Rolling backpack?

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    Hey guys!
    I start nursing school in January and I'm on the hunt for a rolling backpack! Does anybody have any opinions or recommendations for a nice rolling backpack??

    Thank you for your help!!

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    I got a really good one from Ross. It's actually a rolling briefcase, with room for my laptop and about 3 large books and my binder. It's wonderful. I suggest checking out Ross if you have one in your area or maybe any place like it. Maybe even TJ Maxx. That way you can get good quality, name brand, but much cheaper!
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    No brand suggestions, but just make sure it is nice and big, and has a wide wheel base so that it is more stable when you are rolling it. I love my rolling backpack!
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    J world makes a great rolling backpack. It has a nice rubber base which is good when it rains. The straps have an area to tuck them into when rolling so they do not drag. You do have an option to carry it on your back with the straps, although I have not opted for this seeing how much the books weigh. It seems very durable, I like it alot and pleased with it so far.
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    i use a rolling crate from staples office supply. it carries all my books, supplies, lunch, purse, computer, etc. it stores easily wherever i need to take it.
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    Rolling Deluxe Book Pack: School Backpacks at L.L.Bean

    Pricey perhaps but worth it. Love mine!
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    I paid around $55 for this one at Macy's. Works very well. I'm not sure why more people don't use them! I think I am the only one in my class that uses one.

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    Thank you everybody! I heard getting a rolling backpack is a must. I want to save my back
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    WOW thank you for posting this thread.... So all my ordered books are coming in for my first sem. that starts in Jan. And there are TEN books!!! And some are huge...its like 80 lbs of books it feels like...seriously. So I was considering getting a rolling backpack but didn't know if anyone else did that...I am wondering what my future classmates plan to do with all these books...and if they will have rolling backpacks.
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    Most of the students in my class have rolling back packs. I bought mine from The brand is High Sierra. My laptop goes to class with me, and they have a way to type in the model of laptop and let you know which backpacks it will fit in. I did pay about $80 for it, but it carries a lot of books, and has been used for over a year on a daily basis and is showing no signs of wear.
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