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rvd4now has 7 years experience and specializes in tbi.

I have over 7 year's working with pt's suffering from Traumatic brain injuries and spi.

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  1. rvd4now


    I am almost done it. School was not hard. the program at times is very disorganized they are working on that part. In it self it was not hard. Just as lpn school it takes time.
  2. rvd4now

    2016 Salary thread

    MI 25 lpn 2 years house is 400 a month truck payment is 500 a month. wife is a teacher health insurance from her.
  3. rvd4now

    lpn salary in Michigan

    I make anywhere between 24-26 as a lpn
  4. rvd4now


    any one doing the lpn to rn program at Jackson community college. I am this jan
  5. rvd4now

    lpn 2 rn detroit area

    im hoping to start this fall
  6. rvd4now

    lpn 2 rn detroit area

    Just putting it out there. i am trying to attend an lpn to rn program. If any one wants to join i will be studying for the teas v jan and feb. I will then take the test in march..
  7. rvd4now

    LPN / BSN

    Wow so an lpn or as is not a professional!!! were does that come from im sorry you feel that way.
  8. rvd4now

    Everest LPN Program e

    school is expensive.. its a good program... pm me for more questions
  9. rvd4now

    St. Clair Community College

    how was it.. was it hard to get in to.. what do I need to do. I have most all prereq. anp, orgo, chem,
  10. rvd4now

    St. Clair Community College

    ID like more info as well.. I would like to start there stat
  11. rvd4now

    Michigan lpn looking to begin at isu

    would love to start. have u applied yet
  12. rvd4now

    LPN to RN Kaplan Fundamentals and Transition tests??????

    were are u n a lpn to rn program
  13. rvd4now

    What schools offer LPN in Michigan (Detroit area)

    I heard that to.. students in this cohort have to complete there studies online..
  14. rvd4now

    LPN programs "14" Michigan

    PleASE PM ME
  15. rvd4now

    What schools offer LPN in Michigan (Detroit area)

    ou just closed
  16. rvd4now

    HELP- new job

    there both rapid acting insulin