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  1. kayty2339

    Does anyone like their job?

    I just graduated nursing school and have been working as a PCT since march. I work on a very busy tele/medsurg floor. It seems like every nurse is miserable and burnt out. I sometimes get floated to other floors and find it's the same on other floors too. I'm starting to wonder if I've made the right choice. But then other people tell me I need to start out on a floor like this because I will learn so much. But I dont want to be miserable like them. I'm hoping that it will be different for me, but I am not feeling very encouraged. I have wanted to be a nurse for a long time and have been very passionate about pursuing this. I hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel.
  2. kayty2339

    Do I really need my books on the first day?

    I think it depends on your school. For my school, we had to read before the first class and the first day we jumped straight into the subject matter. Depends on your bookstore too, our bookstore is always running low on books. The students who wait till the last minute (meaning even a week before class starts) usually end up without a book for weeks unless they get it from somewhere else.
  3. kayty2339

    I Think I am NOT Going to NS

    I'm not in NY, my school starts with 110 students each semester and about 60 actually make it to the end to graduation, take the exit exam, and then take the NCLEX. All of those people don't just flunk out because of the exit exam, but usually flunk out before they even get that far. Either way, you've already talked yourself out of nursing. Go into radiology if that's better for you. I don't know why this is even worth talking about anymore. You've already made up your mind.
  4. kayty2339

    I Think I am NOT Going to NS

    The wait list at my CC is about a year. There's another CC about an hour away from us that doesn't have a wait list at all, you get in based on a scoring system. There are a lot of options for schools to choose from. You may think it's wrong for them to have an exit exam, but so much so that you will keep one exam from deciding your whole future?? If you didn't want to be a nurse, then fine, but you say it's something you really want! I think your excuses are just rediculous. If you want something bad enough, you will go out and get it, no matter what. What do you think the NCLEX is if it isn't just one hell of an exit exam. Even if you graduate, you are not a nurse unless you pass the NCLEX, same concept as an exit exam right?
  5. kayty2339

    I Think I am NOT Going to NS

    I guess I don't really understand what's wrong with the exit exam. I wouldn't let that keep you out of nursing school if that's truly where your heart is. Why change your whole major and career choice from something you really want to do just because a school has an exit exam or an unprofessional attitude? If it's what you want, you shouldn't let any obstacle stand in the way. My school has the HESI, we take one each semester as our final and then we have the Exit Exam HESI at the end of the program that you have to pass. From what I understand, most people don't have a problem with it once they have gotten that far.
  6. kayty2339

    How many uniforms should I buy?

    My school makes us where our uniforms during class and clinicals. I had class/clinicals 4 (and sometimes 5) days a week and have 3 uniforms. I usually will wash my uniforms a couple times a week, but it seems to work out fine with just 3.
  7. kayty2339

    Are A's really not practical in nursing school?

    While I think A's are much harder to get in nursing school depending on how you do with NCLEX style tests, it is possible. I made an A in Fundamentals, will make an A in Mental Health and a B in Adults 1 this semester. I have two kids and worked part time through Fundamentals. But I don't work now because they couldn't work with the demanding schedule of the summer semester. I study a lot, but it doesn't take up 100% of my time. First semester I studied way more than I do now, but I think I've learned how to study the right things, so I don't have to study quite as much as I did last semester. Also, I think getting used to answering NCLEX style questions has helped a lot. In Mental Health I barely studied and still made good grades on the tests. Sometimes it seems like you don't necessarily have to know all the info, to know how to answer the questions. (does that make sense?) But Adults 1 (ie Med/Surg) is a lot harder and I do have to spend time studying for that class. I do know a few people in my class though, who are A students, but have made only C's in nursing school. I think the main thing is just not being too disappointed in yourself if you do make C's. If you are trying hard and studying as much as you can, then that's all you can do. A nurse who graduated with a C is still a nurse.
  8. Thanks for the insight. I realize that I'm going to be REALLY learning nursing once I get finished with school and get my first job. I'm in an ADN program and finish in May 2011. A lot of people are saying they will begin on their BSN as soon as they get done with this and think I'm crazy for wanting to take a year off of school to focus on becoming a new nurse. When you explain it the way you do, it does sound kind of scary. Right now we are used to our instructors being there to sign off on our meds, to make sure we are doing the right thing....it's an intimidating thought to not have them there to cover me! The only thing I can say about your situation is, *At least you are getting paid to learn!* If I was getting a paycheck right now I probably wouldn't be in such a rush to get through...Living off of student loans that will be drying up is hard to do!! I just can't wait to get a real paycheck! :)
  9. kayty2339

    RN or BSN for veteran with family?

