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  1. berube

    Homehealth homecare homebase

    My agency just this week, is transitioning to HCHB , we have had the training, it is very different than what we were doing, but wither im missing something or it will be pretty easy, of course i wasnt with a patient, which will be totally different and i will prob forget everything, it does seem that the office will be doing alot more!
  2. berube

    New to HH: traditional vs Hospice

    I am in SC been at kindred 10+ yrs, our managemnt is horrible, now could be the branch here, .. money focused, and no none of us ever do enough, they have people woth documentation out 2 weeks and never say a word to them, i just do mynjob and stay u der the radar, kindred is also know for a lot of repetice documentation, i am close to retirement and thats why i stay. the interview is always good, i use to sit in on them also and when it came to “opinion” time they didn't care.. HH and hospice are 2 different worlds, i did hospice for a bit, just wasnt for me. But if thats ur first love stay with it.
  3. berube

    New to HH: traditional vs Hospice

    Kindred will run you to the ground, awful managment. Company is a decent one, decent benefits, but managment is enough to make u ill
  4. berube

    Can you squeeze all your patients in M/W/F?

    What would ur plan be if u had a patient that had to be seen on an alternate day if they will not cover it for you?
  5. berube

    What software are you using

    We are switching to (i think its called) Home care home base. Any users out there?
  6. berube

    Big med error and communication breakdown

    Was the bag REALLY empty or looked empty cuz CADD beeps when empty!
  7. berube

    Working 12-14 hour days, am burning out.......

    you know it funny,,,the door swings both ways, i am currently working in the office, have been in the field 25 yrs, so i have not forgotten what it is like! i have a new orientee, no HH experience is is furious after day one that she is not in the field "i know what to do"!!! so we try and give them appropriate orientation, they don't want it, we put them in the field and they can't do it....they get frustrated, complain and quit,,,,when you want to say "i told you so"./...so i have told her she needs to absorb as much as she can, one thing at a time, and still has attitude....so you just can't win!!
  8. berube

    Government Investigation of Amedisys

    an;yone know how much the fine is for these agencies,,,,gentiva just announced "cutbacks", can't help but think it has to do with this fine.
  9. i work for gentiva tho not in a management position, i have worked HH for 20 plus yrs and now at gentiva for going on 4 yrs.....i like gentiva....they hold the clinicians to a "higher level", my manager is wonderful , she treats me like a professional.....the pay is decent and the benefits are very good. i know there are alot worse agencies to work for....from what i have seem, the interviewing process can be quite extensive so "bear with it"....good luck!!!
  10. berube

    New Grad RN considering moving to SC, advice?

    which are of SC are you interested in?
  11. berube

    Typical mileage in a month

    it will depend on what kind of geography you are covering,,,,i drive anywhere from 80 - 120 miles a day...we also receive 0.40/mile
  12. berube

    how to write qow frequency for medicare

    like Kate said, plot it out first on calendar, we typically write 3month2,,,depending on how it fits on the calendar
  13. berube

    Tracking nursing activities

    We also were told to choose one response, which ever was more evident with the visit.
  14. berube

    best way to treat stage III pressure ulcer

    wound vac does require the wound bed to be less than 20% slough, i have had good luck with Mesalt,,it will debridge the slough and also absorb the drainage.
  15. berube

    Tracking nursing activities

    yep we are doing it also
  16. the case load you are describing sounds appropriate for hospice but not home health,,,HH nurses manage anywhere from 20-30+ pts with the quota of 30 units a week......or are you talking strickly about hospice?