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I just listened to this for 12 hours- almost literally non-stop. I just felt the urge to put it in an online forum full of nurses who may sympathize with my numb brain. God Bless Alzheimer's.... Read More

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    Quote from artsmom
    Whatever it takes to keep or get your sanity back!!
    It maybe wrong.....but especially the little old ladies that just won't stop yelling. I have been known to tell them ........"Shush! The babies sleeping!" and it worked like a charm......99.9% of the time......... when one night one little ole lady shouted back....

    "You shush! I don't give a _____!"

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    I can't tell you how many times I have said shhhhhh!!! The baby is sleeping! If it works roll with it. I am sure someone will say it to me one day.
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    ssshhhhh The babies are sleeping is a classic. I've been using that one for years.
    Doesn't work so well with the old guys though.
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    True. I don't have any regulars for the guys actually. I have used "the babies are sleeping" but some don't care lol.
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    Used to have a lady who would alternately scream "God bless America!" and "Help me do the dishes!" She would get the phrases mixed up and start yelling "God bless the dishes!" Hysterical.
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    When I worked LTC I had one that would repetitively recite the lords prayer while rubbing her hair... all day long. If she was interupted she would pick up where she left off. It made for a long day and I would often go home reciting it myself lol.
    God bless their souls
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    We had a lady who kept yelling, "Help me! Help me! Help me!" One of our supervisors tried to get her to say something "a little more pleasant". She tried to get her to say, "Mary had a little lamb"...which the woman repeated over and over....until it became "Mary had a little man, Mary had a little man"...."Mary had a mailman, Mary had a mailman"...."Mary had a man, Mary had a man." Another resident then yelled, "Well good for Mary then!"
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Oh, our poor patient who was a nurse...
    "Call the pharmacy! Call the pharmacy! I've made an error! Call the pharmacy!"
    Oh, dear god!
    Even in dementia there is no reprieve!
    My worst nightmare.

    I took care of a lady who thought she was on vacation on a cruise. Every day lol. She thought she was sitting at the captain's table during meals. It was so cute! I hope if I get dementia I think I'm on vacation every day!
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    These dementia stories are cracking me up and bringing back fond memories! I miss LTC and geriatrics so much!
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    Quote from artsmom
    We have a former DON patient who is a high fall risk, especially overnight ,so the nurses give her a clipboard and she goes along for the med pass. She will make notes about the job the nurses do and also which patients she feels the doctor needs to come see.
    This is adorable! I mean it's really sad, but it's so great that the nurses got creative with her and kept her happy overnight.
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