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I just started working at a LTC facility. I have two floors with 40 residents. I worked one night 5-10 following a nurse, then I started the 6-2 shift for the weekend. I followed the nurse yesterday and got familiar with the... Read More

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    1 night with a nurse who didn't know the patients, never worked that floor, didn't hardly speak English, worked quickly and without regard for doing things properly, and who was mean. Then, thrown to the wolves.

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    When I started as a new grad, I trained on all 3 shifts. I trained 5 shifts on each shift (nocs/days/eves) plus worked two shifts with the evening supervisor to learn how to do an admission. Looks like I am in the minority getting that much orientation.
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    At my current facility I got five 8 hour shifts, I believe, but on the fourth day I
    more of less got "thrown to the wolves".

    At the LTC I worked prior to that, I seem to remember getting about five 12
    hour shifts and that was it.
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    I am getting 7 shifts with the treatment nurse (I will be working pm's where I will have to do some of the treatments after she leaves at 430pm), and 3 weeks (12 shifts) with the PM charge nurse, which is what my position is. I am soo thankful for this much training! When I interviewed the DON told me I would get 10-12 days training, and I'm actually getting a lot more, which is amazing! The other job I was offered was only going to give me 2 days.. so glad I chose this place instead. It seems like such a supportive group of staff, and everyone I've met is super nice. The nurses always look so calm and collected, and always take their lunch breaks and get out on time. No wonder this place is a 5 star place.
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    I got 3 weeks at my current job, which is great even if u have experience. Most places give you 3 days and then you are on your own.
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    As a new grad I started on NOC shifts for the first three months of my job. I received 7 shifts of training before I was on my own. When I started dayshift, I got new training, as it is completely different from nights. We get 3 days of orientation per hall, however, I actually only got 1 before I started on the hall I worked. The second day a nurse called in. That day at least I worked the cart with someone else though, who was supposed to be orienting me but had only finished two days of training herself...
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    as a brand new grad, I got only 3 days and it was either take it or leave it! It was so overwhelming at first but I managed to get through it
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    Wow! It seems like many of you had less than 2 weeks orientation, some less than a week! This is very scary, how can a new grad be competent with less than 2 weeks of training?! Most hospitals train their nurses up to 12 weeks!
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    Quote from healthstar
    Most hospitals train their nurses up to 12 weeks!
    Then again, hospitals generate significantly more revenue than most LTC facilities. Therefore, hospitals have a staggering amount of money in the budget for training, orientation, and continuing education.

    Nursing homes have very limited training budgets due to limited revenue.
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