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  1. teacher08

    NCLEX Review

    Thank you very much for responding. I received the DVS's Saturday.
  2. teacher08

    NCLEX Review

    Has anyone taken Nursing the Lane Way NCLEX review? If so, would you recommend the review?
  3. Congratulations
  4. teacher08

    Taking the Nclex for the 5th time 2016

    You are a prime example for shutting down naysayers. Love it! Congratulations to you!!
  5. teacher08

    WIA and Scholarships

    Thank you for responding. I met wit the Director of Financial Aid and the Business Director. Nothing. No progress. Was told because I had a student loan, which was not used for my tuition, I could not receive the scholarships. Stated I had enough to cover for tuition. Well, how did I come up with a balance during my last semester.
  6. teacher08

    WIA and Scholarships

    Will someone please assist me with this information. I wanted to know for those who received WIA in addition to Scholarships, Pell grants, and any other Federal funding....were the scholarships and grants applied PRIOR to WIA? My college applied WIA to my tuition and REFUSED two of my scholarships. From my understanding, WIA is "third party" funding and any of the aforementioned should be applied to tuition FIRST and WIA subsequently. Presently, I am left with a tuition balance. IF my scholarship was accepted, I would have a credit of over $1100. I am not looking for a refund. I just want and need my transcript to sit for my exam. If there is a website where I can download this information, please let me know. I will consult with my WIA representative as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance. :)
  7. teacher08

    Purchased Remar Review

    Home | ReMar Review
  8. teacher08

    Purchased Remar Review

    I like UWORLD too. My friend passed with ReMar. I guess all these reviews and resources are contingent on individual learning styles. For example, my sister liked Kaplan and I found it boring. I need mnemonics, visuals, and hands on. Congratulations on passing NCLEX.
  9. Post 3 years graduation, I still have classmates that haven't either taken NCLEX or had the courage to sit for the exam a second time. On another note, I have two classmates that passed about eight or nine months ago respectively after their 4th and 5th attempt. Keep trying, stay focused, continue to work diligently toward passing. You'll soon see the fruits of your labor.
  10. teacher08

    stopped at 75

    You may have been unsuccessful this time. You DID NOT fail. To fail is to never try. Take a bow for at least having the courage to try. I commend you on a great effort. We fall down, and we get up. You're intelligent, knowledgeable, determined, tenacious, and faithful. Go show the world what you're made of very soon to be RN. Remember, your prayer delayed is NOT your prayer denied. It's ALL yours just for asking and believing. I'm still standing in agreement with you. ...that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. - Matthew 18:19 -
  11. teacher08

    stopped at 75

    God always answers my prayers. I'm praying for God to keep your mind in perfect peace and thanking Him in advance for your pass status on your recent NCLEX exam. Remain prayerful and faithful. ... that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. - Matthew 18:19 -
  12. teacher08

    Second attempt approaching in 8 days

    I pray everything you've studied will be retained and understood as you sit for your exam. May the Lord fill your spirit with peace, mind with knowledge, and heart with overwhelming joy as He reward you with a pass on NCLEX and tells you, "Job well done my good and faithful servant". I speak this in advance because I have faith that you'll pass. :)
  13. Soiledbrains I said a prayer for you. I know 6 years post graduating can and will bring about anxiety. I'm happy to hear you didn't give up. Two of my classmates (2012 graduates) just passed in mid-July after their 3rd and, I believe, 5th attempt. Was hired as RN's one week later. Stay faithful. Your time is coming according to HIS will.
  14. teacher08

    Recieved ATT after 9 months of waiting

    Congratulations on receiving your ATT. I understand how waiting can be very discouraging. Two of my classmates were able to sit for NCLEX however they had to wait for licensure due to not revealing background on initial application. I'm just happy that everything turned out great for you and my classmate. Best wishes future RN.
  15. teacher08

    Good Pop Up!!!

  16. teacher08

    Took NCLEX YEsterday

    I have been following your posts regarding preparation for the NCLEX. I always prayed for you because I have classmates who are sitting for the exam their 3rd and 4th time. We often discuss the difficulties and emotional turmoil of being unsuccessful with NCLEX. however, they continue to study and move forward. I admire your tenacity and faith to never give up. I'm so so happy for you. Best wishes with your future endeavors RN.