stroke in LTC

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    what would your course of action be if you suspect a resident is having or had a stroke? Assume the resident is age 90.

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    Check obs,check reflexes,phone doctor.
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    If they coherent, have them smile to see if one side of the face droops, have the patient lift their arms to see if one side is weak, and see if they can talk, and I guess before that get a set of vitals, if the patients is incoherent than I don't know what a tail tell sign would be.
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    Call 911
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    Set of vitals, neuro check (PERRLA, grasps, reflexes, orientation, consciousness), call physician.
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    Ask them to smile, speak, stick out their tongue, hand grasps..CALL the DOC and ask for 911 to hospital is appropriate.
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    It really depends, these questions are so vague. First, I would ask the patient how they are feeling (if they are able to respond)get a set of vitals then do a quick neuro check. Second, I would very quickly make sure I know what the pt's history is while checking the advance directives. Third let the doctor know and from there communicate the plan with the family and pt if coherent. It seems like a lot but all of this should be able to be done in 5-10 minutes as long as you can get ahold of the doctor.

    The patient's wishes along with being able to make an informed decision is something that shouldnt be overlooked.
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    I have seen one first hand in LTC. I did vitals, had do Range of Motion ( noted one side weakness) and slurring speech, called 911, call Doc, called pt family, call facility RN( she always wanted to be called when sending out).

    Those first few minutes can be litterally life saving or damaging.
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    Know the DNR status, then call 911. You can obtain vitals and assessment while ambulance is on the way.
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    I have not had to deal with a stroke yet as I am a new nurse. Besides, the other posters gave great advice. An elderly member of my family, just had a TIA. The symptoms she had were weakness on one side, loss of balance, and confusion. The Dr. said it was possible that she may have a stroke within a month.

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