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  1. "Got room for one more?"
  2. Selene006

    Nursing Research Topics! Any Ideas?

    I researched workplace work-arounds...I know it sounds vague. However, most of the hospitals in my area utilized barcode scanning systems to administer all of their medications and I was interested in finding out how creative the nurses were in bypassing the "rules" in order to administer the medications. For example: did the nurses scan every single barcode label of EVERY med? Did the nurses drag the laptop with cart into each patient's room every single time they administered a med? I interviewed the hospital's primary nursing informatics specialist who was able to share with me tons of statistics and data. I also found lots of data through Cinahl, Ebsco, etc. That paper was an easy A...good luck!
  3. Selene006


    Nursing Dx: Senioritis R/T excessive studying for the past 4 years as evidenced by lack of motivation to read, study, or engage in any school-related activities (OTHER THAN GRADUATION!)
  4. Selene006


    Graduation is in May and I can't stand to write one more paper or read for one more exam or tolerate one more lecture. I can't wait to be done!!!
  5. Selene006

    Who pays for your pin?

    Considering that my pin has been sitting in a box for the last 3 years, it wouldn't be worth it to me to have to spend time outside of school working towards it. But I think that other students who want the pin and intend to attend the ceremony would like the idea of volunteering/attending meetings to acquire it.
  6. Selene006

    3rd semester done!! What to expect for the last semester??

    What kind of degree program are you in? I'm 3 weeks away from graduating from a Bachelor's program and this final semester has been tiring. Between the capstone (20--25 pages long), the entrance and exit HESI's, and volunteering at local high schools to do presentations, I just can't wait to be done! I thought my final semester would be a cakewalk, and it has been easier than other semesters in terms of clinical demands. But I'm ready to make my time MY TIME again! :)
  7. Selene006

    Who pays for your pin?

    In LPN school, the pin was included in with books, tuition, and supplies. Essentially, the student paid for the pin. In RN school, we are told up front that the student must purchase their own pin, so I'm using the one I received when I became an LPN. I don't even use this pin. It sits in a box in my closet. I will never purchase another pin!
  8. Selene006

    unit secretary?

    Working as a unit secretary helped me prepare for nursing school. I transcribed MD orders, put lab orders into the computer, placed calls to the MD's for consults, ordered unit supplies, and put together admission packets for the nurses to fill out. I scheduled special procedures, paged MD's, NP's, and was utilitzed as a witness for patients signing their health care proxies. Transcribing the orders helped me to become familiarized with the patients' meds as well as typical dosages. Also, I was always closeby to listen to nurses give report to each other and sometimes they would educate me about specific disease processes. I had access to the EMR so I learned how to read medical jargon accurately and I became well trained on how to read chicken scratch A.K.A physician orders. The experience made me feel comfortable combing through a chart to find exactly the information that I needed, and though the atmosphere could be hectic at times, I walked away with an understanding of the various dynamics of nursing and was introduced to the other areas of nursing that were not strictly bed-side duties.
  9. Selene006

    LTC new nurse burnt out!

    I understand just how you are feeling! I also understand how difficult it may be to have to respectfully address staff members about how can they can be more helpful when they have no interest in working hard with you. It sounds like you truly are dedicated to your patients and your nursing role. Take a class about being more assertive in the workplace. It may give you some insight into why you feel as though you're being bullied. When you're on youtube, try surfing for topics such as speaking publicly or speaking privately in the workplace. Being a doormat in the profession of nursing can make for a quick exit out of the field. So hold your head up high and come out swinging!
  10. Selene006

    Finally decided to try for BSN

    I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out in the way that you planned. I'm wishing you luck in getting into the BSN program! Keep us posted!
  11. I happened to be viewing that site last week and saw the same thing! At first I thought that it was a typo! As a BSN student who will be graduating in May of this year, I find it to be so insulting to be offered that rate of pay after racking up all of that debt in student loans! I understand that MGH has a great reputation with cutting edge technology and great possibilities to advance, but I would be homeless at the end of the 6 month long internship!
  12. Selene006

    What do you have to wear???

    White top, navy blue pants only at my hospital. No mixing and matching, no prints. Pretty boring!
  13. Selene006

    Finally got a job in a Boston Hospital!!!

    How wonderful for you! At last, there is hope after all!
  14. Selene006

    What did you struggle with most in nursing school?

    I struggle with not knowing what my clinical schedule will be like every couple months. Instructors wait until the last minute to let us students know what time and where our rotations will take place. I have to maintain a full-time job in order to support myself, but it has become quite cumbersome having to go to my DON frequently and having to readjust my work schedule to accomodate my school schedule. I'm tired of it now, even as I have a few more months left until I finish school. I'm taking a vacation (from work) once I graduate, though. It's the only thing I'm looking forward to next year...:)
  15. You're working hard for the title of Registered Nurse and once you've earned it, you have to keep moving forward.