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  1. Inservices

    I am looking for inservices i can share with CNA/PCA’s does anyone know where i can find this, i Dont mind paying for them, i just cant find any that i can print out, i am looking for “simple” like...infection contol. hipaa. Just articles they could...
  2. Homehealth homecare homebase

    My agency just this week, is transitioning to HCHB , we have had the training, it is very different than what we were doing, but wither im missing something or it will be pretty easy, of course i wasnt with a patient, which will be totally different ...
  3. New to HH: traditional vs Hospice

    I am in SC been at kindred 10+ yrs, our managemnt is horrible, now could be the branch here, .. money focused, and no none of us ever do enough, they have people woth documentation out 2 weeks and never say a word to them, i just do mynjob and stay u...
  4. New to HH: traditional vs Hospice

    Kindred will run you to the ground, awful managment. Company is a decent one, decent benefits, but managment is enough to make u ill
  5. Can you squeeze all your patients in M/W/F?

    What would ur plan be if u had a patient that had to be seen on an alternate day if they will not cover it for you?
  6. What software are you using

    We are switching to (i think its called) Home care home base. Any users out there?
  7. Big med error and communication breakdown

    Was the bag REALLY empty or looked empty cuz CADD beeps when empty!
  8. OASIS question

    I THINK as he is open to another agency, u have to discharge, unless he doesnt want the other agency.
  9. Discharge/recert

    We are TOLD, that unless they are no longer homeboud we MUST recert, no longer can we use our clincal judgement, very sad
  10. OASIS quandry

    I work for a very large HH company, actually they have their hand in almost every aspect of medical care i also have done HH sonce 1986, and what they want u to do, is, answer the questions of SOC that will make the lt look the sickest, i totally und...
  11. Working 12-14 hour days, am burning out.......

    you know it funny,,,the door swings both ways, i am currently working in the office, have been in the field 25 yrs, so i have not forgotten what it is like! i have a new orientee, no HH experience is is furious after day one that she is not in the fi...
  12. Government Investigation of Amedisys

    an;yone know how much the fine is for these agencies,,,,gentiva just announced "cutbacks", can't help but think it has to do with this fine.
  13. Home Health Mileage Question...

    i covered a rural area and i put on approx 100-120 miles a day.
  14. on a typical day i will see 8 (units),,a soc, roc and recert might be in the mix, i can handle up to 9....i think it is unfair to say that those seeing that many patients are not providing quality care! i have seen nurses see 3 in an 8 hr day and acc...
  15. Am I asking too many questions?

    Love it when new nurses ask questions, shows they are listening and want to learn.