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i have a question that may seem like a homework assignment but this is not. i'm concerned that a individual, that is a rn, may have made a big mistake. a nurse that is an assistant manager of a picu sent a picture via text of a... Read More

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    Quote from tokmom
    the photo was sent to them. They didn't ask for it, so why would they be worried about getting in trouble?
    As a professional healthcare worker, we have a duty to report, to be pt advocates.
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    Quote from concerned2012
    Boston, I could not agree more. I was approached with is question. I know my response was directly along the same lines as yours. Make no doubt about it... I feel as strongly as you. The question was posted on behalf of a very concerned co-worker. I did advise that it should be reported. I am unsure of the clear cut laws surrounding it. The person I posted on behalf is very worried about incolving themselves and the concequences of waiting as they have. I to have small children and I know if I ever thought for a minute someone had done this to my child legal ramifications would be the least of their worries. I truly appreciate your honesty and openness much as the other posts. It is this kind of response that will give them the confidence to push forward. The other individual that received the photos is non-confrontational and is not of American decent. They are very timid and not sure culturally how to approach this. I applaud all of these responses.
    Then apologies ONLY to you, to "know me" at work, I am extremely reserved for my age/sex/region, I am usually the last to speak-up for myself, and a peaceloving conflict avoider. That said . . .

    When something like this comes up, it gets real easy, real fast for me to develope a clear, and audible voice that says. . .

    It is not just a Nursing Responsibility, but a HUMAN responsibility to protect and care for those who cannot care for, or protect themselves.

    The right I would reserve, is the right to teach that nurse who snapped and sent that picture a lesson in humanity. I believe it should result in prison time.

    To think, . . ."Above all, Do No Harm!!"

    I hope you lead your friend to do the right thing, and soon before this Atrocious excuse for a "Caregiver" can harm again! (doesn't deserve the title of Nurse)
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    I would also question her sanity as making fun of sick kids is nuts
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    I too am the mother of a child who had a severe disabling genetic disorder. If I ever had gotten wind of his nurse taking his picture and making fun of his disorder and then sending it to other people. Her head would have been rolling down the road!!! As a nurse myself, this sickens me to think that she is trusted to take care of a children who are very ill and she makes fun of them? Those children did not ask to be born the way they were born. More then anything they need compassion and love. Not someone to make fun of them who is an adult!!
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    My niece, who suffered a rare genetic disorder, died this past December. She spent most of her short, tortured life in the hands of Nurses and Caregivers. All the staff I witnessed were extremely professional, and earnestly seemed to care.

    She was a little miracle, and I MISS HER TERRIBLY, her mother and father are still crushed, and barely scraping by. She made it to age 5 never walking, never taking a bite. She had therapy workers and home healthcare workers coming all hours each day. Medical Staff meetings were common at their table, while her mom tried to keep her life as normal as possible.

    As a child of 5, she had the exact intelligence of a child her age. She was precious. She loved music, and one song she loved makes me tear-up everytime it plays. She loved Blues Clues and Dora. She loved her family. She had a glow about her.

    One of the RNs at the hospital filed her SSN on her tax returns thinking that my niece's family wouldn't know they could file her for 2011 secondary to her death. It was the ultimate slap in the face. It was an atrocity. The tax money has still not been given to the family.

    There are monsters among us, and it is our duty to find them and see them out of our profession. If I worked with this nurse, and didn't report her, I would consider myself just as guilty and sick.

    This thread really touched a nerve with me. I'm no polyana, but there is no room for this sickness. It is an abomination. I even hope that Karma doesn't get them, because that's how bad I view these kinds of actions against humans in OUR "CARE."

    There is NO excuse for these actions. Zero Tolerance for Cruelty from "Caregivers!"
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    Hipaa violation no doubt!
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    The person who did this is worried about there consequences? They should be more worried about the kind of human being they are, not if they are going to get in trouble. She should be ashamed to look in the mirror.

    I hope she loses her license and cannot even get a job outside of nursing.
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    Employer should find out and fire this employee forthwith!!
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    HIPAA is defintely the least of her worries....isnt sendign of pictures of children illegal no matter if they're porn or not? ESP with no parental permission? Girl is in hot water..tell your friend to report her immediately and fear no retribution...I would hope others she sent it to would report her as well, btu yes if this was my child or a child I knew... I would need bail money.
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    Nurses should NEVER take pics of patients. Point, blank, period.

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