele/IMC or Short-Stay unit where everyone is on a cardiac monitor, would you demand to be paid the Tele/IMC rate for that unit vs. a basis med-surg rate? Heres whats happening to me-- I am a med-surg/L+D nurse, with MINIMAL tele experience (I DO NOT feel competent at this point in time caring for someone on tele nor do I have ACLS)....Im doing prn at one particular hospital and when they have a need help in the IMC/Tele or SSU, staffing will ask if I want to go but that the charge RN hold my tele-beeper and watch the monitor for me, so Im basically only doing the 'med-surg' care for the patient. So its like I get cancelled or go work on one of these units.... I have done this twice but Im STILL watching my own monitor although the charge RN is documenting on my strip, I still feel its my patient, my liscense and I am responsible for whats going and I have to wonder how much the charge RN is truely paying attention!! These patients are also much more acute- on heparin/amiodarine drips, blood transfusions, yesterday I got someone fresh out of the ICU with a trach/peg/etc.... I think my agency should be paying me the rate for these units because I feel im doing much more than just basic med-surg.... OPINIONS????
  13. meriposa

    Best paying float pools??

    Im looking for someone to enlighten me about which float pools in MD have the most generous pay... I have looked into Bayview, UCMC, Howard County and Franklin Square. I do know what UCMC pays but not the others....I currently do agency and I need a little bit more consistency but love the variety of doing different units:) Any info would be very much appreciated!
  14. meriposa

    Maryland General Hospital, any experience or input?

    I am an RN with 6 years of clinical experience and I applied to MD General last spring. It was for a pre-op RN position, full-time days with occasional work in the PACU when needed. I have to say that I was floored at how low the pay was. It was actually less than what I was making in Baltimore county and the recruiter was not open to negotiation whatsoever. With all the the job openings that were posted there, I figured negotiation would definitely be an option... The Nurse Manager that I interviewed with did seem very friendly and accomodating from what I could tell. They were also willing to be flexible with my schedule- I could do five 8hr or four 10 hr days, and could pick which day I wanted off each week, no weekends, no holidays...
  15. meriposa

    Is anyone else getting cancelled like crazy?!?!?!

    I just started as an agency RN in MD two weeks ago. I have only been cancelled once so far. The staffers at my agency did say around the holidays you get cancelled more bc reg. staff is trying to pick up more shifts for extra money or the census is down.
  16. meriposa

    Average hourly pay for per diem agency RN?

    I just started with an agency in the Baltimore, MD area. I do MS and L+D/MB. The pay all depends on the hospital. Its about 35-38/hr for MS and 38-45/hr most places. No overtime until you hit 40 hours a week. Someone told me that if you go to some of the less than desirable hospitals in the city you can make more like 48-50/hr. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't be better off in a float pool somewhere. There is a community hospital in the suburbs, 10 minutes from my house- they pay 35/hr for the first three 12 hour shifts per month then it jumps to 45/hr. Too bad they aren't hiring right now! In response to the question about NJ- I met a seasoned nurse who did agency there for years. She jsut came to MD because she had been making 50/hr doing PICU/NICU but they just recently CLOSED DOWN FIVE HOSPITALS in that area.