Day shift nurses: what do you eat for breakfast?

  1. I've been having a mini bagel with cream cheese about an hour before I go to work, and I'm always feeling weak and tired mid-morning. Just wondering what other nurses eat that carry you through to lunch time. We only get 'breakfast breaks' if we have time and it's usually crazy.
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  3. by   angRN05
    I try to have some sort of protein and fiber. I like the Thomas whole wheat light English muffins (100 calories, 5 or 8g of fiber) toasted with peanut butter and a banana. Same with the bagel thins instead of the mini bagels. Greek yogurt with a little granola and some fruit is good too. I just can't do the oatmeal thing though! Oh, I always try to have some kind of snack in my lunch bag so that if I really needed to, I could scarf something down really quickly. It always makes me laugh when every health and fitness plan says to eat 5-6 small meals at regular intervals, etc - come follow me in my job a week and see how well that plan works!!
  4. by   loriangel14
    Oatmeal, fruit, yogurt,toast and peanut butter or cheese.I make sure I get protein to hold me until break at 9:30.
  5. by   ChristineN
    I try to be good and make a breakfast smoothie, with whole milk, yogurt, bananas, honey, and then either other fruit or peanut butter if I want the extra protein. If I am feeling lazy, I will at the minimum grab a breakfast bar, and then just try to take an early breakfast break as I know it won't hold me til 1:30-2pm
  6. by   Morainey
    Grrr. It's so tough because I've been trying to lose weight and I don't think the cream cheese is helping! But if someone brings in donuts or cookies in the morning, I can't stop myself from eating them because I'm just THAT hungry. I thought with all the running around I do, I'd lose weight, but I've actually gained weight on day shift, and I blame eating junk.
  7. by   angRN05
    Try switching from cream cheese to peanut butter for a couple days to see how that makes you feel (just be mindful of the serving size.)
  8. by   serenidad2004
    I am a terrible eater especially breakfast... diet pepsi and cigarettes is my usual and I don't recommend it.
  9. by   nrsang97
    Some of the day staff at my hospital have a protein shake. They say it carries them through to lunch. Some use shakeology others use a different protein powder. Some are made with veggies, others are fruit, and others even have peanut butter in them. You can find shake recipes online. You don't have to use the shakeology protein powder since I believe it is expensive. There are others out there that are less costly and have more protein.

    I work midnights so I just eat a regular dinner before work.
  10. by   caughtbuckinoff
    If I'm in a hurry, Greek yogurt and a banana (or apple). Protein shakes are great as well. I make mine with a tablespoon of both flax and chia seeds, a whole banana, low fat milk, and peanut butter (I only used a half scoop of the protein powder that my boyfriend buys, that stuff has A LOT go protein and calories). If there is time, scrambled egg whites with veggies ( usually onions and peppers), half of a bagel thin, and 1-2 slices of bacon. The real meal hold me over for a very long time. I'll admit that the busier I am, the less hungry I am and have made it through 14 hours without anything more than a breakfast shake and a banana without feeling hungry or tired. Not good for the blood glucose though, so I wouldn't recommend it.

    Try eating some nuts, fruit, hard boiled egg, yogurt, or cheese if you get hungry before lunch. I know it's busy sometimes but grab a bite while you're charting if you don't have any other time. Something with protein and/or fiber will hold you over better than something heavy in simple carbs.
  11. by   Altra
    As I've learned the hard way over the years, you have to think this out in advance, the night before. I try to eat something small (a yogurt) at home while getting ready for work, then another something small when I get to work (cut up cheese & a banana). Depending on your commute time, you might try & see if this works for you.

    And you're right -- the donuts are deadly.
  12. by   LadyFree28
    I graze on day shift and on night shift; my meals consist in protein, complex carbs, snacks no more than 200 calories.

    I will have a smoothie, Greek yogurt with fruit; and a bagel with a light spread of cream cheese, or 1/2 a grain muffin with heart healthy butter, toasted. I eat a protein bar by 10 am, and drink water as well. That lasts me until 2, if I skip eating a snack in between. If I can't get in another snack in between, I have a smoothie, or have fruit.

    My key is to make sure whatever I put in my mouth, it's pretty healthy, portion controlled and keep my energy leveled.

    Don't feel guilty about the cream cheese. I put them on my sourdough pretzels and have a Monterey Jack cheese stick with of my favorite snacks...that keeps the hungries say for me; also apples with peanut butter.
  13. by   Havin' A Party!
    Cereal with fruit.
  14. by   serenity1
    I've been having a mini bagel with cream cheese about an hour before I go to work, and I'm always feeling weak and tired mid-morning. Just wondering what other nurses eat that carry you through to lunch time. We only get 'breakfast breaks' if we have time and it's usually crazy.
    New/younger RN's...just kidding, couldn't help myself. I do low-carb and when I work days, I eat eggs or protein shake and carry nuts, cheese and beef jerky to get me through the day. Wonderful for those days when I did not get a real lunch break.