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  1. oddly enough, everything I've heard about the pt program is GREAT! Wish I had went that route. I don't understand how one program in a school can be so opposite from the other. are you starting the pt program?
  2. Im also graduating in May.. and the program is ridiculous. I wish I had gone somewhere else.. it's seriously a joke. Im not so sure about people failing for 0.5 points, anyone with a 72.1 and above were passed. Whether that was based on "feeling bad" or that grades were actually calculated the wrong way (heard both of these), that's up for debate. But everything at this school is "up for debate". Oh the scantron is broken. How many times was it broken, and then we heard that the LPN program got their grades 4hrs post-test?? And yes, they take their tests on the same days as we do. yes, our final grades were just posted 2 days ago. I made a big mistake coming to this school, which by the way is $6,000+ for the nursing program. What other 2 year program charges that much!?! Charged for parking, charged for PAPER, charged for everything. Oh and double charged for things! Check your account every semester to make sure you are not double charged.. Id like to mention that A LOT of people (if not everyone?) was overcharged for the semester. When the phone calls and emails went into the school, do you think they changed it for EVERYONE? nope. You had to actually ASK for it to be corrected! The only good thing I had was clinical sites. I know a lot of people were left w/o a site, but I had some pretty good sites that were close to me. But clinical placements are a huge mess at this school. THank god Im almost done!
  3. milksteak

    Any final year students finishing this year?

    Yes I graduate in MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited.. but the job situation here in massachusetts in unbelievable, might have to pick up and leave with my son. Vermont or NH.. RI?? We'll see i guess!
  4. milksteak

    ABG's acid/base balance

    This website was amazing and clarified everything for me.. check it out. ASAP! ABG's--It's All in the Family
  5. milksteak

    Fluids & Electrolytes

    Here's another good ABG site...ABG's--It's All in the Family
  6. milksteak

    1st Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100

    At least she's trained unlike half our staff...
  7. milksteak

    Any stethoscope recommendations???

    Everyone rants and raves about their littmans ... But I love my prestige! And they come with a nice pedi sized bell and diaphragm :)
  8. milksteak

    Does clinical do this to anyone else?

    Learning is exhausting! I know that halfway through my readings, I fall asleep if I don't et up and move around. When I go to clinical, I'm good the entire time...until I stop moving and using my brain in the car. I sometimes have to pull over I get so exhausted. And this was only the 8hr shifts...next up is a 15hr shift then. 12 on Saturday:/. ..ever try an energy supp like 5 hour energy?
  9. milksteak

    the "mean girls" of nursing school

    I wouldn't call them mean girls, but there's definitely a clique that I just cannot stand from the last program I was in..it seems to always the 40year old woman fresh from being barefoot in the kitchen. but this program is a group of younger girls and trust me, they're not the prettiest nor the smartest
  10. You can't operate or read an automatic BP machine...never miind taking a temp or pulse. You were supposed to fail but because of stupid "rule", our instructor wasn't able to fail you. You are going to hurt a patient one day- just freaking quit! We hate your complaints, we hate your eye rolls..just leave! You have no business taking care of others, when the whole semester you kept choosing the same patient and treated her like she was "not all there"... She has no mental deficit you *******!
  11. milksteak

    ever have an instructor just melt down in class?

    UGH. Seriously, if you have a problem with the instructor, TALK TO THEM FIRST!!! I cannot stand people who do this.. they are too cowardly to go and voice their opinions to someones face, but have no problem telling the DEAN or ******* writing emails (so tactless). Grow a pair, jesus christ. Ive been having this issue w/ a student in my clinical and its the most irritating, juvenille behavior. If I were your instructed I'd be ****** at your class too. Its deserved.
  12. milksteak

    Insulin tips for no bubbles in syringe

    Yes you can! This is called adding negative pressure to the vials.. Say you are about to administer 10 U of insulin.. you want to add 10 U of air first. Add 10 U of air to the insulin that needs to be drawn up SECOND (i.e NPH) Then add 10 U of air into the next insulin (i.e Regular) Don't withdraw the needle, and draw up 10U of Regular.. Then withdraw 10U of NPH.
  13. milksteak

    Microbiology winter

    I looked at MBCC, they dont offer it.. and it seems to me they dont offer it because its such an involved course. An intersession just wouldnt do the information justice! Heres a list of the classes... http://www.massbay.edu/uploadedFiles/Second_Level_Pages/Academics/Intersession_Brochure_Spring_2011.pdf see what i mean? these classes (MOST of them) could easily be taken during intersession.. Ill keep my eyes peeled!
  14. milksteak

    Methadone nurse... companies?

    Just curious.. know this post was a while ago.. but why are you interested in this? Is it good hours, pay, etc? Pretty curious!!