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    My med Surg final is tomorrow. I really should be studying but I keep finding things to do...Like play on AN, or clean out the draw in my dresser,or walk downstairs for just one more glass of water. I'm just so over this semester. On a positive note, this is my first semester of NS where I haven't had a breakdown and thought about quitting. I may just make it after all! Happy finals week everyone!!
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    Yep... I feel ya there. I can't wait for this semester to be said and done. It's been really stressful and I'm ready for that break!!
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    Good luck! Sometimes taking the chill route is the way to go.
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    It's funny how studying sometimes passively hurts... like I try to study and I literally will notice myself checking my email and making excuses to go grab a bottle of water and walk around aimlessly throughout the house. Good times good times
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    It seems to me this type of studying only happens to me when I need to do very well on a test .... convenient...... I have been this way all weekend!
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    I have my Foundations final on Thursday and I haven't opened my book all week. I figure at this point, I either know it or I don't. (it's comprehensive) I'm playing Candy Crush and Insaniquarium nonstop :P
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    Ha. I've been there.
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    Sometimes it's better to take the day off before an exam and let your brain rest Good luck with your final!
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    That's pretty good if you've made it through medsurg without a breakdown! We have medsurg third semester. I just finished first semester and didn't cry once, (we'll see how that works out when they post our pharm final grades later today!) hoping I can maintain my composure for medsurg because I've heard that's our next really difficult semester.
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    Ohh good luck. You will do great. If you ever feel like quitting or you aren't getting anywhere, just remember somebody out there has even further than you to go (me haha).

    Btw...I am really supposed to be studying for a final right now, and not commenting on your post about how you should be studying for a final.
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