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  1. ajaxgirl

    Being a Nurse and Mother in Ontario?

    Can you do the program part time? Do you have a supportive husband?
  2. ajaxgirl

    RN to RPN

    I dont think you can just switch over. You may have to start over.
  3. I took the OR certificate and got a job in the OR as a new graduate.
  4. ajaxgirl

    Summer job for RN student?

    Your first FOUR YEARS? Wouldn't you be finished school?
  5. ajaxgirl

    full time or casual status?

    Fulltime has benefits. Casual has pay in lieu of benefits -my husband has benefits so I dont need them.
  6. ajaxgirl

    full time or casual status?

    It a good taeknowdo program and it's 2 kids. Then there is a morning program which is at the school-so there are 2 programs and that is the total cost. It's huge. However, I wouldn't ever leave them with an unlicensed sitter. This is the best program.
  7. ajaxgirl

    full time or casual status?

    Yes that is the downside. You are right-no promises. If the hours dried up, I could apply for another posting -they always come up. I know t worst, it could be 3-4 months before a suitable one comes up. I can deal with that. It does make me somewhat nervous still.
  8. ajaxgirl

    full time or casual status?

    The ony postives are -consistancy. Mon-Fri 0830-1630, also a guaranteed paycheck.
  9. ajaxgirl

    full time or casual status?

    Ha I forgot to ask one. Should I switch to casual status or stay Fulltime?
  10. ajaxgirl

    full time or casual status?

    Almost a year ago i started a job that I have always wanted-as a Case Manager. I had hoped for part time but they only had a temporary fulltime (for 1 year) then I woud have the option to take a full time, partime or casual posting. I have never worked fulltime before this. I had to put my kids in a before and after school program (they are now 11 and 9). The program is $1200 a month for both kids. Now, I must say I have found working fulltime to be VERY busy. My point-I can continue and take a permanent fulltime posting now. Or I can switch to casual status which means I am not guaranteed any hours. I give them my availability and they book me if they need me. However it is well known that there is no shortage of hours. Casual staff can choose their own hours basically. So, I could do casual, take the kids out of the program and work only while they are in school. So I could work 0930-1430. I could pick up one weekend a month and still make the same money as I would fulltime. However, there are not guarantees. Plus, then I would no longer have my own desk, I would have to set up my laptop at someone else's vacant desk. At any point there I could take another posting if it wasnt working out.
  11. I did a year of LTC after I graduated. I took the OR course while I did it. That pretty much guaranteed me a job at a hospital.
  12. ajaxgirl

    Need Advice

    I would apply to all nursing homes, retirement homes and homecare.
  13. ajaxgirl

    After what point?

    2 years
  14. ajaxgirl

    Am I too young?

    No, not too young I was 20 when I graduated with a RN (THREE year diploma).
  15. ajaxgirl

    Prestige or practicality?

    I got my degree 5 yrs ago. I was in my 20's when I got it. Working in the OR, I never dealt with poop. In LTC, I rarely dealt with it, the personal support worker did. Plus, up until now, I worked part time or casual. For the first time in my life I am working fulltime- and I wouldn't be doing that if I was at the bedside. My coworker was hired, actually several of them, straight out of university.
  16. ajaxgirl

    Prestige or practicality?

    Where do you see her concenr=trating on the money. I went into nursing at 17. I have my degree and I love doing hands OFF nursing. She is discussing university. She won't have to deal with poop for too many yrs unless she chooses to. She will have options. She is gong to get a BScN.