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  1. If you are planning on gaining into nursing, go in with your eyes WIDE open - it's a mess now. Also consider if you want to work at the bedside or not - it's looking more and more like if that's what you want to do, go for LPN. I am in my final year of the BScN program, and I went this route because I want to work in an area that currently only employs RNs. Now we are hearing that they are trying to phase out RNs from some of these areas. Had I known before starting school that this was going to happen, I would have done the LPN program.
  2. SurroDoula

    AHS Media Campaign

    I'm lucky that I have the freedom to work anything from casual to full time, and would actually PREFER what so many people seem to dislike, such as night shift. Unfortunately, most of my contacts are in Edmonton, so I'm not sure if they will be helpful or not.
  3. SurroDoula

    AHS Media Campaign

    I'm scared for two reasons - one is that my parents are aging, and it scares me that they might not get the nursing care they need when the inevitable health issues pop up. I can see myself spending all of my free time at the hospital to make sure that they are getting appropriate care. Secondly, I'm graduating in April and I'm really worried that I spent the last 6 years working towards this degree for nothing. I'm in the Edmonton area, and I am thinking I will have to go rural to get a job, but the problem is my husband and family can't move with me (my husband has a business here and about 85% of his clients are in the area; it's not the kind of business that you can move elsewhere). I also feel completely unprepared for working in a unit that is restructured in this way.
  4. SurroDoula

    AHS Media Campaign

    I wrote a paper this semester about the whole workplace transformation issue. If you can find a copy of the Clinical Workforce Strategic Plan 2011 - 2016, March 16, 2011, Version 8.10, on Insite, it is an interesting read. What I don't understand is that they are saying they will be losing so many baby boomers over the next few years, but they are making it nearly impossible for new grads to get jobs if they keep cutting positions - so who do they think is going to replace these boomers when the new grads end up leaving in order to find work? Also, if they actually succeed in moving medsurg units to the new model, how is this going to affect training new nurses? I can't imagine that one RN, one LPN, and one clinical instructor are enough to supervise and teach 8 nursing students. It can be hard enough to find someone on a unit for a co-sign as it is now!
  5. If you are accepted in the winter intake, don't worry about taking your CPR course until the summer - you don't need it until your second semester and you need to renew it yearly - you probably don't want to renew it in the middle of the school year if you don't have to. It's Your Move will be offered in the school year, but if they open it up for the summer, take it then (it's pretty new and they have only started requiring us to take it as of last year). Immunization history can be gathered any time, but wait until you get the immunization form before getting any new ones/boosters.
  6. SurroDoula

    AHS Media Campaign

    UNA released the number of job losses expected AHS plans to reduce RN 'head count' despite ad claiming it's seeking more nurses - UNA
  7. SurroDoula

    AHS Media Campaign

    Lol, and look at the job postings - most are for part time or casual lines (for both RN and LPN). UNA has commented on it AHS misleading Albertans on nurses work hours - UNA
  8. SurroDoula

    Grant Macewan Sept 2013

    I'm starting my fourth year at Grant Mac, and I don't think they have a specific orientation for the nursing program. We did have someone come and talk to our NURS 170 class about some vague stuff, but nothing specific about the program. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me (I'm not sure how often I will check this thread).
  9. SurroDoula

    AHS - replacing nurses with HCA's?

    Fiona, did she say what her increased responsibilities will be? Did she say how AHS seems to think this will work?
  10. SurroDoula

    AHS - replacing nurses with HCA's?

    I'm working as a health care aide in home care right now. My coworkers and I were talking about it, and they agreed that there is no way they would feel comfortable working on those units.
  11. SurroDoula

    AHS - replacing nurses with HCA's?

    http://www.una.ab.ca/190/elimination-of-frontline-nurses-in-edmonton-adds-to-provincial-total "UNA representatives were told that Alberta Health Services plans to eliminate twenty-three Registered Nurse positions and four Licensed Practical Nurse positions in 4 medical and surgical units at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton.The 27 eliminated positions will be replaced by two 'collaborative practice leaders' working in management and 16 health care aides." I'm really not sure how they think that HCA's can replace RNs and LPNs.
  12. SurroDoula

    Temporary Licence

    I think if you live in the city, you have to get it from the city police, which can take awhile. Those of us living in areas where there are RCMP are lucky because we can have it done in a much shorter period of time. Some of my classmates ran into this problem last semester because they didn't have their record check from the Edmonton city police back before one of our clinical rotations started. they tried to go the RCMP stations in the Edmonton area, and were told they had to get it in the city. They ended up having to beg to get their checks processed faster.
  13. SurroDoula

    SIM lab left me frazzled and worried

    SIM labs always leave me feeling frazzled and dumb, lol. There is something about it being an artificial environment that just doesn't work for me. And the robotic patients are creepy...
  14. SurroDoula

    1st year student struggling

    You've already gotten some good advice about finding a job, but I wanted to add something about the program (I'm in third year at MacEwan). You can take some of the courses ahead of time (spring or summer semesters)- look at the prerequisites for each course to figure out which ones are possible, then check to see if the class is offered in the spring/summer continuing ed guide. You can also take two of your electives whenever you want to - one can be 100-400 level, the other needs to be 200 - 400 level. This will leave you more time during the theory semesters for working (although clinical semesters could be a bit more tricky, because you have three rotations, and you don't know what your schedule will be until about 2 weeks before each rotation starts). Also remember you have six years to finish the program, so if you are extending your program, talk with an advisor about the best way to spread out your courses. First year is lighter than second year, which is lighter than third year (I'm guessing the same applies to fourth year) so if you need to work, for the sake of your sanity, it might be best to spread out your program in whatever way you can.
  15. SurroDoula

    CRNE coming to a computer near you

    That's good but too late for me, I will write in 2014!
  16. SurroDoula

    canadian fundamentals of nursing

    The fourth revised edition is the latest one. As for cost, I found it was way cheaper on Amazon than through the school bookstore.