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  1. Tyler77

    Your first semester/quarter grades

    Yeah, right. Everyone gets A's. My grades?--None of your business.
  2. Tyler77

    A- in A&P 1

    An A- is unacceptable. Re-take the class and pray you get an A+.
  3. Tyler77

    I absolutely HATE it!

    What you describe goes on in every program--the cattiness, drama, etc. Don't give them ammo. If another student asks you a personal question, be vague with your answer so they can't make any dumb conclusions based on what you said. That being said, if anyone is so evil as to accuse of doing something that is vile and untrue, I would pursue legal action against them. maybe that should shut them up. Manepride, you've also opened the can of proverbial worms yourself: stop joking, being sarcastic, or making funny comments that have a hint of innuendo. That being said, you're in a program that has students that really haven't experienced LIFE as it is and are mostly dealing with students that think that texting, showing up to class whenever they feel like, and basically acting like they're in High School. That's the way it is. The real world (lack of job prospects, the *Evil* supervisor) will bite them when the time comes. Just "Lay low" and finish your program. You won't have to deal with these creeps much longer. And stay off of Facebook, and don't freely give out your cell number or e-mail.
  4. Just say to yourself: "I will not be a drama queen in class." "I will come to class on time." "I will not text during clinicals." "I will not gossip/backstab/make up stories abou other people." "I will not reveal 'cute' stories about myself in nursing class about how everyone in my family is a doctor and they have a job lined up for me because no one wants to hear them."
  5. Tyler77

    Microbiology... prof has horrible rating on RMP

    Breezy7, Wait till you go out there in the real world and deal with misearable, bitter, catty nurses. You can't walk to HR and ask "Can I have a transfer out of Nurse Smith's Dept. She's mean!" Good luck, kiddo. Welcome to the real world.
  6. Tyler77

    denial to reapply to take the test

    Just lovin' this: although what I did was a violation, i don't think that what I did was wrong. Not like I was cheating." This "oh blame someone or soemthing else" attitude is soooo rampant these days, especially in nursing school, that no one can ever take personal responsibility for their actions. Time to man up, realize that what you did was WRONG (because you do have to sign a statement that pretty much sums up what you can AND can't do during the NCLEX), and stop looking for the easy way out. Everyone is so sue-happy and "you hurt my feelings" that there is no persoanl acountability. What you did is not getting blown out of proportion--what you did is WRONG. Period. Let's say that one of your loved ones was supposed to be given a .05 mg of a drug that has a side eefect of slowing down the central nervous system. A nurse gives the 5 mg, causing them death. The nurse says "I didn't mean to kill them, like, the decimal was over by 2 places. Get over it." What would YOUR reaction be?
  7. OK I had a 2.4. I'm white, no kids, not in any need of financial assistance. I'm not catty ("Oh did you see the shoes she was wearing!!). My dad is not a doctor, my mother will probabbly never be "mother of the year", I don't "give it up" if a guy notices me. I take responsibility for my own grades: if I flunk an exam, it was all my doing. Not the teacher's fault, not the Chatty Cathy's that sit behind me in class. If I'm assigned a "difficult" patient, I don't place blame on my instructor, accusing him/her not "liking" me. No, I don't friend people on Facebook so I can keep track of all the parties and shopping excursions they go on. I won't give anyone my cell phone number just to have them text me at 4a.m. to ask what I'm doing. Hey, if I do poorly in a class, it's MY fault. Not the "undiagnosed ADHD please feel sorry or me" excuse. No the "OMG I'm having so many problems" excuse. It's called life, and everyone needs to start taking responsibility for their own actions. That's part of the reason that if you have a group of female nurses, it turns into a gossip-fest, with catty, backstabbing behavior. If something goes wrong, TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY. It's not the patient's fault, not their annoying family, not the CNA's. Yours.
  8. I only have experience with MCC, and the negative attitude and "holier than thou" attitude among the nursing staff is unbearable. Unless it's due to personal reasons, nearly EVERYONE passes the first core nursing course (Fundamentals). In the spring, the second core nursing course is the "weeding out" course--more than 40% of students fail out. This course is "team taught" by different instructors in the department, and they "pool" their respective questions onto exams. Most of the time, a blind guess will give you a chance to score the question correctly. They'll lay the "Oh we're preparing you for the NCLEX" spiel, and it wears thin. I don't know if the policy has changed, but to essentially pass the nursing program, you have to pass one FINAL "mock" test. Seriously. It's true, the competiton to get into the program is insane. But after 2 years with your fellow students, you have to wonder how some of them got into the program. Connections, probably. It's known that the "attitude problem" of the students is just as bad as the faculty. And the adjunct clinical instructors--well, I won't even go there. More times than not, they don't come back after a semester. The nursing program at MCC is the former staff at the closed Charles E. Gregory School. They really haven't warmed up to the atmosphere of the college, and they live in their own world. Some instructors can be lovely, others you pray you're not stuck with.
  9. You have ADD and decided that you want to take an ACCELERATED program that requires MORE attention? Something doesn't wash here. Otherwise, welcome to life. Everyone has the "It wasn't my fault" excuse once they're thrown out of a program: it was the teacher's fault, they had it in for me because (insert dumb excuse here), the clinical site was bad, the exams were unfair, etc. Welcome to the elite group of dismissed nursing students: you can have a notarized statement from the President of the Unites States saying your dismissal was unfair, and you still won't get back in. It's also called LIFE. Get used to it. Things won't go your way all the time. Look into for profit school that have nursing programs. They usually give the second chance to students looking for another opportunity. But it won't be cheap.
  10. Tyler77

