Do you have time to cut diabetic toenails?

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    I am being told at my job that only nurses can cut the diabetic's fingernails and toenails. I am already being criticized and condemned for staying overtime to complete new doctor's orders, charting,etc. for the day. If I were to stay over to help cut toenails I am sure management would be furious. What do you do at your facility?

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    I thought diabetics should have only the podiatrist clip their toe nails....
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    I have always been told that only podiatrists can cut any resident/patient's toenails.Fingernails could be cut by CNA's.
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    Quote from RN1121
    I thought diabetics should have only the podiatrist clip their toe nails....

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    I agree only a podiatrist should deal with a diabetics toenails. Healing process, potential for infection etc. However if you are a diabetic nurse, the rules change a little. Check your policy and procedure manual to find out if you are covered or not and the contraindications of the same
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    We're allowed to clip a diabetic's toenails.

    Yeah, sure I have time. I'll get right on that.
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    we don't cut diabetic toe nails it's the podiarists job. due to the poor circulation of the pt , if you nick the pt they may not heal , and you are held liable .
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    I don't do my diabetics' FINGERNAILS, let alone toenails. I formally delegated fingernail trims to my care coordinator and do periodic re-checks to make sure she's competent, but I'm strictly hands off for three reasons: one, I don't have time, two, I'm not very good at it, and three, I hate feet!! And diabetic feet are the worst......... Fortunately, we have access to a mobile RN who does at-home foot care services, and the ones he can't handle go to the podiatrist. Makes life simpler for everyone concerned, and assures the resident is getting the best person for the job.
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    hmmmmmmmm....... interesting. At my HH agency, all the RNs cut our patients' toenails.. diabetic or not.
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    I believe that Blackcat is in LTC-medicare pays for regular podiatry care as do most insurance companies.We don't touch them-due to risk of complications.We have agreat podiatrist that rounds a few times a month.I would never cut a toenail in LTC....and wouldn't have time,either...
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