What should I have engraved on my stethoscope?

  1. I'm starting nursing school in less then 2 months so I'm buying all the supplies I need which includes a stethoscope. http://www.medisave.net/ offers free engraving. And I thought I might as well as buy a nice one that lasts.
    I don't know if I should put my full first and last name, or just put my first name and initial.

    My friend who didn't make through nursing school said I should put my name and "RN" after it, as motivation. But would it be weird to put that since I'm not really an RN yet?

    So I guess my main question is really if I should put "RN" at the end or if that would be weird since I am still a student.
  2. Poll: What should I have engraved on my stethoscope?

    • Full first and last name

      52.13% 49
    • First name and last initial

      37.23% 35
    • Put "RN" at end of name

      17.02% 16
    94 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   i♥words
    Don't put "RN" on it until you actually are one. There are even some laws that say you can't. I put my full name on mine. Hopefully I can add "RN" later.
  5. by   Esme12
    I would put you initial and last name...you can add the RN later. Legally you can't use the title RN yet...((HUGS))....but you will be able to soon!!!!
  6. by   ellaballet
    Your motivation should be being able to add the RN when you're done with school!
  7. by   PurpleLover
    I would put my intials
  8. by   NurseCAM2010
    Mine has my full initials.
  9. by   MissChloe
    I just put my initials on mine.
  10. by   Compassion_x
    I have just my first name on mine. It's kind of starting to wear off a tiny bit after a year (by that I mean you can't really tell much difference at all lol). I have a fairly uncommon first name, and my last name is 9 letters long so I just put my first. If you have a common first name go for a last initial or last name if you're worried about it getting mixed up. Mine is also a medium blue with a rainbow finish on the bell/diaphragm so it stands out more than all the black ones anyways.
  11. by   LoriRNCM
    There's room for your full name. I have my full name plus a cross and a flower. Hey, why not? It's mine!
  12. by   blindcheeseit3
    Thanks for the reply's! I think I'll go with "heart peace sign first name last initial heart peace sign" I'm getting a pink one with a rainbow bell so I don't think it will get mixed up. Also, I don't really see why I would put it down and forget it just like I don't forget my phone, keys, or whatever else.
  13. by   mrsboots87
    I put my first and middle initial, and full last name. I also put stars in front and behind my name. Like lorirn2b, i figured its mine so why not.

    I also agree not to put RN at the end. you are not an RN yet, just a student so actual RNs will likely get upset if they see it. Also many states state that RN is a protected title and cant be used if you dont have a license.

    Good Luck in school, I start in Jan and got my steth a few weeks ago. Dark purple with standard bell/diaphragm.
  14. by   blindcheeseit3
    Ok I bought it. I've had the one I wanted picked out for at least 6 months. I think the stethoscope is the most exciting thing I'm buying for school. Especially since it could be any style, not boring white like our uniform and shoes. WOO pink and rainbow!
  15. by   losilva95
    This is always exciting! I put my first name and last name initial with some characters (cross, peace sign). Good luck! Watch YouTube videos on how to prepare because you will need to stay super organized!