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Here's something a little different from the writer who usually brings you the funny top-10 lists. Recently, a good friend of mine I'll call "Viv"---an LPN who's worked at the same LTC for eight-and-a-half years---suddenly up... Read More

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    OP, thank you for this article. I think I am on that slippery slope towards burnout. Weird thing is, I do love this job, or at least the idea of it. I like caring for children, the schedule is great, relatively low stress as far as nursing jobs go...but yet I find myself dreaming of winning the lottery or "boring" office jobs, where I don't have to care. I think it's called compassion fatigue...I'm just tired of trying to summon up the will to care anymore
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    I have just had three months off, for a number of reasons, but I have always loved nursing,
    but once I made the call to leave the way others did, it took that long, to want to nurse again,
    (after ten years after fulltime nursing), I think it's important it is recognized, talked about,
    and nurses are supported to take time out, to recover,
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    Been there, done that and now that I am better, trying to find away back. I had a great job, that I loved, but due to being burned out, unhappy with the management and several other things, I am finding it hard to find a job in a small community with limited options in nursing. I do not want to travel, I have a teenager at home. I have tried to apply and call everyone I know at other facilities, but no body is "hiring". I hope that I will be able to find my way back, to where I want to be. I am beginning to believe that I have ruined my reputation beyond repair. Any one got any ideas, suggestions or leads on nursing jobs in Missouri?
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    I have been in Nursing for 40+ years. Some jobs were great and some not so good. Sometimes you may not burned out on nursing, but may be burned out on what you are currently doing in Nursing. Years ago I was working 12 hour nights in the ER (what I thought would be my dream job) and I hated it!! I have worked nights off and on for years and liked working nights but I sure didn't like working nights in the ER. After a year I went to work in Home Health and Hospice at the same hospital and it WAS my dream job. I truely loved Home Health and Hospice.
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    Quote from RNdivaLicious
    Good Luck Viv! It's just funny to open my email this morning and this is the first thing I see. I am a tele nurse that works nights. I am fairly young, and this is my first "real job." I've been off work for the last 6 days, and the first thing I thought this morning was that I do not want to go back in that place. I have began to complain about everything. I think my home life sucks. I just returned to school for a BSN. I am wondering if going to day shift would make it all better?? I don't want it to take 2.5 years for me to notice that I'm burnt out.
    Yes please don't let it take that long. I thought I could continue working here until I finished RN school. Also at the time the only other options were to jump from one LTC place to another. After continuous prayer and numerous applications. I got a job in home health
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    Marla, you always tell the right story at the right time for me. I've done the same, gave 3 weeks notice and left. Finding it very hard to find a job but keep praying/thinking that the right one will come along at the right time. I do feel like I have my life back now and my family has told me that also. That used and abused feeling is gone but I do miss my coworkers. Life does go on.
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    already been there! my body was giving me messages which I did not obey. dry wretching in the morning before I went on ****
    then my back injury, which was caused by a violent patient who dropped to the floor, while I was giving him a restraining hold
    the other nurses sat in the protection of the nurses station, while I had to wait for help.
    yes, if your body is telling you something, LISTEN! Time to get out, or seek another nursing job in a less intense ward.
    I love nursing, but nothing has changed in the years I have been off. I still suffer with lower back pain. Many of the retiree's were glad to get out. I have not had a sick day in years since I have been off that ward.
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    Another GREAT post, Viva! I burned out long ago. Right now I'm not working and feel rather lost. What am I supposed to do after giving nursing 38 yrs? I feel as though I have been kicked to the curb for various reasons. What a kick in the gut...
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    Surgicalcap, I feel you. I am currently in the same situation.

    After working many years, the last 6 were in LTC Management. On-call 24/7. And I take my job very personally. Add on top of that first my grandmother, then an uncle, another uncle, then my mom all passing. It all took it's toll. I left a job I loved to help care for these wonderful people in my life and settle their estates. Before I could 'heal' I had to go back to work to support my own family. But 3 jobs leaving all of them on bad terms leaves me at this point out of work for over a year. Yes, it has given me the time to heal. While I thought I may have forgotten too much, I have taken some classes and completed many many CEU's with ease. I have even begun to dream about being a nurse again. No, not a nursing manager but a nurse, as this is what really fuels me. Nearly every part of being a nurse. But, I fear that I have ruined my chance at ever being a nurse again by burning so many bridges. I now know that being a single mom, the DON for a growing LTC facility (mainly at my pushing), and being the only nurse in our family that everyone turned to was just too much. I had to stay strong and keep going even when my heart was broken and torn to shreds. I wish I had taken more time off from the start instead of pushing on to the point of breaking. Now, I just can't seem to explain away what I did or why I left these jobs so abruptly...but I did. Everytime I try to say it or write it, I just sound crazy. Or inept, which I am not. I am so ready to return to work and be a viable part of the health community. Wishing won't make that time go away, maybe with persistance? A little luck? Going back to school?
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    Thank you for posting this. I know exactly how your friend "Viv" feels. I myself have debated on faxing in my resignation letter and not looking back, but I can't due to the economy. I'm getting tired of dealing with rude staff and rude patients who think they are at a hotel or something. I'm also tired of management having grandios ideas that are unrealistic for the nursing profession.

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