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  1. Yes, Unfortunately it. I thank God every day that nothing bad happened to the person.
  2. What scares me the most is that several nursing homes rely on med tech to give medications. Over half the time, the nurses do not even know all the medications that the 60 or 70 plus residents under their licsene's is even recieviing. Or in some cases not recieving. If the med-tech do not tell the nurses then they can not know, but under state law they are suppose to know. Nursing homes are going to have to get away from medication tech's and get more nurses working for them taking cae of the patients.
  3. surgicalcap

    What to Advise my daughter Nurse or not to Nurse

    I agree and see a lot of unemployed graduates in other fields. I am just trying to get an idea as to how to direct her. I want to help her, not just encourage her to follow in her mommies foot steps. but I am beginning to think she might be better off. Thanks for the opinion
  4. My daughter is a bright young girl that is a junior in highschool. She is looking at careers and what she wants to do in her future. I am trying to give her advice but not to let my thoughts cloud her judgement. The school counselors keep telling her that she scores high in healthcare field. I am sure she does, I am a nurse and my friends are nurses, we sit around and talk all the time, she has probably picked up a few things from us. Just like anyone else would learn from their parents. They keep telling her how all the jobs are out there, how she can go anywhere and get a job and that there are several career oppertunities in nursing. All of these things may or may not be true, but my concerns are that the govement is getting more into health care, we all see how well the govement deals with things(post office, medicare, medicaid, welfare etc.....). I am worried that if she goes into nursing or healthcare in general she will be locked into a future that may not have the future she thinks it will have. I do not want to sound like a bitter, burned out old nurse, I want to be a good mom and give her real advice that will help her in the long term. My daughter's future means a lot to me.
  5. surgicalcap

    Ten Ways To Know You're Burning Out

    Been there, done that and now that I am better, trying to find away back. I had a great job, that I loved, but due to being burned out, unhappy with the management and several other things, I am finding it hard to find a job in a small community with limited options in nursing. I do not want to travel, I have a teenager at home. I have tried to apply and call everyone I know at other facilities, but no body is "hiring". I hope that I will be able to find my way back, to where I want to be. I am beginning to believe that I have ruined my reputation beyond repair. Any one got any ideas, suggestions or leads on nursing jobs in Missouri?
  6. surgicalcap

    RN looking for a job

    I have applied for a job on line at a local hospital. They have several postings over 35 for RN's. It has been a week and I have not heard anything. Should I worry, should I call someone. I am not sure how on line applications work and what is proper for me to do in order to let them know I am wanting a position with them.
  7. surgicalcap

    which on line RN-BSN would be best

    I am a RN that has attended a couple of different online programs, only to have to drop out for one reason or another. I am wanting to achieve a Master degree ultimately, but need a BSN first, I am told. I am looking for some advice on which program would be best. I do not have any money to go to school on, where I work does not offer tutition, so I need a way to do it with out going really far in debt. Job pool is low in the part of MO that I live in. I need really help and real advice. I know that I can turn to MO nurses and get it. Thanks
  8. surgicalcap

    Outside Hospital Jobs RN

    I would like to hear more about chart review? If any one out there knows about good paying RN jobs that are not in the hospital setting, I would like information to look into them. Thanks
  9. surgicalcap

    for the love of money...

    I have typed this reply four times. LOL The money in nursing is good, the availibilty of jobs is good. I know people that are out of work for years with no hope of finding a job that has college degrees. I live in a small area and change jobs frequently looking for the right fit. The money is pretty much the same and I am very happy. I got into nursing because, I wanted a job. I stay in nursing because of my patients. I agree that some people get weeded out but some people actually find that it fits them and they are good at it.
  10. surgicalcap

    Teaching project BLUES..HELP!

    I teach first aide to the local 4-H kids. It is interactive and it is simple. find and use things that they would have with them or excess to. Such as: baking soda paste is good for bee stings. have them make the paste and apply it to each other. A group of the kids I teach are rodeo kids, so I got a bandana and called it a cowboy first aide kit. Showed them ways to use it to help themselves and others. If you are hot, wet it and place it around your neck, made a sling out of it. etc.. You get where I am going with it. Understand your young auidence make it fun and I promise you they will not notice if you get tongue tied.
  11. surgicalcap

    RNs in doctor's office

    Most of the doctor offices in this area hire people off the street or MA's. They say they use them for the cost effectiveness. However, they complain about the constant calls they have to take that I know a qualified RN could help them with. I think that more and more doctor's offices will find that hiring RN's is a better cost savings in the long run. Why is it that even though their name tag does not state Nurse, everyone calls them their nurse. Even the people themselves will do that. A friend of mine is an assistant to a doctor, she is great at her job. She does not really perform nurse duties, but everyone is always referring to her as his nurse. She says people look confused when she corrects them.
  12. surgicalcap

    Med error or not

    I am beng told by the nurse, that the way the facility does it. The ward clerk writes it on the MAR and that the nurse is suppose to check and make sure that the medication is written correctly. The problem with this is that the medication tech's usually have the med books some place else and the nurses do not always have acces to it. According to her there are a lot of problems with getting charts, medication records and other documentation a nurse needs. This is a common practice and everyone thinks you are being a ***** if you say anything about it. This nurse tells me of an hour and half that she looked for a chart in order to call the doctor a critical lab.
  13. surgicalcap

    Med error or not

    This happened a few weeks ago. This facility is in a lot of trouble with the state for numerous medication errors that have been going on for months. They have medication techs that give medications on all areas. This one day, a nurse was not told about any problems with a patient not getting coumadin or lovenox since her arrival at the facility. She did not work on that unit very often, but enough to know that there are problems there. She recieved a phone call from the doctor's office staff asking if the lovenox and coumadin had been given yesterday. There was no coumadin orders in the chart that she could find, but the lovenox had been given the previous shift and by her at 9 am. She called the PT/INR to the doctor office and asked for the coumadin and lovenox orders for that day and when the next recheck should be. She wrote the orders out on the chart. The ward clerk took off the orders and assured the nurse she had done everything to the order. The only thing the nurse had to do was note off the order. The nurse and the ward clerk both called and told the pharmacy and stressed how important it was that the patient get the medication. The nurse's shift was over and she gave report to the oncoming nurse. The coumadin and the lovenox is due on her shift. The nurse told her about the problems that they had encoutered. The charge nurse knew all about it and went in and told the rest of the story that the other nurse did not know. This conversation took place in front of the nurse coming on. The next day the nurse that took the order and noted it off was called on the phone and fired on the sport. The medication had not been given. The ward clerk had not been honest and did not write it on the medication sheet. The med tech did not give the pill even though it was delievered in time. Having said all that, my question to everyone is: Is that a medication error on the day shift nurse or the evening shift nurse? Should the nurse that noted off the order be fired, written up, or suspened or what?
  14. surgicalcap

    Nursing and tattoos

    I wanted a tatoo also when I was younger, but when I would talk to older patient's about theirs they would always tell me that they regret it now and it is to expensive to get it removed. When I had person after person telling me that I had to stop and listen. I have several friends that have tatoos and they are ok. But I guess just not for me.
  15. Yes, I have. I have been a nurse for over 24 years and have made about 4 over those years. I have found several of them that someone else has done. I can remember all of them as if they were yesterday. No harm came to any of the patients but it is still a mistake.