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  1. sunnybee24

    Best nursing school in GA?

    There are great ADN programs in GA, have you applied to Georgia Highlands College?
  2. sunnybee24

    what textbook is everyone using?

    Your best option would be to contact the school you will be attending and see what textbooks they are using currently, although they could change by next August. As another poster suggested, I would also highly recommend getting experience through volunteering at a local hospital. Good luck!
  3. sunnybee24

    Rolling backpack?

    J world makes a great rolling backpack. It has a nice rubber base which is good when it rains. The straps have an area to tuck them into when rolling so they do not drag. You do have an option to carry it on your back with the straps, although I have not opted for this seeing how much the books weigh. It seems very durable, I like it alot and pleased with it so far.
  4. sunnybee24

    Kennesaw State Univeristy application for 2011

    Not sure if this helps or not, but if you log into owl express, then program applications, and under nurse interview signup. It used to work, not sure if it does now.