the "mean girls" of nursing school

  1. Does anybody have else have the "mean girl" clique in your class? There is a group of girls that were all together for the first clinical of nursing school and they have been BFF's ever since-- and they are all super smart and beautiful. I feel that they get away with talking during class because they are the prettiest and smartest in our class. Everybody else thinks they are super nice and sweet, but I am sooo sick of them.
    Oh ya, and about half of them are using their BSN to get into med school and the other half want to be NP's. I can't stand them.

    Share your stories about your "mean girls"
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  3. by   anonymousstudent
    Believe it or not - we don't have this contingent at my school. Or maybe we do, and it's just a matter of perspective and I don't notice? Hm...
  4. by   Cathylady
    What do they do that's 'mean'? Sounds like they might be annoying but nothing mean about being pretty, smart, and motivated. Be grateful you're in nursing school with a bright future ahead of you and just ignore them.
  5. by   loriangel14
    The ones in my class weren't pretty, just book smart know-it-alls.Don't let them bother you.The two leaders of the group have done nothing but job hop since graduation.Seems that no workplace is good enough for their superior skills lol.They may have aced their tests and been teachers pets but their people skills were nonexistent.
    Put your head down, work hard and stay away from the drama queens and gossip girls.
  6. by   milksteak
    I wouldn't call them mean girls, but there's definitely a clique that I just cannot stand from the last program I was seems to always the 40year old woman fresh from being barefoot in the kitchen. but this program is a group of younger girls and trust me, they're not the prettiest nor the smartest
  7. by   Jillsma1
    First, a bad attitude does not guarantee a passing score on the NCLEX. Secondly, are they really mean or are you just intimidated by their confidence? At any rate, you have to focus on you and not anyone else. Don't worry about whether or not someone likes you or not. Focus on school and get through it.
  8. by   x_factor
    I'm sure there's some in my class but I tend to focus more on my studies than on drama, so I haven't really noticed. In the end, "Of the snobby cliques in your class, how many included mean pretty girls?" will likely not be a question on my NCLEX test, so I pay it no mind.
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    i agree. in this case, it is all about you. don't waste another ounce of energy thinking about this.
  10. by   Illinurse2010
    I attended nursing school at 33 after being home raising children. Certainly there were lots of highly motivated 20 somethings in my class, with lots of plans for higher education. Some made it, some didn't. I did feel a little envious of them, with no children or families to take care of they could go to any school they wanted, work any hours in just about any hospital they chose (if one got a job she would get her friends in too), and have lots of fun on their time off .. I am friends with some of them on Facebook and I still get to hear about how far they have gone since nursing school..Even though I still envy them a bit, I know my life is different and I am proud of my own acomplishments.
  11. by   Lucidity
    YES!!!! In pre-nursing school there were three girls, ALWAYS together, referred to as "The Pack" by one of our professors (they did not appreciate the name, haha). Since they did well in classes, other pre-nursing students looked up to them and wanted to study with them. This gave them "power" to gossip about and cut down particular girls that they did not like & get others to not like them either. They were mean girls. I stayed away from them, most of the time, preferring to study on my own and not get involved in drama. After 2 years of pre-nursing classes, the "ring leader" got into nursing school, joined a sorority, and the other two were left behind. Stuff happened, and The Pack split up. The "ring leader" has been struggling in nursing school, and the other girl is terrified because she wont be with her friends. I am friends with one of the girls now and we are applying for nursing school together this semester. She is a much nicer girl without the other two around. So funny how things change!!
  12. by   netglow
    Well you can't use your BSN to get into med school.

    Just remember this, nursing is something you do on your own. You need to learn to be self reliant to succeed.

    Trust me in knowing that all these people will mean nothing once you start working. Yes, just like gradeschool, highschool, etc. Do you even remember any of those people? Well, maybe you do, but I don't and never made one effort to. I guess I've always known that there would be not much I had in common with these folks as I moved on in life. I knew this back when I was a kid, and it turns out to be true.
  13. by   Skeletor
    Quote from loveoutloud
    Oh ya, and about half of them are using their BSN to get into med school and the other half want to be NP's. I can't stand them.
    Is this a bad thing?
  14. by   HeartsOpenWide
    How are they "mean" your post did not mention this, sounds like your jealous. Don't concern yourself with these girls and you will be much happier. I was too focused on school to let anyone else's actions bother me. We did not have "mean girls" in my program. There definitely were different groups that hung out together, but I got along with all my classmates.