What should I have engraved on my stethoscope?

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    I'm starting nursing school in less then 2 months so I'm buying all the supplies I need which includes a stethoscope. http://www.medisave.net/ offers free engraving. And I thought I might as well as buy a nice one that lasts.
    I don't know if I should put my full first and last name, or just put my first name and initial.

    My friend who didn't make through nursing school said I should put my name and "RN" after it, as motivation. But would it be weird to put that since I'm not really an RN yet?

    So I guess my main question is really if I should put "RN" at the end or if that would be weird since I am still a student.

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    Don't put "RN" on it until you actually are one. There are even some laws that say you can't. I put my full name on mine. Hopefully I can add "RN" later.
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    I would put you initial and last name...you can add the RN later. Legally you can't use the title RN yet...((HUGS))....but you will be able to soon!!!!
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    Your motivation should be being able to add the RN when you're done with school!
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    I would put my intials
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    Mine has my full initials.
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    I just put my initials on mine.
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    I have just my first name on mine. It's kind of starting to wear off a tiny bit after a year (by that I mean you can't really tell much difference at all lol). I have a fairly uncommon first name, and my last name is 9 letters long so I just put my first. If you have a common first name go for a last initial or last name if you're worried about it getting mixed up. Mine is also a medium blue with a rainbow finish on the bell/diaphragm so it stands out more than all the black ones anyways.
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    There's room for your full name. I have my full name plus a cross and a flower. Hey, why not? It's mine!
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    Thanks for the reply's! I think I'll go with "heart peace sign first name last initial heart peace sign" I'm getting a pink one with a rainbow bell so I don't think it will get mixed up. Also, I don't really see why I would put it down and forget it just like I don't forget my phone, keys, or whatever else.

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