Are LPN's allowed to draw blood from PICC lines?

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    At your LTC are LPN's allowed to draw blood from PICC lines? I live in Florida and anytime I have contacted my state board for answering any of my questions I never seem to get a straight answer from them. So please tell me what you do at your LTC. Thanks

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    In iowa no
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    Massachusetts-the answer is No
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    SC is a no
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    Indiana - yes
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    NC - no
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    Thanks to all. I think I will ask my question again in the Florida nurses section and see if they know.
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    It depends on the scope of practice in the state where you practice.

    In Texas, the answer is YES if the LVN/LPN has IV certification and the facility's policy allows LVNs to perform this skill.
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    I have IV certification but have never drawn blood out of a PICC line. I am hesitant to do it at work until I find out if I can or can not per Florida state board of nursing. I have sent them an email asking about it but in the past when I have asked questions nobody at the state board can seem to give a yes or no answer. But I will keep trying.

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