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  1. Just an idea from the Male side, the whole lying to him and going out to study, probably not the best play. If he finds out you're lying he's gonna be miffed, even if it is innocent. And lord help you if it's a guy that's been cheated on. Just be st...
  2. Jog, walk, drive, or bike?

    I'd probably go with the bike. Is there anywhere you could store it in winter? My buddy used to pop his tires off and stick it behind the couch. Might help.
  3. NAU Traditional BSN Fall 2010

    The traditional program is 5 semesters after acceptance into upper level. How long the pre-req's take is more up to you unless you're at NAU as a pre-nursing student. Best bet would be to start a new thread, and contact a nau nursing advisor.
  4. I completely agree. Alot of you seem pretty hard on your husbands, I'm sure they'd be thrilled to hear what you really think of them. Having my daughter was a mutual decision, and I'm assuming it was that way for you as well. I'm not trying to play ...
  5. Well, No Nursing for Me

  6. SO how was your first day of nursing school?

  7. Tips and Tricks about dividing decimals?

    you don't have to clear the dividend, just the devisor. Move the decimal one place 2417.3 divided by 93
  8. I hate my job, im unsure about nursing

    I wouldn't leave the field entirely because of one place, I had a friend that swore by a two year rule, every 2 years he moved areas, regardless of whether he liked the area or not. That was in an engineering field, but I think it could be applied.
  9. If you don't want to hear someone's gripe, opening a thread with "vent" in the title is probably not the best play.
  10. If you have a .edu address you can get amazon prime for free and get free 2 day shipping and I believe next day is like 3.99 or something crazy like that.
  11. Any former Marine grunts going into nursing?

    I spent 6 years in the Navy, FC, Aegis Type. Headed to school this fall to finish my last 2 years. Hoping to have a couple of vets in my class, we'll see
  12. Northern AZ U vs. U of A??

    I dunno man, I think I might have to lean toward U of A on that one. I've heard really great things about their program, and it wouldn't be quite as distance based as the NAU one might be. Congrats either way
  13. Disclosing that I am on pain medication?

    If they ask you to disclose, and you don't, how is that not being dishonest? But, if you don't and they run a UA you're done anyways.
  14. 1st semester book costs

    Yeah my only problem is that I had to look everything up by the title/edition/author, as when you go to the NAU bookstore online(i'm still currently out of town), they don't have the isbn. I'm pretty sure this is solely to make it harder to buy your ...
  15. 1st semester book costs

    OUCH!! Just ordered my books for first semester (junior year). Came out to $661, saves $88 by getting them through amazon, and that was buying them new at amazon vs used at bookstore. Bonus was that if you have an .edu email address you can get a fr...