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AOX4RN has 7 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Emergency Department.

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  1. keep my LE certification??

    Never give up a license or certification you worked your butt off for, unless the next license or certification absorbs/trumps it.
  2. FNU Class 146

    I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure you'll get plenty of review in school
  3. FNU Class 146

    I was also accepted into class 146
  4. Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    Well since a bolus means to give the medicine as a single dose all at once, I can say that I've given many narcan boluses and seen heroin (and other opiate) ODs magically wake up to live another day of drug addiction. (But not before they curse us fo...
  5. Are ER Patients Getting More Ridiculous?

    The ER I work in is completely ridiculous and that's why I love it. I will take the EMS run for the 22 year old who is having anxiety r/t to dropping her iphone in the toilet any day... she frees me up to take care of the STEMI going to cath lab nex...
  6. Quit during orientation

    Yup, I know many techs in my unit who wanted the job and thought it would be a formality of a title change when they graduated nursing school. Nope, most are in different units or at entirely different hospitals. Nurses get interviewed about new gr...
  7. Babies on a plane!! (and also cord clamping)

    Easy. Don't cut the cord. In a perfect situation, deliver the baby to mom's chest and cover with warm blankets and stimulate it to cry to clear it's airway if needed. In about five minutes the placenta will want to deliver... keep it connected to...
  8. Difference between BSN and RN

    Wow. From which Ivy League school did you buy your degree? They, and Vanguard in particular, cater to nurses who are working full-time and have families. Four hours per week in the classroom with a strict attendance policy in addition to online p...
  9. Vanguard University

    I'll write this reply for anyone who needs accurate information about Vanguard University. I have lived in Newport Beach nearly my whole adult life and knew about it before I was a nurse. They don't claim to be accredited. They are accredited b...
  10. ER Wishlist Items!

    Re: ultrasound for PIVs... after getting one you'll need to train nurses to use it
  11. Hoag Hospital Newport Beach

    Did you take it yet? The rules of the test are you can't miss any of the lethal rhythms on the strips they give you. Tele nurses and other monitored units have to take a rhythm test every year. If you don't pass it you get one repeat... fail it ag...
  12. How is cardiac nursing?

    Yeah, start there. No biggie... on my current unit we have new grads fresh out of school. You get preceptored and mentored and if it's a good unit, you have a team environment. We have different levels of acuity in our unit so new grad assignments...
  13. Tele Unit to ER?

    I've got two years on tele and am going to the ED soon. According to the managers I interviewed with tele is a great place to get experience that will help in the ED. Our tele unit is also a step down from CCU/CVICU and it's a STEMI center, so it's...
  14. How is cardiac nursing?

    I've been working as a telemetry nurse since graduation two years ago. I worked one year in a hospital that was very basic tele and now I'm at another that would be considered a sub-ICU environment considering we do everything from cath lab recovery...
  15. Certified Nurse Midwives who do home births???

    Becoming a direct-entry midwife (DEM) is a waste of time for a nurse. Five minutes after earning whatever education and credentialing available as a DEM, you're maxed out in the field. It is far better to continue toward grad school and earn the CN...