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  1. Duskyjewel, Where is there an LPN program that doesn't require pre-requisites? Cathy
  2. Cathylady

    Today is the day! Just 3 hours until the NCLEX-RN exam!

    You got this! Let us know when you get the good pop-up!
  3. Cathylady

    Passed With 80 questions!

    Thank you so much. Yes you're right I've been reading these posts for the last 4 years. It's been interesting and enlightening to get a glimpse into the life of a student nurse. My daughter was accepted into a BSN program right out of high school so her experience was quite different than most folks on here. I always found it so exciting to read the acceptance posts from students that anxiously await the email, phone call, or letter. I have always thought nursing to be the highest of callings. The opportunity to care for someone as well as comfort the family is a special ministry. So to you and all nurses I congratulate on choosing a selfless profession. I may continue to check into Allnurses on occasion but if not this site has certainly been beneficial, heartwarming, informative, and insightful for the last 4 years. God bless, Cathy
  4. Cathylady

    Passed With 80 questions!

    My daughter ( she's not on Allnurses) passed the NCLEX today at 80 questions! I've been reading these boards now for four years as she went through the BSN program and then after she graduated in May I started reading this thread giving her helpful tips as I found them. She's starts her new job at a wonderful hospital on Monday . Praise The Lord! How many questions was your passing number? This is probably the last post I'll read. Thank you Allnurses ! Cathy
  5. Cathylady

    Help, my school won't allow me to take Nclex.

    Honestly I think that's a crock! If you graduated you should be eligible to take the test at your convenience not theirs. If you don't pass then you're on your own to get the necessary review to pass.
  6. She finally got her ATT and signed up for her test date. The hospital will let her start working as long as she has a test date so she's good to go! Thanks so much for all the helpful responses.
  7. What state are you in wifemotherstudent?
  8. Thank you Nursebre! I hear Radford has a really good nursing program. Congratulations! My daughter's a VCU graduate.
  9. Since none of her classmates have received an ATT she's assuming that her university is the hold-up. Both her university and the BON ring busy constantly. She's been studying like crazy since she graduated and wants to get this test over with so she can start her job. Evidently on other threads a month isn't unusual but on the same token, some receive their ATT within days of graduation.
  10. Her university rings busy all the time but none of her fellow graduates have received a testing date either.
  11. wow jme4ya25, that's amazing. She's in Virginia. :-(
  12. Cathylady

    how long did it take between when you got your ATT and NCLEX

    My daughter graduated with BSN May 10 and still doesn't have a testing date yet. That's over a month. She's already been offered a job at a wonderful hospital but can't do a thing until she at least has a testing date.
  13. Has anyone ever waited that long for a NCLEX testing date? She's already been offered a job at a wonderful hospital but can't do a thing until she at least has a testing date. It's been over a month. Anyone have any suggestions? She doesn't follow Allnurses but I do so I'm hoping someone can give some insight. Thanks.
  14. Cathylady

    My Daughter Graduates May 10 BSN, Already has a job!

    THANKS!! Yes, she worked hard during school between classes and her job but it all paid off. My understanding is that Magnet hospitals are allowed to hire a percentage of BSN new grads and ADN new grads. They really prefer experience not necessarily a particular degree. I think they rather hire an ADN with experience over a BSN without. My daughter happen to have both. We're thrilled.
  15. Cathylady

    My Daughter Graduates May 10 BSN, Already has a job!

    She's worked as a Care Partner in the CICU the past two years during her junior and senior year of school. That went a long way as far as landing the job in the Neuro ICU.
  16. I've been reading posts on this site for the last five years and have enjoyed them so much. I'm a mom of a nursing student who does not visit these forums but I wanted to post that my daughter graduates with her BSN this Friday and already has a job starting in June in the Neuro ICU unit of a local magnet hospital! There are jobs out there!!

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