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  1. OP said he had problems with the instructor from day one. it's in the original post.. Now, politics.. yes, it is VERY important in this day and age. "Politics" has gotten many nurses disciplined and even fired. Perhaps, when you noticed on day one that the atmosphere was not ideal with your instructor, if you had made an appointment to speak to her about her expectations, etc. that you would have had a more equitable time of it. As for your question regarding arbitrary decisions made by instructors in nursing school, remember that all schools are not the same, all instructors are human, and nursing school is very difficult. Perhaps the instructor spoke with the nurse that you worked with, and received input that would have made the decision less arbitrary. If, in fact, the instructor did give you a failing grade simply for the omitted procedure, that would certainly have been unfair. I think, though, that maybe you both began on the wrong foot and continued in a downward spiral. I am sorry that you had to go through this. I wish you the best..
  2. That was a wonderful random act of kindness.. Love it...
  3. Our dream is to move south, away from the Chicago area, and after much searching, have decided that Alabama, in the northeastern part, is where we would like to be. I am retiring from nursing, and hope to be able to connect with some folks who would be willing to help with our move. We don't need help with the actual moving, just looking for "insider info" as to good areas that aren't too expensive, things to do and see, and just give a general idea of the area. I'm hoping that there are a few of you out there who can help me. Thanks in advance, Wise Woman RN
  4. I liked "paleontologist," myself.. We do care for some dinosaurs on occasion.. As a matter of fact, I happen to be a dinosaur.. LOL
  5. Wise Woman RN

    Registered Nurse #2 on US News' "100 Best Jobs of 2013"

    Hmm... Who ARE these people?? Right now, I feel like telling folks to run away fast, and not even think about nursing.. Sorry... I know there are good places and good people, but I feel like perhaps I am in the wrong time zone or even the wrong planet.. *sigh*...
  6. Wise Woman RN

    Protecting Skin Grafts

    perhaps putting duoderm type stuff around the area, then use Montgomery straps to secure the dressings.. Old fashioned, I know, but then you are not ripping skin off every time you change the dressing, and those things used to hold the dressing on very well.. the Montgomery straps stay on.. just untie the ties to redo the dressings..
  7. Wise Woman RN

    Transplant Thanksgiving

  8. Wise Woman RN

    Its official! I am leaving nursing.........

    This.. exactly.. I have been sitting here reading the posts, and it seems that I am not so alone, after all.. I just need to keep duct tape on my mouth.. there is so much WRONG with trying to be a good nurse against the raging flow of corporate greed.. Really, thank all of you so much for writing these truths.. It's hard to be reprimanded for doing what is right.. Bless all of your hearts.. thank you.. Wise (or maybe not) Woman RN.
  9. Wise Woman RN

    Cruel Summer

    I am so sorry.. I love everything you write.. and I feel I am there with you.. sending prayers..
  10. Wise Woman RN

    No Barriers

    Great story.. the problem that I am finding is that actually taking the time to connect with the patient is not quantifiable, and therefore, not cost-effective. It seems that there is not even the time to "think" when charting.. So many of my patients are saying that they really need the time with the nurse, "just to talk for a minute." Connection time, think time, chart time are all things that are not factored into the ratio of nurse patient.. Pulling meds from the pyxis, doing all the checks, charting pain meds and then an hour later evaluating and charting response.. 13 patients, all on different pain med schedules, I am passing meds at least every 45 minutes.. that's just the tip of the iceberg, but I am not and will not be a robot.. the patients NEED the humanity that is slowly leaking out of nursing.. Sad... You sound like the kind of nurse I would want to care for me.. Best, Wise Woman
  11. Wise Woman RN

