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Moving back to L+D



I have been a nurse for 12 years and 5-6 of which I have done labor and delivery/gyn/postpartum nursing in some capacity. (have also done med-surg, homecare, etc). 2 1/2 years ago I transferred to the main OR because I needed normal m-f hours, no wknds, no holidays because I was on the tail end of a brutal divorce/custody battle and it was more conducive to my personal life. Let me just say, I have hated the OR since the first day. I hate the attitudes, the lack of teamwork, the surgeon abusiveness, the type of nursing it is. I use zero nursing skills and I feel I have dumbed myself down (no offense to anyone who is an OR nurse). I feel more like a glorified servant than a nurse and it has also killed my self-esteem from all the knowledge i have lost and the way I am treated there (we are so micromanaged and have no autonomy).

Currently, I work part-time hours in the OR, 7-3:30p with no weekends or holidays. It allows me to pay minimal daycare since I pick up the kids from school and the hospital is minutes from my house. I have never stopped missing L+D. I do work prn once in a while to get my fix but I miss it so intensely that I dream of delivering babies all the time!! I guess I just wanted to hear from others what they would do in my shoes. Would you go back to FT to do what you love with weekends and holidays or would you stay PT in an area you loathe in order to put your family's needs first??

I am so incredibly torn. I did not bother posting this in the OR section because most OR nurses I know are in love with their job. Thank you!


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As nurses, we always put the needs of others above ours. My suggestion is to go back to your passion.

DO what you love!! Your family, colleagues and patients will love you for it!! You will be a happier person, a happier nurse and a happier mom.

Go back to your true love and life with your family will work out, because you will be happy in your career choice.