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  1. You have ADD and decided that you want to take an ACCELERATED program that requires MORE attention? Something doesn't wash here. Otherwise, welcome to life. Everyone has the "It wasn't my fault" excuse once they're thrown out of a program: it was the teacher's fault, they had it in for me because (insert dumb excuse here), the clinical site was bad, the exams were unfair, etc. Welcome to the elite group of dismissed nursing students: you can have a notarized statement from the President of the Unites States saying your dismissal was unfair, and you still won't get back in. It's also called LIFE. Get used to it. Things won't go your way all the time. Look into for profit school that have nursing programs. They usually give the second chance to students looking for another opportunity. But it won't be cheap.
  2. Tyler77

    100% on my exam and it wasn't exciting... :(

    Just more evidence on why one SHOULD NOT become a nurse. A clinical instructor (or class instructor) that is petty, backstabbing, placing accusations on others is just a mirror of what's going on out there in the "real world." I still don't understand why everyone is in line trying to become a nurse.
  3. Tyler77

    Fundies is killing me

    If you're having problems in Fundamentals, you are in a bad situation. In my school, if you had a pulse you could pass Fundamentals (the school does it to "lure" you into the Med-Surg, so you can pay your tuition, and then fail out of that course). If you're going into Med Surg next semester, that's the "weeding out" course. All the NCLEX books, study guides, review sessions won't do anything for you if you can't grasp the material. Interesting that in that course, all the backstabbing, drama, and "Oh it's not my fault" reach a fever pitch. Good luck!
  4. Tyler77

    Getting withdrawn because of a pre-req. Dispute?

    Another example of "Not my fault" syndrome. You were told that you had to make a speech. In advance. If you thought it was "vague", why couldn't you clarify the iffy points with the instructor. And, it may be a "filler" class, but I can attest that there's nurses out there who can't speak a coherent sentence, so that's why the "filler" class is needed. Becuae YOu thought the instructions were vsgue, you thought, "Aw, heck, I'll show him. I'll just do a speech off the top of my head." Now you understand why you got the grade given?
  5. Tyler77

    Middlesex County College/RBMC anyone?

    For all the nursing classes, you're going to be in a huge lecture hall with 80+ students that are either: annoying, drama queens, texting, socializing, etc. The teachers really don't do anything about this. I was in the second year of the program when it moved to MCC, and NRB 122 was a complete disaster. The course was taught by different teachers in the faculty, and they "pooled" all of their questions into the exams, leaving you mystified as to where some of the questions came from. Needless to say, 40% of the class failed and could not proceed with the course sequence. The instructors are still employees of Raritan Bay, and not really the college, so they have a stand-off-ish attitude when a student presents a complaint or concern. Make sure you don't have an adjunct clinical instructor--I have no idea how some of them made it through the interview process, as they tend to be sub-par. For some reason, the cattiness and the backstabbing that I experienced was really out of line--instructors even yelled at us when we rolled our eyes when a student would ask, really, a dumb question. But it's what you make of it. There are definitely better programs out there, I'd say MCC is middle of the pack. But with the HUNDREDS (approaching the 1000 mark) of applicants for only a few spots, they're not going out of business any time soon. Don't think you'll be paying county college tuition, you'll be paying Raritan Bay Medical Center tuition, whatever that is--which amounts to over $5000 just for one nursing course. And they can still get away with it.
  6. Tyler77

    Nursing class Who's Who - for fun

    Mosrt likely to get slapped by a patient. Most likely to get divorced due to her "winning" attitude. Most likely to be gossiped about. Most likely to text during med-pass. Most likely to get fired on the first day of her job. Most likely to to say they "love" nursing, but they secretly hate everything about it. Most likely to be three-faced. Most likely to just another long, drawn out story of some family member with an extremely rare disease, and how they overcame it. Most likely to get pregnant by a patient. Most likely to say "Oh we did it THIS WAY in skills lab." Most likely to roll her eyes for the umpteenth time--and they will FINALLY get stuck. Most likely to show up to work in her Baby Phat scrubs, Prada purse, brand new nail wraps and complain they don't have any money. Most likely to call out when the "mean old nurse" is sscheduled to work with her. Most likely to look through patient's files and go "Ewwwwwww" on the floor. Most likely to to screw up a med pass involving aspirin and a cup of water. Most likely to say "I ain't goin' in that patient's room--it stinks in there." Most likely to gush on and on about how she is on an exercise plan, eating healthy, losing weight--and tell you all this right after her umpteenth cigarette break. Most likely to brag about her wonderful family, but her husband sleeps on the couch and her kids are suspended for the hundreth time.
  7. Tyler77

    I think my clinical professor hates me

    I would have your anxiety order and depression under serious control before you go out there and become a nurse. P.S. There will ALWAYS be someone out there who challenges you, corrects you and may not like you. Welcome to life.
  8. Tyler77

    Wronged by Clinical Instructor needing some closure.....

