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It might be easier to discuss what I know about HIPPA. I am a nursing student to begin with. From what I've learned is that sharing patient information with those who are not directly involved with that patient's care is wrong.... Read More

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    Necro thread...

    Hipaa wise it is kind of a gray area. The idea is that if people know where your clinicals are and you mention you have a patient with a particular illness or unique feature, someone could connect the dots and know who you are talking about. I think the bigger issue here was professionalism.

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    Quote from Stephalump

    We sign a HIPAA acknowledgement agreement when we start our program. I did not sign an "unsavory Facebook posting" agreement. In order to be officially punished, I'd better have broken an official rule, or what protection to any of us have from the subjective whims of the powers that be?

    Odds are the OPs program has no such rule and is hiding behind HIPAA as a loophole...

    School's are insanely paranoid about two things:
    HIPAA and cheating. To the point of annoying me.

    ^^^ what stephalump said!

    This is one way I feel that the nursing profession eats its young. Why was the student told she broke a law, but told to wait to get her punishment? She broke no law and consequences should be based on policy in place.

    My nursing school does things like this frequently- choosing random people to randomly "pick" on, without a fair and consistent method of enforcing the rules.

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