    Fired After Fifty: Redux

    I wish you well, Viva.. I was fired at 61.. it's really scary to think about all the bills, especially when the DH is working sporadically.. However, I lucked into a job in sub-acute. Boss is very good, RN and NHA, and she hasn't forgotten the days of working the floors. Anyway, there was a shift of ownership, a few VERY new nurses were hired, and they were looking specifically for a seasoned nurse to help them learn the "way of nursing." It has been hard, but I love the teaching part, and with the excellent CNA's that we have, as well as the wonderful manager, I am able to be a nurse again and really love my job, even though I am overweight, with painful feet, and a little slower gait.. With your wisdom and experience, you could possible have your own business. There is such a need for seasoned nurses to be available to help the young ones along, and Lord knows, there isn't always time for that provided by facilities.. It's known that after graduation and passing the boards, there still is a lot of learning to be done to become a "really good nurse," and judging by many of the posts on here, that isn't always being provided. Cost effectiveness and task driven nursing to increase the bottom line has taken the heart out of nursing in the corporate world. There are tutoring centers for reading and math, separate from the schools, why not start one for nurses who need the support and provision of knowledge that a seasoned nurse could provide?? Just thinking, well, not out loud exactly, but looking at the huge loss of nursing knowledge that is happening all over, due to the recent devaluation of the seasoned (older) nurses who are being thrown out in droves.. what a shame to waste all the wonderful things that we seasoned nurses still have to offer.. I hope that something will turn up for you , and someone will realize what a valuable addition you will make to any organization.. All the best, Wise Woman PS: You really ought to write that book, you know..
  12. Wise Woman RN

    When did nursing caps go extinct in the wild?

    mine wouldn't stay on my head.. no matter what I did..
  13. Wise Woman RN

    Rehabilitation Nursing: A Specialty In Its Own Right

    Same thing happened to me. We were a closed unit, no floats, we did a good job with the patients. It does seem like other nurses look down on us, they don't realize that we have to use every bit as much of our nursing expertise as they do, and perhaps more. I am a CRRN, have been for 15 years, and in an irf, you can get patients that slide down that slippery slope to being critical fast. I loved my job, though. The actual rehab nursing part, working with patients and families to achieve their goal of going home. It bothers me that some of the nurses in the other parts of the hospital don't seem to realize that rehab nurses are really excellent nurses, and we actually do care for the biophysical and psychosocial aspects of the patients.. Our unit got a new manager, and I am the first one that was fired. I'm 61,have been working in rehab for all 20 years of my career. We had started getting floats in, they didn't wan't to be there, so they would pass meds, and daily assessments, but no teaching, no answering lights, really, no giving the other nurses a hand.. then they would go to the manager and say how mean we were.. so, I am getting unemployment, and I am going to download the form from EEOC and file an age discrimination suit. Lacking a joyful feeling is not a good reason to fire someone. And now I have no insurance. Cobra is so expensive, I will probably have to go live in a discarded washing machine box. Or, with all of our experience, you could come over and we could start our own business.. what do you think??? The too much experience thing, it gets in the way when someone wants the nurse to ignore policy. the old bags know better,they don't go quietly into that good night.. Hey, you could probably go get my old job.. there's an opening now.. LOL nightime rambling. but it's all true.
  14. Wise Woman RN

    Patient Reported Me To Nurse Manager

    He is a psych patient. You are not incompetent. Don't allow anyone the power to direct how you feel about yourself. There are just going to be patients that you just can't please, no matter what you do. Just hold your head up, know that you are a good nurse, and keep on.. And if at all possible, don't go in his room without a witness, and document every interaction, since you know that he will report you for frivolous things. All the best to you.
  15. Wise Woman RN

    feel like such a giant moron all the time

    Look at it this way: All of these mishaps are also part of learning, and are preparing you for things that DO happen working on the floor, and you will already be prepared. I know you will get through, and you will be an EXCELLENT NURSE. Not only that, but when you become part of the old bat society, think of the great stories you will be able to tell the student nurses that look to you for encouragement.. I used to go to post conference for the students, on my day off work, and they loved the "war stories." Like I said, you could be on my team anytime, and I am one of those old bats.. Best, Wise Woman
  16. Wise Woman RN

    Hospital Cancelled Contract during Contract

    Always get it in writing. Protecting yourself is important in the cut-throat world of health care. As Dr. House once said, "People lie."

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