Tell Me About Your Study Space.

  1. Hi there!
    I'm pretty new to the site, and will be starting NS in August. (Holy sheep! That's only 2 months away!)

    I want to know about your study spaces. What works for you? Do you have a dedicated area to study in? If you haven't set it up yet, let's share some plans and bounce ideas around!

    I'll start:
    I don't have an area set up yet, but it is definitely on the to-do list in the near future. I have a hubby at home, and 3 small children (2,4,6) as well as a 12 year old stepdaughter who spends most weekends with us. That being said, I don't have a ton of space to use. We have a nice-sized home- it's 4 bedrooms, and has a living room, and a medium-sized den that opens up into a playroom for the kids.

    I'm debating between two possible spaces in my house, and would love to hear where and how you all made your study spaces. What are the must-haves for you? Would you have done anything differently?

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  3. by   BacktotheBeach
    I have pretty much taken over the den in my house. It has a really comfy overstuffed chair, bookshelves and even a closet where i keep things in binders on shelves and more less used books are in there too. It has a large L-shaped computer desk. I rarely shut the door, but could if I needed it really quiet. I like being in my own room, yet I can hear what's going on if needed.

    It's very nice if you can dedicate a room, there is so much stuff you need!
  4. by   That Guy
    I had a dedicated office. Had everything I needed. Laptop with a 21" second monitor, TV and a house shaking stereo. Closet had all my hunting gear in it so it gave me motivation knowing I would be able to go out and shoot once school was over. Built a bookshelf to hold the metric ton of books. My mom made these goofy black out curtains. I also had a nice lounge chair that my friends would come over and use when working on assignments.

    Since i graduated and started working, it has since been upgraded and moved to another room in the house
  5. by   CBsMommy
    I also have a dedicated room to my house with two desks; one to hold my computer and one that I am able to spread my books and notes out on. I have a nice large window and have a 6-shelf bookcase on either side of that. I have beautiful curtains and a matching chair to those curtains to use when I am reading. I tried studying at the kitchen table and just couldn't get anything done! Good luck to you in nursing school!
  6. by   Nomijen
    I do have a desk area, but it's in the kids playroom, and I hardly ever use it. If I am in there they know to leave me alone bc I mean serious business. My kids even made me a "Mommy is not in session" sign for when I'm in there. But usually I am pretty mobile with my junk...I like to study at Panera, or the library. Otherwise I just throw it all on the couch or bed.
  7. by   milzer2012
    Love this topic, I am also starting in August - (the end), We moved into this home a year ago, and I have saved making up my study space till now.

    In the old house, I used the Garage - it had a desk, computer, and was away from everything. The down side was that I had to put everything away each time I had to stop studying.

    In this house, we have an loft that is adjacent and above the living room. But
    I have left it a blank canvas. We also have a spare bedroom.

    My space in the loft so far has an old dining room table to use as a desk, a computer & color printer, and a 8 x 10 area off the right side I plan to put shelving for all of my Books.
    what I'm planning to do:
    - collage of pictures and insporational phrases on the wall behind the desk.
    - A large White Board to write stuff to remember.
    - Find a comfy chair (ideally a chase lounge LOL) to read on
    - Comfy efficient space that I can leave my stuff out in.
    - Supplies, Reference etc in reach.

    The down side is that it's up a spiral staircase, and that heavy backpack..

    THis my be a dream, I have a 10 yr old son, and a Husband. The 10 yr old will ask before he touched my stuff - but Hubby will pillage, and leave a mess. In the worst case, I will end up making him a wrk area at the other end of the loft ( there is space.) He has one in our bedroom now, but if the past is
    an indicator of the future......If there is not "equal" for him, it's not a pretty sight.

