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60 years old,3kids,4 grands

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  1. herecomestrouble

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Probably a Photoshop picture, but still cool. What was it? I couldn't make it out,damn old eyes LOL
  2. herecomestrouble

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    oops,sorry about that
  3. herecomestrouble

    Post-exposure prophylaxis making me so sick!

    I'm HIV+ and have been taking Kaletra for years now.It's notorious for causing diarrhea.Most important,avoid all caffeine,coffee,tea,soda even chocolate.Try some immodium if it's OK with your Dr.I just add it to my med regimen,every other day I take one and it works.Avoid eating too much at any one time,once you get your appetite back.And try to eat some whole grain cereal ,bran or oatmeal every day.I know the meds are bad but I thank God for them every day.Yes your body does adjust to them after time (usually a month) but you'll be off by then.Good luck
  4. herecomestrouble

    pt pass out after IM ceftriaxone inj

    My Dad and both brothers will do the same thing at the sight of blood.My older brother will manage to keep it together until he gets the person to the hospital ER if he has to but then...I swear you can see the little stars circling around his head just like in a cartoon and down he goes.
  5. herecomestrouble

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Not "going away",it was a coming home party
  6. herecomestrouble

    New Grad in ER with unsafe practice - Advice please?

    There are 10-15 hospitals withing a 25 mile radius of me,and no matter which one you mention somebody has a story about what a horrible place it is,how the Dr's and nurses don't have a clue what they're doing and the place should be/is going to be shut down etc.My advice would be to check it out yourself and make a decision based on what you see not what somebody else tells you.Unless of course the person you were talking to can show you some proof.
  7. herecomestrouble

    Never seen anything quite like it (the things visitors do...)

    This wasn't actually the visitor but the nursing staff who did this one.We had a pt who had a stroke,she was starting to come around and we were trying to get her to remember our names and the names of her visitors.One day I was in her room with a CNA and a man came in,we started saying"Mrs Smith,who is this?"She wasn't sure,so we asked if he was her grandson,still not sure,nephew,still not sure,we ran through a couple of other possibilities and she kept looking at him,asked him to come closer so she could see him better but she couldn't place him.She did say he looked familiar though.So we asked him who he was,turned out he had accidently come into the wrong room and had no idea who she was either! Never seen anything quite like(the things nursing staff do)
  8. herecomestrouble

    Never seen anything quite like it (the things visitors do...)

    Where to start,one time we had a Dr overhead page"will the family of the pt in room 123 bed A come to the room IMMEDIATELY".She had walked in the room to check her pt and found her asleep with an infant in her arms almost dropping the baby on the floor.It seems the pt's daughter came in to visit Granny bringing her newborn(week old)baby and a 2 year old,left the baby with Granny-on a vent barely awake-to baby sit while she took the 2 year old to the cafeteria for lunch.Doc blessed her out for that and even being out 1 week after having a c-section. another time,another family in to visit Dad,with a baby in a stroller,baby is pulling old vent tubing out of the red trash can and playing with it.Family couldn't understand why we got all bent out of shape about it.
  9. herecomestrouble

    Mid-Shift Shower

    Thanks for the laugh,that was great(well maybe not for you at the time)
  10. herecomestrouble

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    My maiden name was Beaver,my Father's first name was Richard but everybody called him Dick,we all loved him anyway.