    How to deal with Negative Nancys?!

    Give Nancy a biiigggggg "HELLO" every time you see her! Say things like, "Wow what a great day the Lord gave us. Now turn that frown upside-down!" What's she going to do? Gossip about you being in a good mood all of the time? Let her! I know it's sexist, but I'll gladly work with a male nurse/tech. any day of the week. No backstabbing, gossiping, detesting others on a daily basis. I think women are conditiones that in order to be cometetive or respected, they have to put down or insult others or situations they don' like. To all you Nancy's out there: No one is forcing you to be here. Be thankful you have a job. I have no clue how you made it through nursing school with your attitude, but what's done is done. No, I don't care that you saw one of your co-workers wearing knock-off Uggs. Think of all the people out there that can't afford a pair of shoes. If you don't like a certain protocol in your department, then you need to visit that with your superior. Turning it into a kvetch-fest all day is annoying and grating. I will slather you with kindness until it hurts. I will counter all of your whining with optimsim. No, I will not give you my phone number so you can text me, and I will not "hang out" with you after work. People don't want to "hang out" with you for a reason. I'm sorry that you're having trouble make ends meet being that you're a single mom with kids. You CHOSE to have them with different "men" and I'm not getting involved in your personal affairs. I don't care if your patient is un-cooperative, smells, is annoying, makes rude comments, or rings the call light every second. IT'S YOUR JOB to deal with these things. You were exposed to these things in nursing school. If you didn't like it then, then shame on you for staying in your nursing program.
  11. Tyler77

    my first C+ :(

    Hmm, you can start by stop being so self centered, and going down the road of "woe is me." This is nursing school, and you haven't even gotten out into the "real world." In clinicals, you can run to your nursing instructor, but once you're out there, that selfish attitude is going to be picked up on real fast. And nurses are notorious for bullying their peers on every little detail they can get their hands on. So how do you feel about your horrid C+ now?
  12. Tyler77

    What is Med/Surge?

    Med/surg: The "weeding out" class. The class where people's true narrow minded, greedy personalities shine through. If you raise the rate of complaining that you had to endure in Fundamentals to the 15th power, there's your Med/Surg class.
  13. I'm the only one that got the A. Everyone else in the class flunked. I'm the smartest in the class. Everyone else is dumb. Out of all the posts that are in this thread, the above 4 statements summarized what has been posted over and over. Nothing bad ever happens to the person who posts, it's alwaysa someone else in class, someone else in the clinical group. Sure hope you guys take on the role of personal responsibility for caring for your patients. "Oh, it's not my fault my patient got sick, it's the nurse three floors below us that did this."
  14. Tyler77

    Microbiology fall 2010

    You guys brag too much.
  15. I love how these balnket statements of how nurses "attend" to their patients...More than once I've seen nursing students and nurses alike roll their eyes when they're assigned a patient, and do their best to ignore them.
  16. OK, so I have a goldfish that's my entire life. My clinical is supposed to get out at 4 so I made plans in advance to be home by 4:30 to feed him. Since those with children expect certain considerations, then so do I. I consider it my child. Now I'll bring this complaint to my instructor/registrar. I'll get back to you when they're done laughing. I'm not personally attacking those with children..It's the every scintilla that goes on in nursing school that students complain about that rattles me. You signed up for this. Period. Deal with it. If you have a personality clash with someone in class, don't visit that problem on others who don't care. If you can't stand your patient you're given in clinical, deal with it. Or, leave the nursing program. You're going to have patients you can't stand out there in the real world. We all have our pet peeves. Keep them to yourself, because chances are, I 'll never see you again the day afterr graduation. We all have "stuff" planned around our schedules. It seems like the majority of this stuff involves texting others about the cheap knockoff Prada bag a student had or the start of one's menstrual cycle. Pathetic.

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