    I have found that I need to be out of sight for hubby to leave me alone, and not interrupt when I am studying. Or "need" something.

    what ideas, solutions has anyone else used ?
    Suggestions ?
  8. by   SunshineDaisy
    We have a desk in the family room, but I can't study in there. Kids bug I am taking over a corner of our bedroom. I am going to put in a little desk and bookshelf just for my stuff. I am going to get a huge desk calendar and have my laptop and all my stuff. That way when I need to study I can shut the door an lock it and not be interrupted. Won't be pretty for my bedroom, but oh well!
  9. by   Student4_life
    My wife is in Medical school and I am in Nursing school, so our "newly-wed pad" has a small den in the exact center (very quiet) that we have dedicated as our study. 2 giant white boards on the wall, a timer that forces 5 min breaks every hour, an over abundance of "sunlight" CFL's, 2 desks and more books than shelve space (our school books not in use spill out onto 2 large bookshelves in the living room). Our entire house revolves around studying, luckily we live within walking distance of a Sports Bar for Football Sundays (if football comes back...), a libary and a starbucks (incase the game is televised, dropped cable this year and just have a cheapo attenna).
  10. by   Sand_Dollar
    My husband and I converted the bottom floor of our Tri-level into a shared office. It used to be a rec room, but this works better for us because we used to be at opposite ends of the house and NEVER saw each other. He bought me a huge U shaped desk when I started school and now we have our desks next to one another. His 'L' shape desk sits next to my 'U' shaped one so now we have one big 'E'. We can share the middle part when we need to but it doesn't happen often though because I tend to be territorial with my papers, LOL. I know most people don't have the space and desks like we do, but I love it and everything is within reach for me. We also have a nice big comfy chair just behind the desks that the teenagers come down and plop into, quite often just hanging out. I face the back wall away from the door, so I can tune out distractions and close the door when I need to.

    I just looked around and I have 3 areas for books. The first is for the older or less used books on top of the hutch. The second is for reference ones I use all the time, right next to my laptop. And the third is just above my computer where I put my binders, one for each class. I have a few things I could not do without. First, two little paper holders that hold up single sheets of paper. I make up class checklists and refer to them all the time. In the holders they don't get lost. Second, I have a book stand that I would use to hold open large texts when I was doing papers. Now I mostly use it to hold my day planner, but I really like it there. Lastly, the middle part between the two desks. Having a large uncluttered section where I can put books, or lay out assignments has been invaluable to me.

    For must haves, I'd say a place you can shut away when you have studying that HAS to get done. Not too cluttered as well - I just can't study when my desk is cluttered, it's too distracting to me. Be sure you have good lighting, big garbage can, paper supply near the printer and a good supply of pens.

    Have fun setting up your study spot!! I love mine SO much which is a good thing because I spend way too much time there!!! LOL
  11. by   Twinmom06
    dining room table - we have an open floor plan and an unfinished basement so if I really need to study with no interruption I go to Panera or stay at school if I have someone to watch the kids...otherwise I pop in a movie - it also forces me to study in chunks - I have the attention span of a gnat sometimes and changing movies or watching with my twins for a few minutes helps me refocus...
  12. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I had a space but I never ended up using it. I am a total slacker. I tried though.
  13. by   rebecca9341
    I have an office desk that i clean off in between semesters, on the off chance that I'll actually study at home. I can never motivate myself enough to sit down and study when I'm home, too many potential distractions (i.e. my doggies, the television, the computer)!!! I end up going to school to study, there's an abundance of places at my school to sprawl out and truly dedicate hours to study. I'm lucky in the fact that my SON is in a dedicated health sciences center so everybody who is at the school late at night and on the weekends is there to actually study and occasionally there will be a friend there to pull your face out of the books and offer a much needed break.
  14. by   allison6a
    Mostly I study at school. Go before class and stay after. I have a husband and four small children at home so study time is rare there. But I do have a desk at home on the rare occasions I get to study. It has four drawers to keep all my stuff in except for books. I have a electric pencil sharpner, pencil cup and small basket on my desk along with my laptop. I have a small lamp next to my desk and a 5 shelf bookcase near me.