    Personally, I think going the ADN route to get your RN first, then doing your BSN later while you are already an RN is a better way to go. You get done faster, and in my area, ADN new grads are getting hired and the pay for BSN is less than a dollar more an hour. I'm planning on doing my BSN online once I get a job...like someone already said, then my employer will pay for my classes, and I can do it at a slower pace if I want to since I'll already be working, there won't be as big of a rush to get done so fast.
  10. looks like the pre-reqs for a BSN, ADN does not have that many pre-reqs and when you are done, you can still get the same job with almost the same pay as a BSN grad. Have you thought of looking into that route? I'm doing ADN and plan on doing my bsn once I'm already an RN and working.
  11. kayty2339

    What nursing book can you not live without?

    In fundamentals (Fundamentals of Success, Davis Series) Now: Med/Surge reviews and rationals, princeton Saunders NCLEX review book Med/Surge success, davis series Psychiatric Success, Davis series It's probably not necessary to have all of these, but I really do use them all. Some books are better than others for different sections, plus it gives you tons of review questions. The success books are great for just practicing questions, but the other two books are also great for laying out all the information in a condensed format for studying. I bought them all on amazon together for about $135.
  12. kayty2339

    Why are some nurses so rude to students?

    You're right, I am defensive sometimes...and argumentative. Mainly when I'm stressed out. And I have been majorly stressed out lately. Even though I'm quick to jump back to people being rude on here (ie: saying I think the hospital revolves around me etc...) I really do appreciate all the other helpful view points from the other side. I actually was thinking about it today and I'm going to go into clinical this thursday with a new perspective, try to see it from the nurses point of view and see how the day goes. Maybe I'll be back here on thursday with my new enlightenment...hopefully! Lets hope for a better clinical day than my last one anyways!
  13. kayty2339

    Why are some nurses so rude to students?

    How was I not able to connect the dots between student and nurse??? Not once did I ever say or even think that we are one in the same...please explain what you are talking about. BTW, I appreciate all of your posts. I did not post this thread to hear a certain response. I have appreciated all of the responses that were respectful and understood what I was saying, even if they were telling me the truth that they sometimes don't like having students and the stress of having them. The difference is that yours and others posts were helpful nd understanding and not just people jumping down my throat for a certain statement that I made that was taken the wrong way. Some were and those were the ones that I responded negatively to.
  14. kayty2339

    Why are some nurses so rude to students?

    Right...I think the hospital revolves around me. Thanks for your in depth psychiatric analysis of me by reading a few posts on a website that people come to to vent or to get things off of their chest. You know absolutley nothing about me, so you have no idea how I really feel or think. Do I get irritated when people misunderstand what I was saying and then chastise me for it? Yes. I think I have a right to clear up what I was trying to say and also to have a discussion about the topic that I presented. I must have mistaken the purpose of allnurses...from now on, I'll make sure to agree with everyone that responds to me.
  15. kayty2339

    Why are some nurses so rude to students?

    Thank you piperknits! :)
  16. kayty2339

    Why are some nurses so rude to students?

    Most of you are explaining clinical experiences in a whole different light than what I experience myself. Maybe it's the way my school does it, or my hospital, I don't know. But for me, the nurses really don't have much interaction at all with us students other than what I explained a few posts above. They don't seem like they want to talk to us. I understand they are very busy, but never has my clinical experience been one that the nurse is so involved like you are talking about. It's us and our instructor and that's pretty much it. I am so VERY sorry that I mentioned something about taking the load since that obviously strikes such a nerve. But once again, I was just repeating what I've heard some of the nurses in this hospital state themselves. I've even heard some complain that they never get students and wish they did because they would get help. I never once assumed that I was taking their work load, that is what THEY have said, so get mad at those nurses who said that, not me, as I am just repeating what I've heard. Obviously the nurses we are working with are not as involved with the students as some of you are and I think it's probably safe to assume that not every nurse does things exactly the way you do, and it is possible that some nurses are not double checking what us students are doing and not checking up on thier patients that we are assigned. I personally wouldn't trust a student if it was my license on the line, so I don't understand why some of them do this. Once again.....I am only complaining about SOME nurses, not all of them are this way.