School books/supplies are too expensive!

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  2. 13 School is around the corner. Have you purchased your school supplies? Laptop, smartphone, books, etc ... it all adds up. How much was your total?

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    I can't afford textbooks, sometimes you can find me in dimly lit corner of my school soliticing my classmates to borrow their textbook. No really, I'm serious.

    Actually the most annoying thing is blowing 150$ on a textbook only to find out half way through the semester that it's still in it's saranwrap because the teacher uses powerpoints as test material. *****
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    with books and a laptop i spent about 1k for my year of lpn school..
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    Thank God for and Amazon. The first semester expenses, when you count health exams, shoes, scrubs, background check/drug screen, supplies and textbooks, is just crazy. I have to win the lottery just to pay for nursing school. All out of pocket for me.
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    I buy one edition back so instead of paying 180 for my nursing book I paid 17 dollars. I have used previous editions in past semesters and it worked out just fine. I have paid maybe 80 bucks total the last 3 semesters.
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    I was able to buy many of my books from a friend who graduated a year ahead of me. she was happy to unload them and make a few bucks and I was thrilled with the savings! I spent $160 and got almost everything I needed for my final year!
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    So far ( 2 semesters in) made it without a laptop or a smartphone, -- have a computer at home. Books and supplies are about 800 a semester bought at a college bookstore. They change up books every semester and put it in a bundle, so everyone absolutely has to buy it there... Access codes to HESI and SIMCharts are included, otherwise I would have to fish for those separately somewhere.

    Don't buy pre-req books -- renting is a way to go.
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    Thank God all my books and tuition for the RN program was free. The books are extremely expensive!
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    Some of my books I bought, and some I rented. Abe books and have good prices. I didn't get ANY of my books off the school website! Also check craigslist!
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    I bought them on amazon! They were way cheaper there than my schools store. ..I just had to buy one text from the school because I couldn't find it on Amazon. I'm spending around 500 $ on books. I still have to buy a rolling back pack, writing supplies, scrubs, shoes, etc
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    0 or is what I used. You can rent the book with the option of purchasing it at the end of the rental term. One of my books I ended up needing for 3 classes and I ended up extending the rental and by the end, I had extended it so long that it was mine to keep (kind of like a payment plan I guess). This definitely helped keep costs at bay, especially when you are using a lot of gas traveling to clinicals and buying other nursing supplies.
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    I checked out old editions from the library and was able to make it through school with no problems. I did buy a good drug guide and a book for lab values and those were invaluable throughout school. Most of the information you need can be found online and I found a lot of online resources to be better than the textbooks. I spent around $100 on books for my entire 2 1/2 year program.
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    I don't know what I've spent over that past two school years on books and supplies but I can tell you how I chose to save money. I found uniforms for my school on craigslist. They were $5 for a polos and $10 for whites. We wear polos in lecture and lab and whites in the hospital. The price for polos new at the bookstore was $25 each. I did not find my textbooks online for my first semester so I searched the web for used and previous editions and saved at least half off the new price. Most times an immediate past edition will work just fine. Last summer I found a craigslist ad for 33 different text books covering both the ADN and BSN program at my school, the poster wanted $100 for all the books. I noticed that one book I already had in the lot was currently selling online used for $65+ and there were several good reference books I did not have in the lot. I paid $100 and within 24 hours had sold the one book for $65. I sold several more over the next two weeks and made my $100 back and now had about 20 books I paid nothing for. Because I will be done in October, I plan on passing most of my older edition study guides and reference materials to a friend starting at a different school in August.

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