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malenurse69 has 5 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in ICU / Urgent Care.

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  1. malenurse69

    Dr. Pimple Popper Thinks Nurses Have No Place Educating Patients

    Honestly I won't mind sending all of my patients to the attending for education on the meds im prescribing. He can educate them all day. Just say the word doc, I'll linem up! ;D
  2. malenurse69

    Did you take a risk?

    I went from ICU to urgent care. Best decision of my life. So much less stress and bs to deal with it's amazing. Funny part is, I'm getting paid way more to do it! Been here since beginning of April and haven't had a moment of stress yet. Coming to work is actually a relaxing moment for me which is a new experience for sure.
  3. malenurse69

    Is it legal for your boss to dictate where you poop?

    I'd take a nice fat dump on the boss's desk. Is this a joke?
  4. malenurse69

    New critical care nurse

    Anxiety doesn't go away, it gets easier to handle after about a year
  5. malenurse69

    Dealing with an oppressive doctor at work.

    My experience with these types of personalities is that they thrive on passive behavior. This physician needs to be called out every time he starts acting out. Patient care can only be achieved with cohesive teamwork.
  6. malenurse69

    Dealing with an oppressive doctor at work.

    Sounds like you need to get management involved. Let your ANM know, especially now since his hard-headed behavior (Assuming your end of the story is true,) lead to a patient "event". The bare MINIMUM a physician can offer is yes or no WITH rationale. Never let a doctor just say "no" and walk off, be assertive and ask for answers. "No" can sometimes be a "I don't want to deal with it" vs an actual rationale that is specific to the patient. Always ask for clarification and elaboration, I don't care how rude or eye-rolly the doctor is. It is your job to advocate for your patient and it requires you to stand up to these kind of physicians.
  7. malenurse69

    Trouble for taking Doctors candy

    This thread has to be a elaborate troll. I would love to see a doctor complain to me about his or her candy, I'd make sure to set them straight. I've been blessed, however, almost all physicians I've worked with were kind, humble and a pleasure to work with.
  8. malenurse69

    I want to become a great nurse but I feel terrified.

    You'll get trained on the job. Have fun getting kicked out of the nest, it's a helluva ride!
  9. malenurse69

    Nursing school essay #2

    Oh boy.
  10. malenurse69

    LTC Patient Ratio Unsafe

    Doesn't sound safe. You can always get another job but you only have one license. Also, life is just too short to put up with unnecessarily stressful jobs. If you're in a pinch then look for another job and quit as soon as you have secured another position. If your financial status is comfortable then hand in that 2 week notice yesterday. Perhaps pick up more hours in your other job in the mean time? That's what I would do anyway.
  11. malenurse69

    New Nurse--Need Advice

    What you are going through is the reality of bedside nursing, it sucks. I cannot tell you what to do, however I decided to go back for my FNP and am already in my second semester.
  12. malenurse69

    Feelings after first loss

    Ive seen more people die than I'd care to admit being in the ICU. Simple fact of reality is that some people will die regardless of what you do or how well you do it. I've seen 90+ year olds recover fully from a massive stroke while 40 somethings die to comparatively minor things. While not the norm, it does happen. It gets better with time and exposure.
  13. malenurse69

    What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    Order of difficulty from my experience thus far (easiest to hardest): Graduate school Graduate work is a lot more convenient than undergraduate work because of the online flexibility most schools offer. Im just finished with my first semester but it was a lot less stressful than any semester of nursing school. Undergraduate school comprises mostly of being in class 3-5 times a week often tied in with a clinical component so it was a lot more demanding of time and mental fortitude. Working as an RN (Depending on the field), especially bedside, will make most new graduates head-butt a concrete wall of reality that nursing school never prepared them for. Education and training are vastly different. You'll get an education in school learning all the hypothetical and theoreticals, the training is where the tire meets the road.
  14. malenurse69

    I'm Sorry

    Patient safety comes before comfort. If I had critical values / hemoptysis / hypoglycemia / code blue occur on my shift, those would get addressed before patient comfort needs. I would kindly ask an aid to follow up on the coffee or whatever task then quickly erase it from my memory to allow full focus on the important tasks. Nursing is stressful already and I refuse to be reduced to feeling guilty over a pot of coffee. I go home knowing I did the best with what I had, and I sleep like a baby.
  15. malenurse69

    Hearing Problem

    You'll be fine, just look up amplified stethoscopes, where you can connect it to a headphone and/or im sure they have hearing aid compatible ones now. Heck, it might even give you an edge over us regular hearing nurses with all the advanced tech that's out there. Only down side is the cost for the stuff will be a bit higher than your average stethoscope.
  16. malenurse69

    MedSurg... with no clinical?

    .....and brothers right? .....right?