What is your Fall schedule?

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    Hi, I am going to be starting nursing school in the Fall and I'm so excited. I just registered and I'm taking the following:
    Pathophysiology 3 credits
    Intro to Nursing Practices 3 credits
    Skills & Lab 4 credits

    What are you taking in the Fall?

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    I will be taking Holistic Health Assessment (4 cr.), Foundations of a Caring Profession (5 cr.), Nursing Informatics (2 cr.), Healthy Aging (3 cr.), & Genetics & Genomics for Clinical Practice (3 cr.). AH!
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    I wont be getting my schedule in order until our mandatory nursing program day May 29th. I'm in an ADN program, so it will be fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology 1, clinical, and something else. Can't remember off the top of my brain. They have labs as well.
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    Adult Health II (med surge II) and psychiatric nursing.
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    I will be taking ........................nothing lol
    i will be sleeping, relaxing, I love this question
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    Adult Concept 2 (Med-Surg 2) and Nursing Research in Evidence-Based Practice!
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    Med surg I
    Psych nursing
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    Adult Nursing 3 (Med surg)(4 credits)
    Methods of Teaching & Testing (3 credits)
    Gerontology (2 credits)
    Nursing Research (3 credits)
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    I was about ready to ask this question!

    This fall, I am taking Med Surg II (7 credits), Gerontological Nursing (3 credits, online), and Cultural Competence Healthcare (3 credits, also online). So I'm taking a total of 13 credits, but I'm only "in class" physically Wednesdays and have a 12-hour clinical on Thursdays.
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    I'm starting my first semester in the fall too, ASN program. I don't know what the classes are, it's just called "Nursing 1" for 8 credit hrs. I can't wait to start though!

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