RNs who work both hospitals and LTC, is your pay the same?

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    My apologies, since this kind of questions have probably been asked already. I did try sifting through old threads but found none that applies to someone who work both places at the same time.

    I am starting a new grad RN position at a hospital but I want to stay PRN at my LTC job, which I have been working as an LVN, if they want to keep me as an RN. I know what my base rate will be at the hospital. Can I expect the same rate at LTC? In the old threads, some say LTC pays less, some say more. Also, does being a PRN nurse without benefits warrant higher rate?

    I am dreading to bring up the topic with my DON, as I suck at negotiating. In the past I've mostly trusted my employers to give me the fair rate, but I learned that they don't necessarily volunteer a fair rate unless you demand it. So, I'd like to arm myself with current knowledge before I attempt re-negotiation. Thank you for your help!

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    I grossed more pay in LTC than in Acute Care, although my benefits are much better in the hospital. In the end I think it about evens out.


    When I went PRN/POOL at my old LTC job I recieved a 20% pay increase.
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    I think it depends on your area. In the Boston area nursing homes pay much less than acute care hospitals. Not sure if PRN employees get paid more. From talking with my peers, it doesn't seem like they got more for per diem but other facilities may be different.
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    Mmmm, I'm not a nurse but my MIL is a new grad working in a nursing home as an LVN When she passes the NCLEX-RN, she'll be making $28/hr vs the 25ish an hour new grad RNs are making in acute care.
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    I made way more money in LTC then the hospital.
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    I think in most cases you make more in LTC vs acute care.
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    I live in Ohio & currently work in LTC. As an RN with 2 years at this nursing home, I make $21.71/hr working day shift. I just got offered a position at the University hospital & will be making $25.83/hr plus $1 shift differential for working nights. Hope this helps!! Most places pay more though too for PRN staff.
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    I think it depends on where you find work. The last LTC place I worked at was compareable to the hospital. This new place I work is horrid in pay and benefits. I only stay because of my son who lives in the area..otherwise I'd be out the door to better pay in a hot second.
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    All depends where you live. In my area, hospitals pay significantly more than LTC.
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    I'm in California. As an LVN, I got paid more at LTC than acute care, but wasn't sure about RNs.
    Thank you for your answers. I think I have a better grasp now. I was thinking of letting my DON know of my interest in staying employed there PRN, but didn't want to risk sounding like nuts for expecting a comparable rate to my hospital job.

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