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  1. berube

    OASIS question

    I THINK as he is open to another agency, u have to discharge, unless he doesnt want the other agency.
  2. berube


    We are TOLD, that unless they are no longer homeboud we MUST recert, no longer can we use our clincal judgement, very sad
  3. berube

    OASIS quandry

    I work for a very large HH company, actually they have their hand in almost every aspect of medical care i also have done HH sonce 1986, and what they want u to do, is, answer the questions of SOC that will make the lt look the sickest, i totally understnd the way to answer if "as far as safety goes" thats not the issue, if i mark it "2," i am told to mark it "3". Ok so u say you wouldnt do it as u felt 2 was the very most appropriate answer, prob a stretch from "1". We r now told,,it will reflect in ur evaluation!!!!
  4. berube

    Working 12-14 hour days, am burning out.......

    you know it funny,,,the door swings both ways, i am currently working in the office, have been in the field 25 yrs, so i have not forgotten what it is like! i have a new orientee, no HH experience is is furious after day one that she is not in the field "i know what to do"!!! so we try and give them appropriate orientation, they don't want it, we put them in the field and they can't do it....they get frustrated, complain and quit,,,,when you want to say "i told you so"./...so i have told her she needs to absorb as much as she can, one thing at a time, and still has attitude....so you just can't win!!
  5. berube

    Government Investigation of Amedisys

    an;yone know how much the fine is for these agencies,,,,gentiva just announced "cutbacks", can't help but think it has to do with this fine.
  6. berube

    Home Health Mileage Question...

    i covered a rural area and i put on approx 100-120 miles a day.
  7. on a typical day i will see 8 (units),,a soc, roc and recert might be in the mix, i can handle up to 9....i think it is unfair to say that those seeing that many patients are not providing quality care! i have seen nurses see 3 in an 8 hr day and accomplish nothing! i never short change my patients, i know my patients inside and out, i can tell you their meds off the top of my head. Is there paperwork at home? of course there is. If home health is overwhelming to some with the mountains of paperwork, it is ok to seek employment elsewhere. HH is not for everyone, i have been doing HH for over 20 yrs and this is the norm, good days with 6 and bad days with 9. it comes with the territory. HH may be the hardest job we will ever hold. With all the medicare regs we can only assume that the documentation will get heavier.
  8. berube

    Am I asking too many questions?

    Love it when new nurses ask questions, shows they are listening and want to learn.
  9. berube

    Ideal New Hire

    I'd be happy if the new nurse would at least show up on time every day! we have them rolling in anytime the choose even after they have been told 8am! just can't win
  10. berube

    Home Health Nursing Bag

    Please let me know what you put in your bag on the "clean" and "dirty" sides. i was taught to put equipment like stetescope, bpcuff etc on the "clean" side and gloves, wipes soap etc on the "dirty" side......agree????
  11. i work for gentiva tho not in a management position, i have worked HH for 20 plus yrs and now at gentiva for going on 4 yrs.....i like gentiva....they hold the clinicians to a "higher level", my manager is wonderful , she treats me like a professional.....the pay is decent and the benefits are very good. i know there are alot worse agencies to work for....from what i have seem, the interviewing process can be quite extensive so "bear with it"....good luck!!!
  12. berube

    New Grad RN considering moving to SC, advice?

    which are of SC are you interested in?
  13. berube

    Typical mileage in a month

    it will depend on what kind of geography you are covering,,,,i drive anywhere from 80 - 120 miles a day...we also receive 0.40/mile
  14. berube

    how to write qow frequency for medicare

    like Kate said, plot it out first on calendar, we typically write 3month2,,,depending on how it fits on the calendar
  15. berube

    Tracking nursing activities

    We also were told to choose one response, which ever was more evident with the visit.