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This is my first week back to classes and finally a senior. Yay! We weren't allowed to pick our classes or clinicals this year because of the computer issues. Ok, so now I have TWO things I hate.... I hate that they punish... Read More

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    The only thing I hate is the fact that M,T,W and F I don't get to see my hubby at all, as he works 2nd shift. Th I get home at noon so I get to see him for a big whopping 2 hours. I work on the weekend, but at least I have after 2 on S&S with him and the kiddies!

    But, I knew this going into it, so just have to learn to squeeze in the "quality" time.

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    OK, so I have a goldfish that's my entire life. My clinical is supposed to get out at 4 so I made plans in advance to be home by 4:30 to feed him. Since those with children expect certain considerations, then so do I. I consider it my child. Now I'll bring this complaint to my instructor/registrar. I'll get back to you when they're done laughing.

    I'm not personally attacking those with children..It's the every scintilla that goes on in nursing school that students complain about that rattles me. You signed up for this. Period. Deal with it. If you have a personality clash with someone in class, don't visit that problem on others who don't care. If you can't stand your patient you're given in clinical, deal with it. Or, leave the nursing program. You're going to have patients you can't stand out there in the real world.

    We all have our pet peeves. Keep them to yourself, because chances are, I 'll never see you again the day afterr graduation.

    We all have "stuff" planned around our schedules. It seems like the majority of this stuff involves texting others about the cheap knockoff Prada bag a student had or the start of one's menstrual cycle. Pathetic.
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    Quote from azhic13
    If you have a .edu address you can get amazon prime for free and get free 2 day shipping and I believe next day is like 3.99 or something crazy like that.
    Yes! That is an awesome service by amazon. they came through for me last semester.
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    To "Tyler 77":
    wowwwww...you should think about a career in the state police or something not in a profession where caring, compassion and understanding are a must!! Ouch....
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    Tyler said: "You guys really need to suck it up and deal with this. I have no children, so do you think you're entitled to have the school accomodate you just because you have kids? I think not. And as far as being told your clinical being 2 HOURS LONGER than you were originally told--sorry, the registrar has little to do with this. The nursing department sends the dates/times/courses to the registrar and they set up the scheduling process. It's like someone at the registrar said "Hmmmmm...let's extend the clinical by 2 hours because we feel like it." If your clinical site is 40 minutes away, deal with it. You signed up for this. In Michigan.[/quote]

    Sounds like someone is in a bad, bad mood!

    Quote from Tyler77
    And if your instructor hasn't posted their syllabus or textbook requirements on Blackboard, how about you sent THEM an e-mail and explain the situation??
    How about I DID email the instructor and guess what? Still no idea of what books I need to purchase.

    Quote from Tyler77
    Remember, being flexible now means being flexible whan you get your "real" jobs. If you have a patient that's in severe distress, and it's time for you to go home, you can't say "Sorry, patient, I have to attent Madison's recital in a short while. Can you stop being sick now and maybe we can pick this up tomorrow?"
    Most of us do work at "real" jobs. It's just that when you have arranged your life around school and they change your schedule at the last minute it can put a monkey wrench in all your plans.
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    I'm in my senior year of nursing (yaay BSN!) and my school too suffers from the let's-delay-communication-and-change-scheduling-at-the-last-moment syndrome! I work as an LPN in between the hours that I am not trapped at school or clinical, and I get through the day by reminding myself that this school schedule business is TEMPORARY and is a means to an end! We're all students busting our butts to achieve a common goal and it will be over soon!
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    Quote from dudette10
    This analogy is ridiculous. You're assuming that parents are so stupid that, as nurses, we would fail to attend to our patients.

    And that's about the nicest tone I can come up with to say what I want to say.

    Dudette, I think I ::heart:: you.

    Don't you just love it when people compare apples to oranges nor can they make an intelligent argument?

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    How is it that, WE-the students, pay these instructors for their time, but they have zero regard for our lives. I'm not saying they should coddle students, but they could at least have some consideration for our lives.
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    I love how these balnket statements of how nurses "attend" to their patients...More than once I've seen nursing students and nurses alike roll their eyes when they're assigned a patient, and do their best to ignore them.
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    Quote from Tyler77
    I love how these balnket statements of how nurses "attend" to their patients...More than once I've seen nursing students and nurses alike roll their eyes when they're assigned a patient, and do their best to ignore them.
    Tyler, you are putting words in our mouths. Not one person here on this thread ever mentioned anything about attending to our patients nor is this what was intended in this thread. You are further stereotyping everyone here, yourself included, by saying how nurses "attend" to their patients and/or ignore them.
    Why don't you go find another thread or, better yet, another message board to spew your ignorance and anger.

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