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  1. I currently do home visits. I am in Wyoming there are a lot of PHN jobs here as they don’t pay well compared to hospital nursing. I decided to leave floor nursing and try and office job with good benefits. I have an ADN only and more than five years experience as a RN thats how I got my foot in the door. It’s a really fun job. I can do home or clinic visits for prenatal Postnatal and children up to age 3. I provided lactation consults education and referrals to other programs. Like any nursing job you need thick skin because not every family is going to have the same priorities as you and you need to be really flexible and open minded so you can offer healthy support to people that might have really different backgrounds. Not everyone wants to change and you have to be able to support that decision as well. I am sure rural Wyoming home visits are much different than California 😂 I think most states require you to bilingual ?
  2. LemonAide

    Need help form a public health nurse

    I will do it as long as you keep me anonymous in your paper. Send me a message 😁
  3. LemonAide

    Link between schizophrenia and psychic ability???

    When I was a CNA I worked in a locked Alzheimers unit. One of my favorite patients was this cranky old doctor most of the other staff couldn't/wouldn't care for him cause he was on the violent side. He was always talking to people or things that weren't there. Anyway one night when I was tucking him in he said I have a message for you, "your husband wants you to know he's okay and that you are a good mother". Chances are that could have been random but my husband had been dead two years when he told me that. Took everything I had to keep my cool and not cry. I never and still don't bring my personal life to work there's no way he had any idea I was widowed at such a young age. It was really weird.
  4. LemonAide

    Psychiatric Nurses and Safety

    I love psych! The facility I work at uses handle with care. It's not just the training though you need have good working relationship with your co-workers. You have to be able to work as a team. You have to be patient and try to be as solid and consistent as you can. I make patients stay kicking distance away from me for the most part. If I can kick them they are to close. I never say this outloud I just do it. Don't deviate from the limits you set. I've had my ass handed to me twice and both times I learned from it. I got my ass kicked by a six year old lol really and it was totally my fault. I deviated from my limits and tried to be comforting since we were ending up hands on every night with the same pt. Lesson learned work with your head not your heart. First time was by an adolescent boy same sort of scenario. I work with all ages of pts. Good luck my family constantly worries about me.
  5. LOL I just bought the trashiest trailer ever :) Really......Totally excited to have my own place.
  6. LemonAide

    Meaning of your username?

    Mines kind of sad. My spouse died in 2011 after a horrible two years terminally ill. I was a housewife 21 years. I had to figure out a way to support myself pretty quick and while applying for nursing programs I became a CNA. When life gives you lemons you make what? So yeah I was a lemonaide :) I'm now an RN
  7. LemonAide

    So I kind of messed up

    Next time or for anyone else with anxiety....Go to the doctor! Or you can always try a little benadryl for anxiety. Getting in to a nursing program is contingent on passing a drug test. Sorry this situation can't possibly warrant a good outcome.
  8. LemonAide

    Ratios in acute psych

    I work in an acute psychiatric facility. Our ratios are on adult 5:1, adolescent 4:1 and children 3:1. Those ratios include all staff on the floor. They do ours hospital wide so they count the number of adults, adolescent and children and base staffing on the big picture. Childrens unit is the only area where I see staffing true to ratios.
  9. I'm in Wyoming. I worked as a CNA in LTC before getting in to nursing school and while I was in nursing school. The put me on the floor as a nurse the day I had my GPN. Worked as a LPN through my RN program at the same nursing home. I swear working in the field helped me with pharmacology and cares and gave me more confidence than any classroom or clinical setting ever could. I did my preceptor at an acute care psych hospital and I loved it! They offered me a job before I was done with my preceptor for ten dollars an hour more than the LTC facility ad offered me relocation money. When I told them I didn't want to move they offered me a travel position that includes lodging and what I see as an amazing wage. I went to work 5 days after I took my finals....My contract offered hired me as a LPN with a pay raise at my GN status and another raise when I passed my RN. I took my nclex today and tomorrow I hit the floor at a higher wage than I ever dreamed straight out of nursing school.
  10. LemonAide

    How much training did you get?

    I got 8 hours, but I worked as a CNA at the same facility for a few years. Wasn't enough time but I learned as I went along and now I am comfortable and confident in my position. Now I train new hires seems no one else wants to do it. My lack of initial training actually makes it helpful when I train new staff as I remember all the things I didn't know or wished someone would have told me. Most of it had to do with charting/paperwork. What I did was grab every opportunity I had to do paperwork. I did paperwork for labs, end of month changeovers, filing just anything to learn. I love my job! I try and help out the new hires so they will love their job too we have such a high turnover rate I try my hardest to make the work enviroment a positive place!
  11. LemonAide

    First Day Tomorrow...Any Tips?

    Stay calm! Fake it until you make it! Be confident these people are trusting you for answers and care. Communicate with your CNA's before the start of shift they will be a key part of your success! They may know all sorts of tips and tricks to make your job more rewarding. Smile and introduce yourself to every patient. Smile some more :) Good luck!
  12. LemonAide

    Failing class

    Ugh I am here for the same question! Two test this semester and I have failed them both despite studying and feeling like I understood the material. Three months from being a RN and I am failing
  13. Work there as a CNA while in school. Knowing someone that already works there helps at my facility.
  14. LemonAide

    Stuck in LTC

    I love long term care!
  15. LemonAide

    Christmas Parties

    My facility is having the party at the facility this year so that everyone can enjoy it. Employees only this time. 4-7pm shift change is at 6 so if you are working either shift you don't get left out.
  16. LemonAide

    Interesting convo with a former coworker...

    Depending on which med pass it is I can do it in a hour and I have 29 patients. Supper pass yes, HS pass takes a little longer due to treatments. When you have a high patient load time management is key. I know my patients well. I know who needs a pulse check and who needs BG. That I do first and I can get that done in 15 minutes before the pass and while I am doing that I check on anyone who frequently needs PRN's so I don't end up back and forth. That leaves 45 minutes. I do meds for the patients who come to the nurses station a lot or ring call bells for meds first to save time if I get to them before they ask it's much more efficient. I also try and do my whole pass from my station I pay attention to who heads to the dining area first and get the meds ready so I can catch them on thier way down the hall. Anyone who needed sliding scale insulin is next and I have asked my aides to swing them by the nurses station on the way to dinner. I don't do insulin in the dining area ever other nurses might but I don't. I'm not sure I am explaining this well but it works. The best time saver for me is close attention to patients needs if they obsess over meds I attend to them first (if I can) heck I try to find them before they find me it is a HUGE time saver. Also if I know patient A is always going to ask for biofreeze and a pain pill before supper I promise I am in that room with the pain pill and biofreeze ready to go before they ask. I don't help the other nurses with their duties unless they ask or a patients asks. I will answer a call light on any hall after all good patient care is what is going to guarantee my job. If I do have free time I read to patients and hang out in their rooms and talk to them. I file things no one has time for and I set up labs MDS and things of that nature for the next shift.