    File a grievance with your Dean of Student Affairs (or Dean of Students). Make copies of supporting documents when you submit them. Once it crosses the chairperson's desk, they will be pretty much FORCED to speak with you, regardless of who's on vacation or who spread what rumor. That'll get 'em, but it won't guarantee re-admittance into the program.
  9. Tyler77

    Help dismissed from RNprogram

    Why is it that everyone in danger of failing a class seeks to use a "loophole" or "the balme game" when YOUR GRADES are YOUR responsibility. You know, I got a 90 on an exam once, and I have ulcerative colitis. I think I'll use that as an excuse as to not doing better. maybe if I see the teacher, she'll boost my grade because of this....or once I took an exam on a rainy day, and rainy days give me "brain freeze"--maybe I could get some more points added to my exam because of that. Your post, olliefos, describes LIFE. Stuff happens that is beyond your control. For every 1 nursing student that I've seen take (gasp!) PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their academic work, I can give you 50, that will blame anyone and anything if they're not happy with a grade received. How about putting the cell phone, focus on studying, and kwitcerbitchin'.
  10. Tyler77

    For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

    Today in class some student was going on about her stellar GPA, her "job" she has planned out, her four adorable kids, her patients that love her, the nurses that she's corrected, and I told her to zip it.
  11. ...You and EVERY OTHER NURSING STUDENT has a had a patient that has told them "You're the most wonderful, caring, excellent nurse I've ever had." Wait till you get out there. Just wait. ....If you can't correctly pronounce a word, why do you insist on always mis-pronouncing it? It's pronounced "teres major", not "trezz major". Everyone else can pronounce words correctly, oh, wait, you must have some excuse. ....OK you failed the blood pressure test. You'll have another chance. Stop telling the teacher that "she's wrong" or "mis-read the dial." She's been teaching longer than you've been alive, and she's heard all the nickel and dime excuses before. She won't budge. Practice more so you can ace it next time.
  12. When we have our lunch break from class, it means that we break for lunch and then return to class. It doesn't mean that you hang out in the parking lot, smoke, and then run to the cafeteria to buy your extra crunchy, smelly, noisy food and eat it in class during lecture. The concept of "manners" must not be in your lexicon. No, I will not "Friend" you on Facebook--the 5 friend requests that you've sent me that I've never answered should be a clue. Please stop rolling your eyes at everything. They're gonna get stuck that way! Just you watch! I don't mean to pry, but you're obese and any activity that expends energy (patient transfer, blood pressure readings) leaves you huffing and puffing when you're done. When you get your nursing job, you are aware that it will be like this for all of your shifts, right? Just checking. Why must you stand outside of the classroom, just before a lecture, and cackle with all your friends about "I studied this...oh you you shouldn't have studied that--are we supposed to know such and such lab values" is a really BAD time to bring up those issues. We only had a month to study. No, I don't care that Michelle/Haley/(insert name here) is wearing fake "Uggs". She must not be rich like you. And what gave you the clue that I care? If I hear you brag about your GPA, all the scholarships you're getting, the "job" you have lined up after graduation, your "wonderful well-behaved kids" ONE MORE TIME....I'm going to embarrass you in front of class.
  13. Tyler77


    Which goes to show what you learn in nursing school is not what happenes in real life. Nursing studentas do tend to nit-pick to the point of being obnoxious to the floor staff, which is why they make students feel uncomfortable..(""We learned that when we wash our hands that you're supposed to point your fingers downward." Well, honey, I learned that sometimes it's better to shutup than to open you mouth). If you've got an issue with the procedures on one of the floors, REPORT THEM!! Writing how an infant was in danger will not help the situation. Every student nurse has the "I'm a nurse, my patients love me, I will conquer the world" is the attitiude that quickly disappears once you've been assigned almost a dozen grumpy, impossible patients that treat you like a servant. Have fun!
  14. Tyler77

    A day in the life of a nursing student

    Oh I don't have to study because I have a degree in another field (what they're really saying is "I'm smarter than you are because of this.") My program is the BEST. All the nurses love me. My patients love me. They cried my last day there....(Yeah, OK, Everyone's program is "the best"...the "other" programs are "sub-par" and that's why your snooty behind isn't in them). "I'm there for my patients, which is what nursing is all about." (Then why are you always texting/hanging out at the nurses station, or complaining about the purse that Ashley/Brittany/Michelle brought to class). OMG I finished the NCLEX in under an hour. It was sooooooo easy. There must be something wrong with you if it takes you longer or if you can't pass it. In other words, the nursing students I've encountered are some of the cattiest, back-stabbing immature crybabies on this planet. But they will get theirs, because Karma works that way. When their "Oh we did it this way" routine doesn't fly in their "real job" either they will shape up or leave (and leaving is by far the most popular option). So much for your "perfect" degrees, and "caring" skills.
  15. *You've told us a gazillion times that you're married, have kids, take care of your ailing parents, volunteer at the leper colony and you still won't stop. Can't you tell that when you start in on these stories, that we're not interested? So here's your clue: stop. * You failed the blood pressure test-out. On the pre-programmed mannequin! Whay are you arguing that the settings on it are faulty when you screwed up the blood pressure? You got it wrong. AND YOU'RE STILL ARGUING WITH THE TEACHER. Wow, you're going to be a nurse someday. Good heavens. * Stop brining in your Strawberry Shortcake lunchboxes into class. You look stupid. *Must you bring in your Fajitas, burritos, and loud chips into class? What happened during lunch? Were you texting someone about "Gossip Girl" and you lost track of time? Someone needs to post a link of that new God awful "Friday" video on the Internet. The sound of it describes my class!