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I am an RN. My niece is 18 and hoping to go to nursing school. Recently she told me that there will be no poop cleaning at her nursing school or in the hospital she plans to work in. "I am not going to be THAT kind of nurse. I... Read More

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    LOL, She gonna Learn today! Far too frequently there are not enough CNA/PCT to do the "dirty work" and the LPNs and RNs will have to do them.
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    Quote from StayHumble11
    Lets be honest..RN's don't deal with poop as much. They do but not like cnas and lvns
    And with an attitude like that, they will run when they see you coming or find something else to do.
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    The OPs niece is going to be in for a big surprise.
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    Quote from KATRN78
    Yup. I bet she isn't alone either.
    No, she isn't. The nurse class before mine had someone earn a hospital scholarship (i.e. they pay for school, she gives them a certain number of years in return). Well, she "broke" the terms of the scholarship, quitting before her commitment was up. She told the director of the nursing program "at this hospital they make RNs deal with way too much poop and that was not what I signed up for--I'm outta there." In our class, they told us about the scholarship, but later one of the instructors said "yeah, I don't think any one you will win it. Nothing against you, but after last year's winner bailed, that hospital will definitely not be giving the scholarship to someone from our school."
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    I am an RN who cleans poop everyday that I work. Usually more than twice a day. I have met some nurses who think they are above that and that it's cna work. Poop cleaning is within the scope of our practice. Many nurses will initiate the students by having them do incontinence care often.
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    Preventing skin breakdown is ultimately the responsibility of the RN anyway-- who would want to risk that by having their patient sitting in feces!? Shame on those nurses! I'm not an RN yet, but all of the RNs on my unit won't hesitate to clean their own patients if they notice that they have been incontinent. It baffles me to think that nurses or other students think that they are above basic patient care.
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    My charge nurse cleans poop.
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    I've had to clean poop... most of my clinical time has been at a (disgusting and terribly run) nursing home,. the majority of our day was diaper changes

    I'm sure some RN's deal with much less poop than others.

    Then again, there are plenty WAY more gross things that we do get to deal with. there's times I'd rather clean the poop.
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    The millenium generation kids expect their iPhone to do everything for them. Please discourage her while you can before she becomes one of those miserable nurses that we unfortunately come across almost on a daily basis. I have disimpacted patients with my digits and I am not talking about 1, 2,3,......
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    It is just another physiological process...nothing disgusting about it. Let your niece know that please before she curls up her nose in front of a patient and makes the patient feel bad/guilty.
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